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Hosain, A.A. Co Author Listing * FineHand: Learning Hand Shapes for American Sign Language Recognition
* Hand Pose Guided 3D Pooling for Word-level Sign Language Recognition
Includes: Hosain, A.A. Hosain, A.A.[Al Amin]

Hosaka, K.[Kenichi] Co Author Listing * body-mounted camera system for head-pose estimation and user-view image synthesis, A
* Motion-JPEG2000 Standardization and Target Market
* Scale-Adaptive Face Detection and Tracking in Real Time with SSR Filters and Support Vector Machine
Includes: Hosaka, K.[Kenichi] Hosaka, K.

Hosaka, K.I.[Ken Ichi] Co Author Listing * Human Distribution Estimation Using Shape Projection Model Based on Multiple-Viewpoint Observations
Includes: Hosaka, K.I.[Ken Ichi] Hosaka, K.I.[Ken-Ichi]

Hosaka, M. Co Author Listing * Using Handwriting Action to Construct Models of Engineering Objects

Hosaka, T.[Tetsuro] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Effective Seasonal Downscaling of TRMM Precipitation Data in Peninsular Malaysia
* Cancer detection from biopsy images using probabilistic and discriminative features
* Compressive multi-spectral imaging using self-correlations of images based on hierarchical joint sparsity models
* Image matting based on local color discrimination by SVM
* Image Matting in the Framework of Quantification IV
* Sensor-Pattern-Noise Map Reconstruction in Source Camera Identification for Size-Reduced Images
Includes: Hosaka, T.[Tetsuro] Hosaka, T.[Tadaaki]

Hosakere, M. Co Author Listing * Statistical Analysis of Cortical Morphometrics Using Pooled Distances Based on Labeled Cortical Distance Maps

Hosako, I. Co Author Listing * At the Dawn of a New Era in Terahertz Technology

Hosang, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Convnet for Non-maximum Suppression, A
* COTR: Correspondence Transformer for Matching Across Images
* Efficient Large Scale Inlier Voting for Geometric Vision Problems
* GyroPen: Gyroscopes for Pen-Input With Mobile Phones
* How Far are We from Solving Pedestrian Detection?
* How good are detection proposals, really?
* Learning Non-maximum Suppression
* Simple Does It: Weakly Supervised Instance and Semantic Segmentation
* Taking a deeper look at pedestrians
* Ten Years of Pedestrian Detection, What Have We Learned?
* Towards Reaching Human Performance in Pedestrian Detection
* What Makes for Effective Detection Proposals?
Includes: Hosang, J.[Jan] Hosang, J.
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Hosani, N.A.[Naeema Al] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Urban Quality of Life Indicators Using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning: The Case of Al Ain City, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
* Spatiotemporal Variability of Chlorophyll-a and Sea Surface Temperature, and Their Relationship with Bathymetry over the Coasts of UAE

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