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Ji, Z.[Zheng] Co Author Listing * Accurate and robust registration of high-speed railway viaduct point clouds using closing conditions and external geometric constraints
* Automated Detection of Urban Road Manhole Covers Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Automatic Reconstruction for Small Archeology Based on Close-Range Photogrammetry
* Band Selection for Hyperspectral Imagery Using Affinity Propagation
* Cross-modal guidance based auto-encoder for multi-video summarization
* Deep Age Estimation Model Stabilization from Images to Videos
* Deep pedestrian attribute recognition based on LSTM
* Deep Ranking for Image Zero-Shot Multi-Label Classification
* Diversifying the Image Relevance Reranking with Absorbing Random Walks
* Edge-Preserving Texture Suppression Filter Based on Joint Filtering Schemes
* Extracting local texture features for image-based coin recognition
* Fusion-Attention Network for person search with free-form natural language
* Image-attribute reciprocally guided attention network for pedestrian attribute recognition
* Incremental Online Object Learning in a Vehicular Radar-Vision Fusion Framework
* LFHOG: A discriminative descriptor for live face detection from light field image
* Measuring Ocean Surface Wind Field Using Shipborne High-Frequency Surface Wave Radar
* Non-Rigid Vehicle-Borne LiDAR-Assisted Aerotriangulation
* Nonlinear Thermoacoustic Imaging Based on Temperature-Dependent Thermoelastic Response
* novel no-reference image quality assessment metric based on statistical independence, A
* Power-minimized bit allocation for video communication over wireless channels
* Probabilistic Diffusion for Interactive Image Segmentation
* Rectifying projective distortion in 4D light field
* Registration of Long-Strip Terrestrial Laser Scanning Point Clouds Using RANSAC and Closed Constraint Adjustment
* Relevance Preserving Projection and Ranking for Web Image Search Reranking
* RETOUCH: The Retinal OCT Fluid Detection and Segmentation Benchmark and Challenge
* Robust Sea-Sky-Line Detection Based on Horizontal Projection and Hough Transformation
* Rotation-and-scale-invariant airplane detection in high-resolution satellite images based on deep-Hough-forests
* Saliency-Guided Attention Network for Image-Sentence Matching
* Stacked squeeze-and-excitation recurrent residual network for visual-semantic matching
* SVM Face Recognition Method Based on Optimized Gabor Features, A
* Ultrashort Microwave-Pumped Real-Time Thermoacoustic Breast Tumor Imaging System
* Understanding the Functionality of Human Activity Hotspots from Their Scaling Pattern Using Trajectory Data
* Using Mobile LiDAR Data for Rapidly Updating Road Markings
* Video Summarization With Attention-Based Encoder-Decoder Networks
* Zero-Shot Learning via Latent Space Encoding
Includes: Ji, Z.[Zheng] Ji, Z. Ji, Z.[Zhen] Ji, Z.[Zhong] Ji, Z.[Zhu]
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Ji, Z.H.[Zhen Hai] Co Author Listing * 2DCCA: A Novel Method for Small Sample Size Face Recognition
* Feature encoding with hybrid heterogeneous structure model for image classification
* Gestalt-grouping based on path analysis for saliency detection
* Towards path-based semantic dissimilarity estimation for scene representation using bottleneck analysis
Includes: Ji, Z.H.[Zhen Hai] Ji, Z.H.[Zhen-Hai] Ji, Z.H.[Zhi-Hang]

Ji, Z.J.[Zhang Jian] Co Author Listing * Correlation filter tracker based on sparse regularization
* Detect foreground objects via adaptive fusing model in a hybrid feature space
* Extract foreground objects based on sparse model of spatiotemporal spectrum
* Object tracking based on local dynamic sparse model
* Part-based visual tracking via structural support correlation filter
* Robust object tracking via multi-task dynamic sparse model
* Robustly tracking objects via multi-task kernel dynamic sparse model
Includes: Ji, Z.J.[Zhang Jian] Ji, Z.J.[Zhang-Jian]
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Ji, Z.P.[Zheng Ping] Co Author Listing * Decoupling Sparse Coding with Fusion of Fisher Vectors and Scalable SVMs for Large-Scale Visual Recognition
* Efficient decolorization preserving dominant distinctions
Includes: Ji, Z.P.[Zheng Ping] Ji, Z.P.[Zheng-Ping] Ji, Z.P.[Zhong-Ping]

Ji, Z.Q.[Zheng Qiao] Co Author Listing * Pose Estimation from Circle or Parallel Lines in a Single Image
* Single view based pose estimation from circle or parallel lines
Includes: Ji, Z.Q.[Zheng Qiao] Ji, Z.Q.[Zheng-Qiao]

Ji, Z.X.[Ze Xuan] Co Author Listing * 3D driver pose estimation based on joint 2D-3D network
* C2DMCP: View-consistent collaborative discriminative multiset correlation projection for data representation
* Collaborative probabilistic labels for face recognition from single sample per person
* Cost-sensitive dictionary learning for face recognition
* Diffusive likelihood for interactive image segmentation
* Image segmentation based on weighting boundary information via graph cut
* Interactive Multilabel Image Segmentation via Robust Multilayer Graph Constraints
* Kernel dictionary learning based discriminant analysis
* Multi-layer graph constraints for interactive image segmentation via game theory
* Personalized Recommendation of Photography Based on Deep Learning
* Retraction notice: A framework with modified fast FCM for brain MR images segmentation
* Robust noise region-based active contour model via local similarity factor for image segmentation
* Robust spatially constrained fuzzy c-means algorithm for brain MR image segmentation
* Sparse Discrimination Based Multiset Canonical Correlation Analysis for Multi-Feature Fusion and Recognition
* Spatially Constrained Asymmetric Gaussian Mixture Model for Image Segmentation, A
* spatially constrained generative asymmetric Gaussian mixture model for image segmentation, A
Includes: Ji, Z.X.[Ze Xuan] Ji, Z.X.[Ze-Xuan] Ji, Z.X.[Zhi-Xiang]
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Ji, Z.Y.[Zhen Yuan] Co Author Listing * Detection of HF First-Order Sea Clutter and Its Splitting Peaks with Image Feature: Results in Strong Current Shear Environment
* feature-based solution for 3D registration of CT and MRI images of human knee, A
Includes: Ji, Z.Y.[Zhen Yuan] Ji, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yuan] Ji, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yan]

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