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Hien, L.P.[La Phu] Co Author Listing * Impacts of Resampling and Downscaling Digital Elevation Model and Its Morphometric Factors: A Comparison of Hopfield Neural Network, Bilinear, Bicubic, and Kriging Interpolations

Hien, L.T.K.[Le Thi Khanh] Co Author Listing * Distributionally Robust and Multi-Objective Nonnegative Matrix Factorization

Hien, L.T.T.[Le Thi Thu] Co Author Listing * Soil Moisture Influence on the FTIR Spectrum of Salt-Affected Soils

Hien, T.D.[Tran Duc] Co Author Listing * Multiple Object Tracking Evaluation Analysis Framework, A
* Robust Logo Multiresolution Watermarking Based on Independent Component Analysis Extraction, A
Includes: Hien, T.D.[Tran Duc] Hien, T.D.[Thai D.]

Hienonen, P.[Petri] Co Author Listing * Framework for Machine Vision Based Traffic Sign Inventory
* Towards Condition Analysis for Machine Vision Based Traffic Sign Inventory

Hienz, H.[Hermann] Co Author Listing * HMM-Based Continuous Sign Language Recognition Using Stochastic Grammars
* Real-time hand-arm motion analysis using a single video camera
* Relevant Features for Video-Based Continuous Sign Language Recognition
* Video-based Continuous Sign Language Recognition Using Statistical Methods
* Video-Based Handshape Recognition Using a Handshape Structure Model in Real Time
Includes: Hienz, H.[Hermann] Hienz, H.

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