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Hu, D.[Dewen] Co Author Listing * 3D human pose estimation by depth map
* Action recognition by hidden temporal models
* Calculation for Multidimensional Topological Relations in 3D Cadastre Based on Geometric Algebra
* CATSMLP: Toward a Robust and Interpretable Multilayer Perceptron With Sigmoid Activation Functions
* Cerebral Artery-Vein Separation Using 0.1-Hz Oscillation in Dual-Wavelength Optical Imaging
* Common Bayesian Network for Classification of EEG-Based Multiclass Motor Imagery BCI
* Deep Binary Reconstruction for Cross-Modal Hashing
* Deep Multimodal Clustering for Unsupervised Audiovisual Learning
* Demonstration of OpenFlow-Controlled Network Orchestration for Adaptive SVC Video Manycast
* Discovery of Critical Nodes in Road Networks Through Mining From Vehicle Trajectories
* Discrete Spectral Hashing for Efficient Similarity Retrieval
* Evaluation of LBP and Deep Texture Descriptors with a New Robustness Benchmark
* Focusing of Medium-Earth-Orbit SAR With Advanced Nonlinear Chirp Scaling Algorithm
* Fusing Sorted Random Projections for Robust Texture and Material Classification
* GIS Application to Regional Geological Structure Relationship Modelling Considering Semantics
* Globally Consistent Reconstruction of Ripped-Up Documents
* Hybrid Spatial Data Model for Indoor Space: Combined Topology and Grid
* Image2song: Song Retrieval via Bridging Image Content and Lyric Words
* Improvement of Virtual View Rendering Based on Depth Image
* Including Signal Intensity Increases the Performance of Blind Source Separation on Brain Imaging Data
* Incremental Laplacian eigenmaps by preserving adjacent information between data points
* Inter-view Coding Correlation Based Error Concealment for Stereoscopic Video Transmission
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Unmanned Intelligent Vehicles in China
* Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Method Based on GIS Technology and an AHP-Weighted Information Content Method: A Case Study of Southern Anhui, China, A
* Learning Effective Event Models to Recognize a Large Number of Human Actions
* Listen to the Image
* Multi-Feature Fusion for Crime Scene Investigation Image Retrieval
* Multi-illumination Face Recognition from a Single Training Image per Person with Sparse Representation
* New insight at level set and Gaussian mixture model for natural image segmentation
* New Super-resolution Reconstruction Method Combining Narrow Quantization Constraint Set and Motion Estimation for H.264 Compressed Video, A
* Noisy manifold learning using neighborhood smoothing embedding
* Omega-K Algorithm With Phase Error Compensation for Bistatic SAR of a Translational Invariant Case, An
* On the Processing of Very High Resolution Spaceborne SAR Data: A Chirp-Modulated Back Projection Approach
* Parameterizing Anthropogenic Heat Flux with an Energy-Consumption Inventory and Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
* Partition Modeling for Anthropogenic Heat Flux Mapping in China, A
* Proactive Monitoring via Jamming in Amplify-and-Forward Relay Networks
* Safe Classification with Augmented Features
* Salient Region Detection Using Diffusion Process on a Two-Layer Sparse Graph
* Salient Region Detection via Integrating Diffusion-Based Compactness and Local Contrast
* Scene classification using a multi-resolution bag-of-features model
* Semi-Supervised Classification for Hyperspectral Images Based on Multiple Classifiers and Relaxation Strategy
* Shape matching and object recognition using common base triangle area
* Spatial and Temporal Analysis for Optical Imaging Data Using CWT and tICA
* Temporal Multimodal Learning in Audiovisual Speech Recognition
* Theoretical Framework For Matrix-based Feature Extraction Algorithms With Its Application To Image Recognition, A
* Toward Robust Material Recognition for Everyday Objects
* Two-dimensional locality preserving projections (2DLPP) with its application to palmprint recognition
* Unsupervised Mixture-Eliminating Estimation of Equivalent Number of Looks for PolSAR Data
* Unsupervised Mumford-Shah energy based hybrid of texture and nontexture image segmentation
* Vertex Concavity-Convexity Detection Method for Three-Dimensional Spatial Objects Based on Geometric Algebra, A
* When Faces Are Combined with Palmprints: A Novel Biometric Fusion Strategy
Includes: Hu, D.[Dewen] Hu, D.[Di] Hu, D. Hu, D.[Daoyun] Hu, D.[Dan] Hu, D.[Dong] Hu, D.[Die] Hu, D.[Deyong] Hu, D.[Dongcui] Hu, D.[Dameng] Hu, D.[Diane]
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Hu, D.C.[Dong Cheng] Co Author Listing * Camera calibration with one-dimensional objects moving under gravity
* Constraints on general motions for camera calibration with one-dimensional objects
* FFT snake: a robust and efficient method for the segmentation of arbitrarily shaped objects in image sequences
* new component based algorithm for newspaper layout analysis, A
* Recognition of perspectively distorted planar grids
* Seeded Region Merging Based on Gradient Vector Flow for Image Segmentation
* Spatial-temporal traffic data analysis based on global data management using MAS
Includes: Hu, D.C.[Dong Cheng] Hu, D.C.[Dong-Cheng]
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Hu, D.H.[Dong Hui] Co Author Listing * ML-Based Radial Velocity Estimation Algorithm for Moving Targets in Spaceborne High-Resolution and Wide-Swath SAR Systems, An
* New Method of De-Aliasing Large-Scale High-Frequency Barotropic Signals in the Mediterranean Sea, A
* New Steganalytic Features for Spatial Image Steganography Based on Non-negative Matrix Factorization
* Precise Focusing of Airborne SAR Data With Wide Apertures Large Trajectory Deviations: A Chirp Modulated Back-Projection Approach
* Spatial Image Steganography Method Based on Nonnegative Matrix Factorization, A
* Study of the Two-Way Effects of Cover Source Mismatch and Texture Complexity in Steganalysis, A
Includes: Hu, D.H.[Dong Hui] Hu, D.H.[Dong-Hui] Hu, D.H.[Deng-Hui]

Hu, D.L.[Dong Liang] Co Author Listing * Recognition of objects with skew distortion based on synergetics
* Relay-Assisted Multiuser Video Streaming in Cognitive Radio Networks
Includes: Hu, D.L.[Dong Liang] Hu, D.L.[Dong-Liang] Hu, D.L.[Dong-Lin]

Hu, D.M.[Dong Ming] Co Author Listing * Statistical Characteristics of Raindrop Size Distribution in the Monsoon Season Observed in Southern China
Includes: Hu, D.M.[Dong Ming] Hu, D.M.[Dong-Ming]

Hu, D.N.[Dong Ni] Co Author Listing * Visualizing large graphs by layering and bundling graph edges
Includes: Hu, D.N.[Dong Ni] Hu, D.N.[Dong-Ni]

Hu, D.T.[Da Tian] Co Author Listing * UAV-based panoramic oblique photogrammetry (POP) approach using spherical projection, A
Includes: Hu, D.T.[Da Tian] Hu, D.T.[Da-Tian]

Hu, D.X.[De Xiu] Co Author Listing * new approach of high resolution direction finding using single channel receiver, A
Includes: Hu, D.X.[De Xiu] Hu, D.X.[De-Xiu]

Hu, D.Y.[Dan Ying] Co Author Listing * Deep ChArUco: Dark ChArUco Marker Pose Estimation
Includes: Hu, D.Y.[Dan Ying] Hu, D.Y.[Dan-Ying]

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