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Husoy, J.H.[J. Hakon] Co Author Listing * Compression of image contours using combinatorial optimization
* Detection of clustered microcalcifications in compressed mammograms
* Filter Banks for Texture Segmentation
* Filtering for Texture Classification: A Comparative Study
* Frame Based Representation and Compression of Still Images
* Image Content Search by Color and Texture Properties
* Image Texture Classification with Digital Filter Banks and Transforms
* Least squares image texture analysis and synthesis
* Multi-frame compression: Theory and Design
* Multichannel filtering for image texture segmentation
* Novel Approaches to Multichannel Filtering for image texture segmentation
* Optimal Filter for Detection of Clustered Microcalcifications
* Optimal Filter-Bank Design for Multiple Texture Discrimination
* Optimal texture filtering
* Segmentation of text/image documents using texture approaches
* Sparse Representation of Images using Overlapping Frames
* Texture Segmentation Using Filters with Optimized Energy Separation
* Texture Segmentation with Optimal Linear Prediction Error Filters
Includes: Husoy, J.H.[J. Hakon] Husøy, J.H.[John Håkon] Husøy, J.H. Husoy, J.H.
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