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Joachim, D. Co Author Listing * Binary image transformation using two-dimensional chaotic maps
* Comparing optimal bounding ellipsoid and support vector machine active learning
* Investigation of Speech Landmark Patterns for Depression Detection
Includes: Joachim, D. Joachim, D.[Dale]

Joachimiak, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Coding of mixed-resolution multiview video in 3D video application
* Complete processing chain for 3D video generation using Kinect sensor
* Evaluation of Depth-Based Super Resolution on Compressed Mixed Resolution 3D Video
* Multiview-Video-Plus-Depth Coding Based on the Advanced Video Coding Standard
* Upsampled-view distortion optimization for mixed resolution 3D Video Coding
* View synthesis quality mapping for depth-based super resolution on mixed resolution 3D video
Includes: Joachimiak, M.[Michal] Joachimiak, M.

Joachims, T.[Thorsten] Co Author Listing * Maximum Margin Approach to Learning Text Classifiers Methods, Theory and Algorithms, The
* Structured Learning of Sum-of-Submodular Higher Order Energy Functions
* Structured Output Prediction with Support Vector Machines

Joachimsmann, P. Co Author Listing * Active Mesh Texture Coding based on Warping and DCT

Joachimsmann, P.R. Co Author Listing * On the coding of active quadtree mesh

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