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Hurych, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Active Shape Model and linear predictors for face association refinement
* Advanced Pedestrian Dataset Augmentation for Autonomous Driving
* Desoiling Dataset: Restoring Soiled Areas on Automotive Fisheye Cameras
* Drive&Segment: Unsupervised Semantic Segmentation of Urban Scenes via Cross-Modal Distillation
* Exploiting Features: Locally Interleaved Sequential Alignment for Object Detection
* Non-Rigid Object Detection with Local Interleaved Sequential Alignment (LISA)
Includes: Hurych, D.[David] Hurych, D.

Huryna, H.[Hanna] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of TsHARP Utility for Thermal Sharpening of Sentinel-3 Satellite Images Using Sentinel-2 Visual Imagery
* Field Scale Assessment of the TsHARP Technique for Thermal Sharpening of MODIS Satellite Images Using VENÁS and Sentinel-2-Derived NDVI

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