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Ibn Afjal, M.[Masud] Co Author Listing * Band reordering heuristics for lossless satellite image compression with 3D-CALIC and CCSDS

Ibn Elhaj, E.[Elhassane] Co Author Listing * comparative study of new HOS-based estimators for moving objects in noisy video sequence, A
* Fast cross-spectral image registration using new robust correlation
* Keyframes detection and analysis in vocal folds recordings using hierarchical motion techniques and texture information
* new method for fingerprint matching using phase-only auto- and cross-bispectrum, A
* Robust hierarchical motion estimation algorithm in noisy image sequences in the bispectrum domain, A
* Robust Subpixel Motion Estimation Algorithm Using HOS in the Parametric Domain, A
* Spatiotemporal Neuronal Filter for Channel Equalization and Video Restoration, A
Includes: Ibn Elhaj, E.[Elhassane] Ibn-Elhaj, E.[Elhassane] Ibn-Elhaj, E.
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