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Jitapunkul, S.[Somchai] Co Author Listing * Class-Specific Subspace-Based Two-Dimensional Principal Component Analysis for Face Recognition
* Color Face Hallucination with the Linear Regression Model and MPCA in HSV Space, The
* Iterative Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Image Sequences using a Bayesian Approach with BTV prior and Affine Block-Based Registration, An
* Multiple Description Pattern Analysis: Robustness to Misclassification Using Local Discriminant Frame Expansions
* Robust Iterative Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Image Sequences using a Lorentzian Bayesian Approach with Fast Affine Block-Based Registration, A
* Robust Region-Based Multiscale Image Fusion Scheme for Mis-Registration Problem of Thermal and Visible Images, A
* Shape Based Segmentation by Level Set Method for Medical Objects Containing Two Regions
* Shape-Based Object Segmentation with Simultaneous Intensity Adjustment
* Two-Dimensional Linear Discriminant Analysis of Principle Component Vectors for Face Recognition
Includes: Jitapunkul, S.[Somchai] Jitapunkul, S.
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Jitaree, S.[Sirinapa] Co Author Listing * Force classification using surface electromyography from various object lengths and wrist postures

Jitariu, V.[Vasile] Co Author Listing * Romanian Natura 2000 Network: Evaluation of the Threats and Pressures through the Corine Land Cover Dataset

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