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Hobbiss, A.F.[Anna Felicity] Co Author Listing * Dendritic Spine Shape Analysis: A Clustering Perspective
* tool for automatic dendritic spine detection and analysis. Part I: Dendritic spine detection using multi-level region-based segmentation, A
Includes: Hobbiss, A.F.[Anna Felicity] Hobbiss, A.F.

Hobbs, B.[Bruce] Co Author Listing * NNetEn2D: Two-Dimensional Neural Network Entropy in Remote Sensing Imagery and Geophysical Mapping

Hobbs, C.G.L.[Christopher G.L.] Co Author Listing * Speckle in ultrasound images: Friend or FOE?

Hobbs, D.J.[Dave J.] Co Author Listing * Emotional Avatar: Non-verbal Communication Between Inhabitants of Collaborative Virtual Environments, The

Hobbs, J.[Jennifer] Co Author Listing * 1st Agriculture-Vision Challenge: Methods and Results, The
* Accelerated MCMC for Satellite-Based Measurements of Atmospheric CO2
* Deep density estimation based on multi-spectral remote sensing data for in-field crop yield forecasting
* End-to-End Camera Calibration for Broadcast Videos
* Intercomparison of Remote Sensing Retrievals: An Examination of Prior-Induced Biases in Averaging Kernel Corrections
* Ontology for Video Event Representation, An
* Sensitivity of Optimal Estimation Satellite Retrievals to Misspecification of the Prior Mean and Covariance, with Application to OCO-2 Retrievals
* Spatial Retrievals of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide from Satellite Observations
* Spatial Surface Reflectance Retrievals for Visible/Shortwave Infrared Remote Sensing via Gaussian Process Priors
* Superpixels and Graph Convolutional Neural Networks for Efficient Detection of Nutrient Deficiency Stress from Aerial Imagery
* VERL: An Ontology Framework for Representing and Annotating Video Events
Includes: Hobbs, J.[Jennifer] Hobbs, J.[Jonathan] Hobbs, J. Hobbs, J.[Jerry]
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Hobbs, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Nonlinear Metric Learning for Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis with Integration of Longitudinal Neuroimaging Features

Hobbs, M.C. Co Author Listing * Progressive Band Processing of Constrained Energy Minimization for Subpixel Detection

Hobbs, M.J.[Matthew J.] Co Author Listing * Image Correction and In Situ Spectral Calibration for Low-Cost, Smartphone Hyperspectral Imaging
* Peatland Plant Spectral Response as a Proxy for Peat Health, Analysis Using Low-Cost Hyperspectral Imaging Techniques

Hobbs, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Application of Terrestrial LiDAR for Geohazard Mapping, Monitoring and Modelling in the British Geological Survey, The
* robust surface matching technique for coastal geohazard assessment and management, A

Hobbs, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Coherence-Based Geosynchronous SAR Tomography Employing Formation Flying: System Design and Performance Analysis
* Meteorological OSSEs for New Zenith Total Delay Observations: Impact Assessment for the Hydroterra Geosynchronous Satellite on the October 2019 Genoa Event
* Roughness measurements over an agricultural soil surface with Structure from Motion
* System Design for Geosynchronous Synthetic Aperture Radar Missions
Includes: Hobbs, S.[Stephen] Hobbs, S.

Hobbs, S.E. Co Author Listing * Joint Amplitude-Phase Compensation for Ionospheric Scintillation in GEO SAR Imaging
* Radar Imaging From Geosynchronous Orbit: Temporal Decorrelation Aspects

Hobby, J.D.[John D.] Co Author Listing * Degraded Character Image Restoration
* Enhancing Degraded Document Images Via Bitmap Clustering And Averaging
* Generating Automatically Tuned Bitmaps from Outlines
* Matching Document Images with Ground Truth
* Space-Efficient Outlines from Image Data via Vertex Minimization and Grid Constraints
* Using Shape and Layout Information to Find Signatures, Text, and Graphics
Includes: Hobby, J.D.[John D.] Hobby, J.D.

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