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Ji, D. Co Author Listing * Challenges on Large Scale Surveillance Video Analysis
* Deep View Morphing
* Effect of Solar-Cloud-Satellite Geometry on Land Surface Shortwave Radiation Derived from Remotely Sensed Data
* Estimating Snow Water Equivalent with Backscattering at X and Ku Band Based on Absorption Loss
* Impact of Radiance Data Assimilation on the Prediction of Heavy Rainfall in RMAPS: A Case Study
* New Hybrid Snow Light Scattering Model Based on Geometric Optics Theory and Vector Radiative Transfer Theory, A
* Noninvasive and Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring Using Wearable Body Sensor Networks
* Parameterized Microwave Emissivity Model for Bare Soil Surfaces, A
* Single Image Dehazing for Visibility Improvement
Includes: Ji, D. Ji, D.[Dabin] Ji, D.[Dong]
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Ji, D.B.[Da Bin] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Effect Analysis and Correction of the Microwave Vegetation Index
* Observing Earth's water cycle from space
Includes: Ji, D.B.[Da Bin] Ji, D.B.[Da-Bin]

Ji, D.H.[Ding Huang] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Textures in Crowd Sourced Data
* Dynamic Visual Sequence Prediction with Motion Flow Networks
* From Dusk Till Dawn: Modeling in the Dark
* Intelligent photo clustering with user interaction and distance metric learning
* Recognizing irregular entities in biomedical text via deep neural networks
* Self-Expressive Dictionary Learning for Dynamic 3D Reconstruction
* Sparse Dynamic 3D Reconstruction from Unsynchronized Videos
* Spatio-Temporally Consistent Correspondence for Dense Dynamic Scene Modeling
* Synthesizing Illumination Mosaics from Internet Photo-Collections
Includes: Ji, D.H.[Ding Huang] Ji, D.H.[Ding-Huang] Ji, D.H.[Dong-Hong]
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Ji, D.J.[Dong Jin] Co Author Listing * Region matching based on local structure information in ipsilateral digital breast tomosynthesis views

Ji, D.L.[De Liang] Co Author Listing * new deep representation for large-scale scene classification, A
* Retraction notice
Includes: Ji, D.L.[De Liang] Ji, D.L.[De-Liang]

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