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Idesawa, M.[Manasori] Co Author Listing * 3-D model Reconstruction and Processing for CAE
* 3-D Shape Input and Processing by Moire Technique
* Analysis and manipulation methods of geographic informations
* Recognition of multiple configurations of objects with limited data
* Recognition of objects in various situations from two dimensional images
Includes: Idesawa, M.[Manasori] Idesawa, M. Idesawa, M.[Masanori]

Ideses, I.A.[Ianir A.] Co Author Listing * Depth Map Manipulation for 3D Visualization
* Depth Map Quantization: How Much is Sufficient?
* New Methods to Produce High Quality Color Anaglyphs for 3-D Visualization
* Nonuniform sampling, image recovery from sparse data and the discrete sampling theorem
* Real-time 2D to 3D video conversion
* Real-time stabilization of long range observation system turbulent video

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