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Ionascu, C. Co Author Listing * Avoiding the Deconvolution: Framework Oriented Color Transfer for Enhancing Low-Light Images

Ionasec, R. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Sparse Matching for Robust 3D/3D Fusion in Minimally Invasive Surgery

Ionasec, R.I.[Razvan Ioan] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Ionasec, R.I.[Razvan Ioan]: razvan AT ionasec com
* Accurate Regression-Based 4D Mitral Valve Surface Reconstruction from 2D+t MRI Slices
* Patient-Specific Model of Left Heart Anatomy, Dynamics and Hemodynamics from 4D TEE: A First Validation Study
* Patient-Specific Modeling and Quantification of the Aortic and Mitral Valves From 4-D Cardiac CT and TEE
* Robust Motion Estimation Using Trajectory Spectrum Learning: Application to Aortic and Mitral Valve Modeling from 4D TEE
* ShapeForest: Building Constrained Statistical Shape Models with Decision Trees
Includes: Ionasec, R.I.[Razvan Ioan] Ionasec, R.I.[Razvan I.]
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