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Ji, Y.[Yang] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Learning for Visual Storytelling with Sense Group Partition
* Airplane wing deformation and flight flutter detection method by using three-dimensional speckle image correlation technology
* Ambient occlusion via compressive visibility estimation
* Angular domain reconstruction of dynamic 3D fluid surfaces
* Automatic facial expression recognition based on spatiotemporal descriptors
* Classification methodologies of multilayer perceptrons with sigmoid activation functions
* Comments on The Influence of Equatorial Scintillation on L-Band SAR Image Quality and Phase
* Comparison of Breast MRI Tumor Classification Using Human-Engineered Radiomics, Transfer Learning From Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, and Fusion Methods
* Content Aware Image Pre-Compensation
* Context Knowledge Map Guided Coarse-to-Fine Action Recognition, A
* Contextual Bag-of-Words for Robust Visual Tracking
* Coplanar Common Points in Non-centric Cameras
* Cross-Modal Subspace Learning via Pairwise Constraints
* Depth-of-Field and Coded Aperture Imaging on XSlit Lens
* Discriminative Bag-of-Words-Based Adaptive Appearance Model for Robust Visual Tracking
* Domain Invariant Subspace Learning for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Dynamic fluid surface acquisition using a camera array
* Earthquake/Tsunami Damage Assessment for Urban Areas Using Post-Event PolSAR Data
* Enhanced Memory Network for Video Segmentation
* Fast hyperspectral band selection based on spatial feature extraction
* Fusion of spatially constrained attributes with kernelized ranking for person re-identification
* Geometry Clipmaps Terrain Rendering Using Hardware Tessellation
* How to Utilize Interflow Network Coding in VANETs: A Backbone-Based Approach
* Image classifier learning from noisy labels via generalized graph smoothness priors
* Image Pre-compensation: Balancing Contrast and Ringing
* Impact and Suggestion of Column-to-Surface Vertical Correction Scheme on the Relationship between Satellite AOD and Ground-Level PM2.5 in China
* Impacts of Ionospheric Irregularities on L-Band Geosynchronous Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Improved Identification Code for City Components Based on Discrete Global Grid System, An
* Improving fuel efficiency of connected and automated transit buses on signallised corridors
* Integrated Approach for Tram Prioritization in Signalized Corridors, An
* Joint Fuzzy Relays and Network-Coding-Based Forwarding for Multihop Broadcasting in VANETs
* Large margin relative distance learning for person re-identification
* Learning to Dodge A Bullet: Concyclic View Morphing via Deep Learning
* Manhattan Scene Understanding via XSlit Imaging
* Minimal-Energy Driving Strategy for High-Speed Electric Train With Hybrid System Model
* Modality-specific and shared generative adversarial network for cross-modal retrieval
* More is Better: Precise and Detailed Image Captioning Using Online Positive Recall and Missing Concepts Mining
* Morphological normalization of vowel images for articulatory speech recognition
* Multi-scale Context Intertwining for Semantic Segmentation
* Multitask multiclass privileged information support vector machines
* Multitask multiclass support vector machines: Model and experiments
* New Method for Automatically Measurement of Vickers Hardness Using Thick Line Hough Transform and Least Square Method, A
* Nonlinear Model Predictive Lateral Stability Control of Active Chassis for Intelligent Vehicles and Its FPGA Implementation
* Object categorization using boosting within Hierarchical Bayesian model
* Object Detection in Dynamic Scenes Based on Codebook with Superpixels
* On Constructing z -Dimensional DIBR-Synthesized Images
* Person re-identification by kernel null space marginal Fisher analysis
* Proposal on an image haptization system based on emotional effects of color
* Recognition and Detection of Two-Person Interactive Actions Using Automatically Selected Skeleton Features
* Reconstructing Gas Flows Using Light-Path Approximation
* Research on classification and influencing factors of metro commuting patterns by combining smart card data and household travel survey data
* Rotational Stereo Model Based on XSlit Imaging, A
* Saliency Detection on Light Field
* Saliency Detection on Light Field
* Segmentation-Based PolSAR Image Classification Using Visual Features: RHLBP and Color Features
* Shape and Reflectance Reconstruction Using Concentric Multi-Spectral Light Field
* Short-term forecasting of available parking space using wavelet neural network model
* Signal coordination scheme based on traffic emission
* Sparse Bayesian Learning-Based Time-Variant Deconvolution
* Survey of Human Action Analysis in HRI Applications, A
* Synthesizing Talking Faces from Text and Audio: An Autoencoder and Sequence-to-Sequence Convolutional Neural Network
* Trajectory-Pooled Spatial-Temporal Architecture of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Video Event Detection
* Understanding drivers' perspective on parking guidance information
* Using Moments on Spatiotemporal Plane for Facial Expression Recognition
* Vehicle Localization at an Intersection Using a Traffic Light Map
* Vessel Azimuth and Course Joint Re-Estimation Method for Compact HFSWR, A
* Video Captioning by Adversarial LSTM
* Visual Violence Rating with Pairwise Comparison
Includes: Ji, Y.[Yang] Ji, Y.[Yue] Ji, Y.[Yu] Ji, Y.[Yi] Ji, Y.[Yan] Ji, Y. Ji, Y.[Ye] Ji, Y.[Yanli] Ji, Y.[Yaqi] Ji, Y.[Yamei] Ji, Y.[Yulong] Ji, Y.[Yuxi] Ji, Y.[Yuxiong] Ji, Y.[Yimu] Ji, Y.[Yuanfeng] Ji, Y.[You] Ji, Y.[Yunong] Ji, Y.[Yanjie] Ji, Y.[Yunfeng]
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Ji, Y.C.[Yong Chang] Co Author Listing * Automatic Moving Object Extraction toward Content-Based Video Representation and Indexing
Includes: Ji, Y.C.[Yong Chang] Ji, Y.C.[Yong-Chang]

Ji, Y.F.[Yang Feng] Co Author Listing * CDP Mixture Models for Data Clustering
* Fast single image dehazing with domain transformation-based edge-preserving filter and weighted quadtree subdivision
* Kernel Based Multiple Cue Adaptive Appearance Model For Robust Real-time Visual Tracking
* Robust and efficient object tracking algorithm under illumination changes based on joint gradient-intensity histogram
* Single color image dehazing based on digital total variation filter with color transfer
* Single image dehazing based on fast wavelet transform with weighted image fusion
* ZigZagNet: Fusing Top-Down and Bottom-Up Context for Object Segmentation
Includes: Ji, Y.F.[Yang Feng] Ji, Y.F.[Yang-Feng] Ji, Y.F.[Yue-Feng] Ji, Y.F.[Yuan-Feng]
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Ji, Y.G.[Yong Gang] Co Author Listing * Coast-Ship Bistatic HF Surface Wave Radar: Simulation Analysis and Experimental Verification
* Continuous Tracking of Targets for Stereoscopic HFSWR Based on IMM Filtering Combined with ELM
* Deep Learning-Based Automatic Clutter/Interference Detection for HFSWR
* Intelligent Wheelchair to Enable Safe Mobility of the Disabled People with Motor and Cognitive Impairments, An
* Vessel Tracking Using Bistatic Compact HFSWR
Includes: Ji, Y.G.[Yong Gang] Ji, Y.G.[Yong-Gang] Ji, Y.G.[Yeoung-Gwang]

Ji, Y.H.[Yun Hai] Co Author Listing * Brain Image Segmentation by Markov Field and Normal Distribution Curve, The
* Experiments on a Ground-Based Tomographic Synthetic Aperture Radar
Includes: Ji, Y.H.[Yun Hai] Ji, Y.H.[Yun-Hai] Ji, Y.H.[Young-Hun]

Ji, Y.J.[Yong Jie] Co Author Listing * Compact Polarimetric Response of Rape (Brassica napus L.) at C-Band: Analysis and Growth Parameters Inversion
* Implementation of multidirectional moire computerized tomography: multidirectional affine calibration
* Rape (Brassica napus L.) Growth Monitoring and Mapping Based on Radarsat-2 Time-Series Data
* Volumeter: 3D human body parameters measurement with a single Kinect
Includes: Ji, Y.J.[Yong Jie] Ji, Y.J.[Yong-Jie] Ji, Y.J.[Yun-Jing] Ji, Y.J.[Yi-Jun]

Ji, Y.L.[Yan Li] Co Author Listing * Gazing point dependent eye gaze estimation
* Learning contrastive feature distribution model for interaction recognition
* Learning one-to-many stylised Chinese character transformation and generation by generative adversarial networks
* Multi-cue Information Fusion for Two-Layer Activity Recognition
Includes: Ji, Y.L.[Yan Li] Ji, Y.L.[Yan-Li]

Ji, Y.M.[Yi Mu] Co Author Listing * Multi-View Synthesis and Analysis Dictionaries Learning for Classification
* SAR image change detection based on deep denoising and CNN
* Threshold phenomenon for average consensus
Includes: Ji, Y.M.[Yi Mu] Ji, Y.M.[Yi-Mu] Ji, Y.M.[Ya-Mei] Ji, Y.M.[Yi-Ming]

Ji, Y.S.[Yu Sheng] Co Author Listing * Distributed Markov decision process in cooperative peer recovery for WWAN multiview video multicast
* EnKF-based scheme to optimize hyper-parameters and features for SVM classifier, An
* Gaze-Driven video streaming with saliency-based dual-stream switching
* Image interpolation for DIBR view-synthesis using graph fourier transform
* Low-Cost Eye Gaze Prediction System for Interactive Networked Video Streaming
* Optimizing Distributed Source Coding for Interactive Multiview Video Streaming Over Lossy Networks
* Robust scalable video multi-cast with multiple sources and inter-source network decoding in lossy networks
Includes: Ji, Y.S.[Yu Sheng] Ji, Y.S.[Yu-Sheng] Ji, Y.S.[Ying-Sheng]
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Ji, Y.X.[Yi Xin] Co Author Listing * Student Becoming the Master: Knowledge Amalgamation for Joint Scene Parsing, Depth Estimation, and More
Includes: Ji, Y.X.[Yi Xin] Ji, Y.X.[Yi-Xin]

Ji, Y.Y.[Yong Yuan] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Climate Change Impacts on Wetland Vegetation in the Dunhuang Yangguan National Nature Reserve in Northwest China Using Landsat Derived NDVI
Includes: Ji, Y.Y.[Yong Yuan] Ji, Y.Y.[Yong-Yuan]

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