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Hu, K.[Kaimo] Co Author Listing * 3D Laplacian Pyramid Signature
* Accurate Image-Guided Stereo Matching With Efficient Matching Cost and Disparity Refinement
* Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process and a New Correlation Algorithm to Urban Construction and Supervision Using Multi-Source Government Data in Tianjin, The
* Bundle adjustment with additional constraints applied to imagery of the Dunhuang wall paintings
* Color face image decomposition under complex lighting conditions
* Concept and Technologies of Quality of Geographic Information Service: Improving User Experience of GIServices in a Distributed Computing Environment, The
* Developing A Cloud-based Online Geospatial Information Sharing And Geoprocessing Platform To Facilitate Collaborative Education And Research
* Fusing target information from multiple views for robust visual tracking
* Fusion of noisy images based on joint distribution model in dual-tree complex wavelet domain
* Graph Sequence Recurrent Neural Network for Vision-Based Freezing of Gait Detection
* Hand Pointing Estimation for Human Computer Interaction Based on Two Orthogonal-Views
* Improving Estimation of Forest Canopy Cover by Introducing Loss Ratio of Laser Pulses Using Airborne LiDAR
* MC-JBIG2: an improved algorithm for Chinese textual image compression
* Multi-Channels LSTM Networks for Fence Activity Classification
* Multi-Gesture Interaction System Using a 3-D Iris Disk Model for Gaze Estimation and an Active Appearance Model for 3-D Hand Pointing, A
* Multi-level convolutional channel features for content-based image retrieval
* Multi-scale deep neural network for salient object detection
* Progressive Web Application on Ancient Roman Empire Coins and Relevant Historical Figures with Graph Database, A
* Rigorous Line-Based Transformation Model Using the Generalized Point Strategy for the Rectification of High Resolution Satellite Imagery
* Robust Object Tracking with Compressive Sensing and Patches Matching
* Robust Scale Adaptive and Real-Time Visual Tracking with Correlation Filters
* Salient Region Detection Based on Color Uniqueness and Color Spatial Distribution
* Scientometric Visualization Analysis for Night-Time Light Remote Sensing Research from 1991 to 2016, A
* Semi-supervised clustering via multi-level random walk
* Simple and Efficient Method for Radial Distortion Estimation by Relative Orientation, A
* Temporal Interframe Pattern Analysis for Static and Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition
* Underwater Image Enhancement Based on Conditional Generative Adversarial Network
* Use fast R-CNN and cascade structure for face detection
* Vision-Based Freezing of Gait Detection with Anatomic Patch Based Representation
Includes: Hu, K.[Kaimo] Hu, K.[Keli] Hu, K.[Ke] Hu, K.[Kun] Hu, K.[Kexin] Hu, K.[Kai] Hu, K. Hu, K.[Kaoning] Hu, K.[Kui] Hu, K.[Kelu] Hu, K.[Kongfa]
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Hu, K.C.[Kai Cheng] Co Author Listing * highly efficient method for improving the performance of GLA-based algorithms, A
Includes: Hu, K.C.[Kai Cheng] Hu, K.C.[Kai-Cheng]

Hu, K.F.[Kong Fa] Co Author Listing * Normalized Correlation-Based Quantization Modulation for Robust Watermarking
Includes: Hu, K.F.[Kong Fa] Hu, K.F.[Kong-Fa]

Hu, K.H.[Kuang Hu] Co Author Listing * Image segmentation of G bands of Triticum monococcum chromosomes based on the model-based neural network
* Spatial Analysis of Wenchuan Earthquake-Damaged Vegetation in the Mountainous Basins and Its Applications
Includes: Hu, K.H.[Kuang Hu] Hu, K.H.[Kuang-Hu] Hu, K.H.[Kai-Heng]

Hu, K.J.[Kuo Jui] Co Author Listing * Using Adaptive Tone Mapping to Enhance Edge-Preserving Color Image Automatically
Includes: Hu, K.J.[Kuo Jui] Hu, K.J.[Kuo-Jui]

Hu, K.K.[Kang Kang] Co Author Listing * CVT-Based 3D Image Segmentation for Quality Tetrahedral Meshing
* Extended Edge-Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation for Image Segmentation
Includes: Hu, K.K.[Kang Kang] Hu, K.K.[Kang-Kang]

Hu, K.L.[Kai Liang] Co Author Listing * Multilevel Optimization of DSP Based SPEEX Decoder
Includes: Hu, K.L.[Kai Liang] Hu, K.L.[Kai-Liang]

Hu, K.M.[Kai Mo] Co Author Listing * Manifold-ranking based retrieval using k-regular nearest neighbor graph
Includes: Hu, K.M.[Kai Mo] Hu, K.M.[Kai-Mo]

Hu, K.N.[Ke Ning] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Support Vector Machine for breast cancer gene classification
* Multi-scale Topological Features for Hand Posture Representation and Analysis
* Multiple feature representations from multi-layer geometric shape for hand gesture analysis
Includes: Hu, K.N.[Ke Ning] Hu, K.N.[Ke-Ning] Hu, K.N.[Kao-Ning]

Hu, K.Q.[Kang Qiao] Co Author Listing * Non-rigid Object Tracking as Salient Region Segmentation and Association
Includes: Hu, K.Q.[Kang Qiao] Hu, K.Q.[Kang-Qiao]

Hu, K.T.[Kang Ting] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal saliency detection and salient region determination for H.264 videos
* Visual attention region determination for H.264 videos
Includes: Hu, K.T.[Kang Ting] Hu, K.T.[Kang-Ting]

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