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Jo, J.[Jaeik] Co Author Listing * 3D facial shape reconstruction using macro- and micro-level features from high resolution facial images
* Development of a Safety Index to Identify Differences in Safety Performance by Postal Delivery Motorcyclists Based either in Different Regional Post Offices or within the Same Regional Office
* Eye detection in a facial image under pose variation based on multi-scale iris shape feature
* High-Performance Geospatial Big Data Processing System Based on MapReduce
* Image enhancement by wavelet multi-scale edge statistics
* MapReduce-Based D_ELT Framework to Address the Challenges of Geospatial Big Data
* Natural and Realistic Single Image Super-Resolution With Explicit Natural Manifold Discrimination
* novel three-dimensional transform and its supporting tools for improving inter coding performance in H.264/AVC, A
* Real-Time Gaze Estimator Based on Driver's Head Orientation for Forward Collision Warning System
* Segmentation of Vehicles and Roads by a Low-Channel Lidar
* Single-view-based 3D facial reconstruction method robust against pose variations
Includes: Jo, J.[Jaeik] Jo, J.[Junghee] Jo, J.[Jun] Jo, J.[Junho] Jo, J.[Jaekyu] Jo, J.
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Jo, J.H.[Jin Ho] Co Author Listing * Web-Based Hybrid Visualization of Medical Images
Includes: Jo, J.H.[Jin Ho] Jo, J.H.[Jin-Ho]

Jo, J.M.[Jae Moon] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Huffman coding of 2-D DCT coefficients for image sequence compression
* Apparatus for controlling a quantization level to be modified by a motion vector
Includes: Jo, J.M.[Jae Moon] Jo, J.M.[Jae M.]

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