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Ho, P.[Purdy] Co Author Listing * Dual-Factor Authentication System Featuring Speaker Verification and Token Technology, A
* Face Recognition with Support Vector Machines: Global versus Component-based Approach
* Face recognition: component-based versus global approaches
* Gam Pyramid, The
* Kullback-Leibler Kernel as a Framework for Discriminant and Localized Representations for Visual Recognition, The
* Rotation Invariant Real-time Face Detection and Recognition System
Includes: Ho, P.[Purdy] Ho, P.

Ho, P.G.P.[Pei Gee Peter] Co Author Listing * Statistical pattern recognition in remote sensing
Includes: Ho, P.G.P.[Pei Gee Peter] Ho, P.G.P.[Pei-Gee Peter]

Ho, P.H.[Pin Han] Co Author Listing * Global-connected network with generalized ReLU activation
Includes: Ho, P.H.[Pin Han] Ho, P.H.[Pin-Han]

Ho, P.K.[Pui Kuen] Co Author Listing * Stereo-Motion That Complements Stereo and Motion Analyses
* Stereo-Motion with Stereo and Motion in Complement
Includes: Ho, P.K.[Pui Kuen] Ho, P.K.[Pui-Kuen]

Ho, P.M. Co Author Listing * Compressing the Illumination-Adjustable Images With Principal Component Analysis

Ho, P.P. Co Author Listing * Image-Quality Enhancement of Objects in Turbid Media by Use of a Combined Computational-Photonics Approach

Ho, P.S.[Pong Sik] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Scheme for Representing Curves without Self-Intersections, A
Includes: Ho, P.S.[Pong Sik] Ho, P.S.[Pong-Sik]

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