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Hoe, J.C.[James C.] Co Author Listing * 3D Point Cloud Reduction Using Mixed-Integer Quadratic Programming
* Fast bilateral filtering by adapting block size
* High Performance Stereo Vision Designed for Massively Data Parallel Platforms
* Real time stereo vision using exponential step cost aggregation on GPU
Includes: Hoe, J.C.[James C.] Hoe, J.C.

Hoe, J.K.E.[Jerry Kah Eng] Co Author Listing * HOG based multi-stage object detection and pose recognition for service robot
* Lift-button detection and recognition for service robot in buildings
* ML-fusion based multi-model human detection and tracking for robust human-robot interfaces

Hoe, K.E.[Kah Eng] Co Author Listing * Human Upper Body Pose Recognition Using Adaboost Template for Natural Human Robot Interaction

Hoe, L.W.[Lam Weng] Co Author Listing * Data Driven Decision Analysis in Bank Financial Management with Goal Programming Model
* Improvement on the Efficiency of Technology Companies in Malaysia with Data Envelopment Analysis Model

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