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Ienco, D.[Dino] Co Author Listing * Combining Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Satellite Image Time Series for land cover mapping via a multi-source deep learning architecture
* DuPLO: A DUal view Point deep Learning architecture for time series classificatiOn
* graph-based approach to detect spatiotemporal dynamics in satellite image time series, A
* LODE: A distance-based classifier built on ensembles of positive and negative observations
* Mapping Irrigated Areas Using Sentinel-1 Time Series in Catalonia, Spain
* Object-Based Multi-Temporal and Multi-Source Land Cover Mapping Leveraging Hierarchical Class Relationships
* Positive Unlabelled Learning for Satellite Images'Time Series Analysis: An Application to Cereal and Forest Mapping
* Two-Branch CNN Architecture for Land Cover Classification of PAN and MS Imagery, A
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