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Hu, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * 3D Convolutional Neural Network based on memristor for video recognition
* 3D structure inference by integrating segmentation and reconstruction from a single image
* Active Contour-Based Visual Tracking by Integrating Colors, Shapes, and Motions
* Aligning Discriminative and Representative Features: An Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Method for Building Damage Assessment
* Anchor Diffusion for Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation
* Beyond 1 Million Nodes: A Crowdsourced Video Content Delivery Network
* Bezier Interpolation for 3-D Freehand Ultrasound
* Bootstrapping deep feature hierarchy for pornographic image recognition
* Cam-shift target tracking approach based on back projection method with distance weights
* Cast indexing for videos by NCuts and page ranking
* Cell Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks in Medical Hyperspectral Imagery
* CNN With Multiscale Convolution and Diversified Metric for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Co-Evolution of Emerging Multi-Cities: Rates, Patterns and Driving Policies Revealed by Continuous Change Detection and Classification of Landsat Data
* Coarse-to-Fine Strategy for Vehicle Motion Trajectory Clustering, A
* Computational Modeling of the Dynamics of Human Trust During Human-Machine Interactions
* Deep Cost-Sensitive and Order-Preserving Feature Learning for Cross-Population Age Estimation
* Depth map compression using multi-resolution graph-based transform for depth-image-based rendering
* Disentangled Spectrum Variations Networks for NIR-VIS Face Recognition
* Diversity-Promoting Deep Structural Metric Learning for Remote Sensing Scene Classification
* Driver fatigue detection based on deeply-learned facial expression representation
* Effective ellipse detector with polygonal curve and likelihood ratio test
* Efficient and Robust Vehicle Localization
* Ellipse fitting for imaged cross sections of a surface of revolution
* EnTrans: Leveraging Kinetic Energy Harvesting Signal for Transportation Mode Detection
* Evaluation of Algorithms for Tracking Multiple Objects in Video
* FatRegion: A Fast Adaptive Tree-Structured Region Extraction Approach
* Fiducial Facial Point Extraction Using a Novel Projective Invariant
* GameFlow: Narrative Visualization of NBA Basketball Games
* Gate Level Information Flow analysis for multi-valued logic system
* Graph-based Dequantization of Block-Compressed Piecewise Smooth Images
* Graph-based joint denoising and super-resolution of generalized piecewise smooth images
* GraphTER: Unsupervised Learning of Graph Transformation Equivariant Representations via Auto-Encoding Node-Wise Transformations
* Ground Deformation Extraction Using Visible Images And Lidar Data In Mining Area
* Integrated Visualization Approach for Real-Time and Dynamic Assessment of Storm Surge Disasters for China's Seas
* Intra-Prediction and Generalized Graph Fourier Transform for Image Coding
* Iterative learning control of wheeled robot trajectory tracking
* Joint Bayesian-Incorporating Estimation of Multiple Gaussian Graphical Models to Study Brain Connectivity Development in Adolescence
* Labeling Model Based on the Region of Movability for Point-Feature Label Placement, A
* Learning A Superpixel-Driven Speed Function for Level Set Tracking
* Learning Activity Patterns Using Fuzzy Self-Organizing Neural Network
* Linear Tracking for 3-D Medical Ultrasound Imaging
* Local Frequency Interpretation and Non-Local Self-Similarity on Graph for Point Cloud Inpainting
* Local Subspace Collaborative Tracking
* Markov Random Field Modeled Level Sets Method for Object Tracking with Moving Cameras
* Method of Cloud Classification Base on Image Entropy, A
* Microwave Radiometer Data Superresolution Using Image Degradation and Residual Network
* Motion Capture Data Completion via Truncated Nuclear Norm Regularization
* Moving Object Detection Using Tensor-Based Low-Rank and Saliently Fused-Sparse Decomposition
* Multi-cue combination network for action-based video classification
* Multi-Cue Semi-Supervised Color Constancy With Limited Training Samples
* Multi-Instance Multi-Label Learning Combining Hierarchical Context and its Application to Image Annotation
* Multimodal Web Aesthetics Assessment Based on Structural SVM and Multitask Fusion Learning
* Multiresolution Graph Fourier Transform for Compression of Piecewise Smooth Images
* Noise-Tolerant Paradigm for Training Face Recognition CNNs
* Novel temporal domain hole filling based on background modeling for view synthesis
* Object recognition in compressed imagery
* Object Relational Graph With Teacher-Recommended Learning for Video Captioning
* Online Multi-Target Tracking with Tensor-Based High-Order Graph Matching
* Optimal dependent bit allocation for AVS intra-frame coding via successive convex approximation
* Path Coding on Geometric Planar Graph for 2D/3D Visual Data Partitioning
* Perceiving Motion From Dynamic Memory for Vehicle Detection in Surveillance Videos
* Point Cloud Attribute Inpainting in Graph Spectral Domain
* Point Cloud Inpainting on Graphs from Non-Local Self-Similarity
* Pose Evaluation Based on Bayesian classification Error
* Prototype Generation Using Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization for Nearest Neighbor Classification
* PSF Estimation via Gradient Domain Correlation
* Ray tracing via GPU rasterization
* Real-time geometric fitting and pose estimation for surface of revolution
* Recursive Least-Squares Estimator-Aided Online Learning for Visual Tracking
* Region-based blood color detection and its application to bloody image filtering
* Remote sensing image compression based on double-sparsity dictionary learning and universal trellis coded quantization
* Removing Turbulence Effect via Hybrid Total Variation and Deformation-Guided Kernel Regression
* robust interpolation-free approach for sub-pixel accuracy motion estimation, A
* Robust lip Localization on Multi-View Faces in Video
* Robust Real-Time Road Detection Algorithm Using Color and Edge Information, A
* Robust Virtual Unrolling of Historical Parchment XMT Images
* Scene Segmentation and Categorization Using NCuts
* SCNN: Sequential convolutional neural network for human action recognition in videos
* Seamless View Synthesis Through Texture Optimization
* Segmentation and Reconstruction of Buildings with Aerial Oblique Photography Point Clouds
* Segmentation of Lesion in Dermoscopy Images Using Dense-Residual Network with Adversarial Learning
* Semantic Event Detection using Conditional Random Fields
* Semi-Supervised Automatic Layer and Fluid Region Segmentation of Retinal Optical Coherence Tomography Images Using Adversarial Learning
* Sparse Representation Based Autofocusing Technique for ISAR Images
* Spatio-Temporal Self-Organizing Map Deep Network for Dynamic Object Detection from Videos
* STA-CNN: Convolutional Spatial-Temporal Attention Learning for Action Recognition
* Study on the Situational Awareness System of Mine Fire Rescue Using Faster Ross Girshick-Convolutional Neural Network
* Survey on Visual Surveillance of Object Motion and Behaviors, A
* Thermal Sampling Depth Correction Method for Land Surface Temperature Estimation From Satellite Passive Microwave Observation Over Barren Land, A
* Toward Wi-Fi AP-Assisted Content Prefetching for an On-Demand TV Series: A Learning-Based Approach
* Towards Contactless Patient Positioning
* Trajectory-Based Video Retrieval Using Dirichlet Process Mixture Models
* TreeUNet: Adaptive Tree convolutional neural networks for subdecimeter aerial image segmentation
Includes: Hu, W.[Wei] Hu, W. Hu, W.[Weiming] Hu, W.[Wenmin] Hu, W.[Wenjin] Hu, W.[Weiduo] Hu, W.[Wensheng] Hu, W.[Weili] Hu, W.[Wen] Hu, W.[Weeming] Hu, W.[Wenlong] Hu, W.[Woong]
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Hu, W.B.[Wen Bo] Co Author Listing * Neural-network-based cooperative adaptive identification of nonlinear systems
* Pedestrian detection aided by fusion of binocular information
Includes: Hu, W.B.[Wen Bo] Hu, W.B.[Wen-Bo] Hu, W.B.[Wen-Bin]

Hu, W.C.[Wen Chuan] Co Author Listing * Application of particle filter in high accuracy geometry measurement
* Automatic spectral video matting
* Consistent Symmetrical Axis Method for Robust Detection of Ellipses
* Efficient and consistent method for superellipse detection
* Fuzzy relevance vector machine for learning from unbalanced data and noise
* Moving object detection and tracking from video captured by moving camera
* Multiprimitive segmentation based on meaningful breakpoints for fitting digital planar curves with line segments and conic arcs
* Multiprimitive Segmentation of Planar Curves: A Two-Level Breakpoint Classification and Tuning Approach
* Rapid detection of camera tampering and abnormal disturbance for video surveillance system
* Reliable moving vehicle detection based on the filtering of swinging tree leaves and raindrops
* robust iterative super-resolution mosaicking algorithm using an adaptive and directional Huber-Markov regularization, A
* Robust real-time ship detection and tracking for visual surveillance of cage aquaculture
* Rotationally Invariant Two-Phase Scheme for Corner Detection, A
* Unsupervised and reliable image matting based on modified spectral matting
* Vehicle detection and inter-vehicle distance estimation using single-lens video camera on urban/suburb roads
* Video object segmentation in rainy situations based on difference scheme with object structure and color analysis
Includes: Hu, W.C.[Wen Chuan] Hu, W.C.[Wen-Chuan] Hu, W.C.[Wu-Chih] Hu, W.C. Hu, W.C.[Wen-Chao] Hu, W.C.[Wen-Chen]
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Hu, W.D.[Wei Duo] Co Author Listing * 3D object recognition from cluttered and occluded scenes with a compact local feature
* Binary stereo matching
* Deconvolution Technology of Microwave Radiometer Data Using Convolutional Neural Networks, A
* deep learning method for image super-resolution based on geometric similarity, A
* Efficient Single-Stage Pedestrian Detector by Asymptotic Localization Fitting and Multi-Scale Context Encoding
* Frame-level heuristic scheduling Multi-view Video Coding on symmetric multi-core architecture
* Framework for Heuristic Scheduling for Parallel Processing on Multicore Architecture: A Case Study With Multiview Video Coding, A
* High-Level Semantic Feature Detection: A New Perspective for Pedestrian Detection
* Joint Learning of the Center Points and Deep Metrics for Land-Use Classification in Remote Sensing
* Learning Efficient Single-Stage Pedestrian Detectors by Asymptotic Localization Fitting
* Rectangle outline extraction of vehicles in SAR images
* Semi-supervised visual recognition with constrained graph regularized non negative matrix factorization
* Spatial Resolution Enhancement of Satellite Microwave Radiometer Data with Deep Residual Convolutional Neural Network
* Spatial Resolution Matching of Microwave Radiometer Data with Convolutional Neural Network
* Virtual support window for adaptive-weight stereo matching
Includes: Hu, W.D.[Wei Duo] Hu, W.D.[Wei-Duo] Hu, W.D.[Wei-Dong]
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Hu, W.F.[Wen Fong] Co Author Listing * Automatic Traffic Surveillance System for Vehicle Tracking and Classification
* Automatic Traffic Surveillance System for Vehicle Tracking and Classification, An
* Convolutional neural network for smooth filtering detection
* Shadow elimination for effective moving object detection by Gaussian shadow modeling
* Shadow elimination for effective moving object detection with gaussian models
* shadow elimination method for vehicle analysis, A
Includes: Hu, W.F.[Wen Fong] Hu, W.F.[Wen-Fong] Hu, W.F.[Wei-Feng]

Hu, W.G.[Wen Guang] Co Author Listing * Sea-surface image super-resolution based on sparse representation
Includes: Hu, W.G.[Wen Guang] Hu, W.G.[Wen-Guang]

Hu, W.H.[Wei Hua] Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Lateral Dynamic Displacement of High-Rise Buildings under Wind Load Based on Fusion of a Remote Sensing Vibrometer and an Inclinometer
* Target Detection Based on The Artificial Neural Network Technology
Includes: Hu, W.H.[Wei Hua] Hu, W.H.[Wei-Hua] Hu, W.H.[Wen-Hua]

Hu, W.J.[Wen Jun] Co Author Listing * Compressive image broadcasting in MIMO systems with receiver antenna heterogeneity
* Fast combination filtering based on weighted fusion
* Minimum-maximum local structure information for feature selection
* new method of Thangka image inpainting quality assessment, A
* No reference quality assessment for Thangka color image based on superpixel
* ParCast+: Parallel Video Unicast in MIMO-OFDM WLANs
* Robust Audio Zero-Watermark Based on LWT and Chaotic Modulation
* Robust domain adaptation image classification via sparse and low rank representation
* Robust multi-source adaptation visual classification using supervised low-rank representation
* Robust support vector machine with bullet hole image classification
Includes: Hu, W.J.[Wen Jun] Hu, W.J.[Wen-Jun] Hu, W.J.[Wen-Jing] Hu, W.J.[Wen-Jin] Hu, W.J.[Wen-Ji] Hu, W.J.[Wen-Jie]
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Hu, W.L.[Wen Long] Co Author Listing * Human Interaction Recognition Based on Transformation of Spatial Semantics
* Image Classification Based on pLSA Fusing Spatial Relationships Between Topics
* Machine learning-based multi-channel evaluation pooling strategy for image quality assessment
Includes: Hu, W.L.[Wen Long] Hu, W.L.[Wen-Long]

Hu, W.M.[Wei Ming] Co Author Listing * 3-D model-based vehicle tracking
* 3D-R Transform on Spatio-temporal Interest Points for Action Recognition
* Action recognition using linear dynamic systems
* Action Recognition Using Nonnegative Action Component Representation and Sparse Basis Selection
* Adaptive learning codebook for action recognition
* Adaptive skin detection using multiple cues
* Anisotropic Convolution for Image Classification
* Asymmetric 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for action recognition
* Automatic gait recognition based on statistical shape analysis
* Bin Ratio-Based Histogram Distances and Their Application to Image Classification
* Block covariance based L1 tracker with a subtle template dictionary
* Boosted cannabis image recognition
* Coarse-to-Fine Strategy for Vehicle Motion Trajectory Clustering, A
* Compact visual codebook for action recognition
* Context-aware horror video scene recognition via cost-sensitive sparse coding
* Context-Dependent Random Walk Graph Kernels and Tree Pattern Graph Matching Kernels With Applications to Action Recognition
* Context-driven moving vehicle detection in wide area motion imagery
* Contour tracking with abrupt motion
* Corner Detection of Contour Images using Spectral Clustering
* D2C: Deep cumulatively and comparatively learning for human age estimation
* Deep Constrained Siamese Hash Coding Network and Load-Balanced Locality-Sensitive Hashing for Near Duplicate Image Detection
* Diagnosing deep learning models for high accuracy age estimation from a single image
* Discovering and Describing Activities by Trajectory Analysis
* Discriminant Tracking Using Tensor Representation with Semi-supervised Improvement
* Discriminative Level Set for Contour Tracking
* Distractor-aware discrimination learning for online multiple object tracking
* Distractor-Aware Siamese Networks for Visual Object Tracking
* Diversity encouraging ensemble of convolutional networks for high performance action recognition
* Dominant Sets-Based Action Recognition using Image Sequence Matching
* Dual L1-Normalized Context Aware Tensor Power Iteration and Its Applications to Multi-object Tracking and Multi-graph Matching
* Dual Sticky Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Hidden Markov Model and Its Application to Natural Language Description of Motions
* Efficient Approach to Web Near-Duplicate Image Detection, An
* Efficient human pose estimation via parsing a tree structure based human model
* Evaluating combinational color constancy methods on real-world images
* Evaluating Combinational Illumination Estimation Methods on Real-World Images
* Event Recognition Based on Top-Down Motion Attention
* Face contour construction with multiple information
* Fast kernel SVM training via support vector identification
* Fast Online Object Tracking and Segmentation: A Unifying Approach
* Fusing R Features and Local Features with Context-Aware Kernels for Action Recognition
* Fusion of Static and Dynamic Body Biometrics for Gait Recognition
* Gait recognition based on procrustes shape analysis
* Graph Based Discriminative Learning for Robust and Efficient Object Tracking
* Graph Based Skeleton Motion Representation and Similarity Measurement for Action Recognition
* Graph convolutional network with structure pooling and joint-wise channel attention for action recognition
* Graph Embedding Based Semi-supervised Discriminative Tracker
* Ground Deformation Detection Using China's ZY-3 Stereo Imagery in an Opencast Mining Area
* Group action recognition in soccer videos
* Group Action Recognition Using Space-Time Interest Points
* Hierarchical Model Based on Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Action Recognition, A
* Horror Image Recognition Based on Context-Aware Multi-Instance Learning
* Horror Image Recognition Based on Emotional Attention
* Horror movie scene recognition based on emotional perception
* Horror Video Scene Recognition Based on Multi-view Multi-instance Learning
* Human Action Recognition Based on Context-Dependent Graph Kernels
* Human Action Recognition Based on Oriented Motion Salient Regions
* Human Action Recognition under Log-Euclidean Riemannian Metric
* Human Action Recognition Using Pyramid Vocabulary Tree
* Human Activity Recognition Based on R Transform and Fourier Mellin Transform
* Human Pose Estimation and Tracking via Parsing a Tree Structure Based Human Model
* Illumination Estimation Based on Bilayer Sparse Coding
* Image Classification Using Multiscale Information Fusion Based on Saliency Driven Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering
* Improved Hierarchical Dirichlet Process-Hidden Markov Model and Its Application to Trajectory Modeling and Retrieval, An
* Incremental DPMM-Based Method for Trajectory Clustering, Modeling, and Retrieval, An
* Incremental Tensor Subspace Learning and Its Applications to Foreground Segmentation and Tracking
* Indexing and Matching of Video Shots Based on Motion and Color Analysis
* Interaction-Aware Spatio-Temporal Pyramid Attention Networks for Action Classification
* Joint Scale-Spatial Correlation Tracking with Adaptive Rotation Estimation
* Kernel-Bayesian Framework for Object Tracking
* Kinematics-based tracking of human walking in monocular video sequences
* Knowledge Distillation via Instance Relationship Graph
* Learning Attentions: Residual Attentional Siamese Network for High Performance Online Visual Tracking
* Learning Group Activity in Soccer Videos from Local Motion
* Learning Human Actions by Combining Global Dynamics and Local Appearance
* Learning silhouette dynamics for human action recognition
* Learning to predict the perceived visual quality of photos
* Level set tracking with dynamical shape priors
* Load-balanced locality-sensitive hashing: A new method for efficient near duplicate image detection
* Local Outlier Detection Based on Kernel Regression
* Markov Random Field Modeled Level Sets Method for Object Tracking with Moving Cameras
* Mining activities using sticky multimodal dual hierarchical Dirichlet process hidden Markov model
* Mixture clustering using multidimensional histograms for skin detection
* Modeling Geometric-Temporal Context With Directional Pyramid Co-Occurrence for Action Recognition
* Multi-camera correspondence based on principal axis of human body
* Multi-Cue Illumination Estimation via a Tree-Structured Group Joint Sparse Representation
* Multi-feature max-margin hierarchical Bayesian model for action recognition
* multi-object tracking system for surveillance video analysis, A
* Multi-object Tracking under Occlusion Using Dual-Mode Graph Embedding
* Multi-Object Tracking Via Species Based Particle Swarm Optimization
* Multi-Perspective Cost-Sensitive Context-Aware Multi-Instance Sparse Coding and Its Application to Sensitive Video Recognition
* Multi-target Tracking by Rank-1 Tensor Approximation
* Multi-target Tracking with Motion Context in Tensor Power Iteration
* Multi-task Sparse Learning with Beta Process Prior for Action Recognition
* Multi-View Multi-Instance Learning Based on Joint Sparse Representation and Multi-View Dictionary Learning
* Multiclass spectral clustering based on discriminant analysis
* Multiple Object Tracking Via Species-Based Particle Swarm Optimization
* Multiple sample group pairs' graph embedding for tracking
* new attempt to gait-based human identification, A
* novel approach to detecting adult images, A
* Occlusion Handling with L1-Regularized Sparse Reconstruction
* Occlusion Reasoning for Tracking Multiple People
* People tracking based on motion model and motion constraints with automatic initialization
* Principal Axis-Based Correspondence between Multiple Cameras for People Tracking
* Probabilistic Index Histogram for Robust Object Tracking
* Prototype Learning Using Metric Learning Based Behavior Recognition
* Rank-1 Tensor Approximation for High-Order Association in Multi-target Tracking
* Recent developments in human motion analysis
* Recognition of Pornographic Web Pages by Classifying Texts and Images
* Recognition of Semantic Basketball Events Based on Optical Flow Patterns
* RGBD Salient Object Detection: A Benchmark and Algorithms
* Robust Head Tracking Based on Multiple Cues Fusion in the Kernel-Bayesian Framework
* Robust object tracking with boosted discriminative model via graph embedding
* Robust Object Tracking with Online Multi-Lifespan Dictionary Learning
* Robust Tracking System for Low Frame Rate Video, A
* Robust Visual Tracking Based on an Effective Appearance Model
* Robust Visual Tracking Based on Incremental Tensor Subspace Learning
* Robust visual tracking using joint scale-spatial correlation filters
* Robust visual tracking via transfer learning
* Saliency Driven Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering for Object Recognition
* Salient Object Detection via Structured Matrix Decomposition
* Segment Model Based Vehicle Motion Analysis
* Self-Calibration Bundle Adjustment Method for Photogrammetric Processing of Chang 'E-2 Stereo Lunar Imagery, A
* Semantic interpretation of object activities in a surveillance system
* Semantic-Based Surveillance Video Retrieval
* Semantic-based traffic video retrieval using activity pattern analysis
* Semi-Supervised Tensor-Based Graph Embedding Learning and Its Application to Visual Discriminant Tracking
* Semi-supervised Trajectory Learning Using a Multi-Scale Key Point Based Trajectory Representation
* Sequential particle swarm optimization for visual tracking
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Silhouette analysis-based gait recognition for human identification
* Single and Multiple Object Tracking Using a Multi-Feature Joint Sparse Representation
* Single and Multiple Object Tracking Using Log-Euclidean Riemannian Subspace and Block-Division Appearance Model
* Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
* Skin color detection using multiple cues
* Smarter Particle Filter, A
* Spectral Graph Partitioning Based on a Random Walk Diffusion Similarity Measure
* Supervised class-specific dictionary learning for sparse modeling in action recognition
* Survey on Visual Content-Based Video Indexing and Retrieval, A
* SVD based Kalman Particle Filter for Robust Visual Tracking
* swarm intelligence based searching strategy for articulated 3D human body tracking, A
* System for Learning Statistical Motion Patterns, A
* Tangent Fisher Vector on Matrix Manifolds for Action Recognition
* Tensor Power Iteration for Multi-graph Matching
* Top-Down Cues for Event Recognition
* Towards Multi-view and Partially-Occluded Face Alignment
* Towards Robust and Accurate Multi-View and Partially-Occluded Face Alignment
* Tracking people through occlusions
* Tracking-by-Fusion via Gaussian Process Regression Extended to Transfer Learning
* Transfer Learning Based Visual Tracking with Gaussian Processes Regression
* Use bin-ratio information for category and scene classification
* VisDrone-SOT2018: The Vision Meets Drone Single-Object Tracking Challenge Results
* VisDrone-SOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Single Object Tracking Challenge Results
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2013 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2017 Challenge Results, The
* Visual tracking via incremental Log-Euclidean Riemannian subspace learning
* Visual Tracking via Spatially Aligned Correlation Filters Network
Includes: Hu, W.M.[Wei Ming] Hu, W.M.[Wei-Ming] Hu, W.M.[Wen-Min] Hu, W.M.
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Hu, W.P.[Wei Peng] Co Author Listing * Discriminant Deep Feature Learning based on joint supervision Loss and Multi-layer Feature Fusion for heterogeneous face recognition
* New Method for Modifying Thresholds in the Classification of Tree Models for Mapping Aquatic Vegetation in Taihu Lake with Satellite Images, A
Includes: Hu, W.P.[Wei Peng] Hu, W.P.[Wei-Peng] Hu, W.P.[Wei-Ping]

Hu, W.R.[Wen Rui] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Reverse Sparse Tracking via Weighted Multitask Learning
* Temporal Restricted Visual Tracking Via Reverse-Low-Rank Sparse Learning
Includes: Hu, W.R.[Wen Rui] Hu, W.R.[Wen-Rui]

Hu, W.S.[Wei Sheng] Co Author Listing * Chaotic image encryption algorithm using frequency-domain DNA encoding
* Multi-Object Tracking Through Simultaneous Long Occlusions and Split-Merge Conditions
* Spatial-Spectral Feature Extraction via Deep ConvLSTM Neural Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Temperature and Emissivity Separation Algorithm for Landsat-8 Thermal Infrared Sensor Data, A
Includes: Hu, W.S.[Wei Sheng] Hu, W.S.[Wei-Sheng] Hu, W.S.[Wen-Sheng] Hu, W.S.[Wen-Shuai] Hu, W.S.[Wu-Sheng]

Hu, W.T.[Wen Tao] Co Author Listing * Research on the restoration of motion-blurred images of Ochotona curzoniae
Includes: Hu, W.T.[Wen Tao] Hu, W.T.[Wen-Tao]

Hu, W.W.[Wen Wen] Co Author Listing * Method for pan-tilt camera calibration using single control point
Includes: Hu, W.W.[Wen Wen] Hu, W.W.[Wen-Wen]

Hu, W.Y.[Wen Yi] Co Author Listing * Automatic First Arrival Picking via Deep Learning With Human Interactive Learning
Includes: Hu, W.Y.[Wen Yi] Hu, W.Y.[Wen-Yi]

Hu, W.Z.[Wen Ze] Co Author Listing * Coupling-and-Decoupling: A Hierarchical Model for Occlusion-Free Car Detection
* Coupling-and-decoupling: A hierarchical model for occlusion-free object detection
* Generative model for abandoned object detection
* Image representation by active curves
* Inferring social roles in long timespan video sequence
* integrated background model for video surveillance based on primal sketch and 3D scene geometry, An
* interactive scene annotation tool for video surveillance, An
* Learning 3D object templates by hierarchical quantization of geometry and appearance spaces
* Learning 3D Object Templates by Quantizing Geometry and Appearance Spaces
* Learning a probabilistic model mixing 3D and 2D primitives for view invariant object recognition
* Learning Inhomogeneous FRAME Models for Object Patterns
* Learning Sparse FRAME Models for Natural Image Patterns
* Modeling Occlusion by Discriminative AND-OR Structures
* Unsupervised Learning of Dictionaries of Hierarchical Compositional Models
Includes: Hu, W.Z.[Wen Ze] Hu, W.Z.[Wen-Ze]
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