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Jirachawang, S.[Suksan] Co Author Listing * New Focal Point Localization Algorithm for Fingerprint Registration, The

Jirachaweng, S.[Suksan] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Enhancement Based on Discrete Cosine Transform
* Iterative Fingerprint Enhancement with Matched Filtering and Quality Diffusion in Spatial-Frequency Domain
* Performance and Computational Complexity Comparison of Block-Based Fingerprint Enhancement
* Residual Analysis for Fingerprint Orientation Modeling
* Residual orientation modeling for fingerprint enhancement and singular point detection

Jirakajohnkool, S.[Supet] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Urban Land Surface Temperature and Vertical City Associated with Dengue Incidences

Jirankova, E.[Eva] Co Author Listing * Displacements Monitoring over Czechia by IT4S1 System for Automatised Interferometric Measurements Using Sentinel-1 Data
Includes: Jirankova, E.[Eva] Jiránková, E.[Eva]

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