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Jiau, M. Co Author Listing * Global and Local Pareto Optimality in Coevolution for Solving Carpool Service Problem With Time Windows
* Heuristic Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm for Solving the Carpool Services Problem Featuring High-Occupancy-Vehicle Itineraries, A

Jiau, M.K.[Ming Kai] Co Author Listing * Genetic-Algorithm-Based Approach to Solve Carpool Service Problems in Cloud Computing, A
* High-Efficiency and High-Accuracy Fully Automatic Collaborative Face Annotation System for Distributed Online Social Networks, A
* Optimisation of automatic face annotation system used within a collaborative framework for online social networks
* Services-Oriented Computing Using the Compact Genetic Algorithm for Solving the Carpool Services Problem
Includes: Jiau, M.K.[Ming Kai] Jiau, M.K.[Ming-Kai]

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