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Ho, M.A.T.[Minh Anh T.] Co Author Listing * HMM-based temporal difference learning with model-updating capability for visual tracking of human communicational behaviors, An

Ho, M.C.[Ming Che] Co Author Listing * Feature-based detection of faces in color images
* new approach for face hallucination based on a two-dimensional direct combined model, A
* Object tracking by exploiting adaptive region-wise linear subspace representations and adaptive templates in an iterative particle filter
* study on fire spreading model for the safety distance between the neighborhood occupancies and historical buildings in Taiwan, A
Includes: Ho, M.C.[Ming Che] Ho, M.C.[Ming-Che] Ho, M.C.[Mei-Chi] Ho, M.C.

Ho, M.F.[Meng Fen] Co Author Listing * Gait Analysis For Human Identification Through Manifold Learning and HMM
* Human Motion Parameter Capturing Using Particle Filter and Nonparametric Belief Propagation
* multi-view vision-based hand motion capturing system, A
Includes: Ho, M.F.[Meng Fen] Ho, M.F.[Meng-Fen]

Ho, M.H.[Minh Hoai] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Ho, M.H.[Minh Hoai]:

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