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Joun, H.J. Co Author Listing * Real-time estimation of travel speed using urban traffic information system and CCTV

Joun, S.W.[Sung Wook] Co Author Listing * Computation of Fingerprint Similarity Measures Based on Bayesian Probability Modeling, A
Includes: Joun, S.W.[Sung Wook] Joun, S.W.[Sung-Wook]

Jouneau, E.[Erwan] Co Author Listing * Mono versus Multi-view tracking-based model for automatic scene activity modeling and anomaly detection
* Particle-based tracking model for automatic anomaly detection
* Unsupervised Activity Analysis and Monitoring Algorithms for Effective Surveillance Systems

Joung, H.[Hwayong] Co Author Listing * Document image compression using straight line extraction and block context model

Joung, J.H.[Ji Hoon] Co Author Listing * Personal driving diary: Automated recognition of driving events from first-person videos
* Personal driving diary: Constructing a video archive of everyday driving events

Joung, S. Co Author Listing * Cylindrical Convolutional Networks for Joint Object Detection and Viewpoint Estimation
* Learning Canonical 3D Object Representation for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Shape-Adaptive Kernel Network for Dense Object Detection
* Unpaired Cross-Spectral Pedestrian Detection Via Adversarial Feature Learning
* Unsupervised Stereo Matching Using Confidential Correspondence Consistency
* Unsupervised stereo matching using correspondence consistency
Includes: Joung, S. Joung, S.[Sunghun]

Joung, S.C.[Shi Chang] Co Author Listing * Restoration of differential images for enhancement of compressed video
Includes: Joung, S.C.[Shi Chang] Joung, S.C.[Shi-Chang]

Joung, S.H.[Sung Hun] Co Author Listing * Prototype-Guided Saliency Feature Learning for Person Search
Includes: Joung, S.H.[Sung Hun] Joung, S.H.[Sung-Hun]

Jouni, M.[Mohamad] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection Based on Regularized Background Abundance Tensor Decomposition

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