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Helsing, G. Co Author Listing * Efficient and robust motion estimation in grid-based hybrid video coding schemes

Helsing, J.[Johan] Co Author Listing * Inverse Problem for a Planar Conductivity Inclusion

Helsingius, M. Co Author Listing * GenLOT-based progressive image coder for low resolution images, A
* Image compression using multiple transforms
Includes: Helsingius, M. Helsingius, M.[Mika]

Helson, H. Co Author Listing * Fundamental Problems in Color Vision, I
* Fundamental Problems in Color Vision, II
* Some Factors and Implications of Color Constancy

Helsper, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic recognition of movement patterns in the vojta-therapy using RGB-D data

Helstrom, C.W. Co Author Listing * Image Restoration by the Method of Least Squares

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