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He, H.[Haixing] Co Author Listing * 3D displacement retrieval on glacial areas by airborne multi-view photogrammetry
* AIC2018 Report: Traffic Surveillance Research
* Automatic object segmentation of unstructured scenes using colour and depth maps
* Breast mass classification via deeply integrating the contextual information from multi-view data
* BULDP: Biomimetic Uncorrelated Locality Discriminant Projection for Feature Extraction in Face Recognition
* Classification of Mobile Lidar Data Using Vox-net and Auxiliary Training Samples
* Convolutional factor analysis model with application to radar automatic target recognition
* Damage Signature Generation of Revetment Surface along Urban Rivers Using UAV-Based Mapping
* Decentralized Model for Spatial Data Digital Rights Management, A
* Distantly Supervised Lifelong Learning for Large-Scale Social Media Sentiment Analysis
* EEF: Exponentially Embedded Families with Class-Specific Features for Classification
* Enhancing Adversarial Example Transferability With an Intermediate Level Attack
* Enhancing information discriminant analysis: Feature extraction with linear statistical model and information-theoretic criteria
* Fast detection of small infrared objects in maritime scenes using local minimum patterns
* Fast User-Guided Single Image Reflection Removal via Edge-Aware Cascaded Networks
* Feature Combination beyond Basic Arithmetics
* Formation Learning Control of Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles With Heterogeneous Nonlinear Uncertain Dynamics
* Fuzzy aggregated connectedness for image segmentation
* Geometric Stitching Method for Double Cameras with Weak Convergence Geometry
* Hierarchical image representation via multi-level sparse coding
* High Fidelity Image Warping for Serial and Parallel Processing
* Human Mobility Modeling for Robot-Assisted Evacuation in Complex Indoor Environments
* Hydrologic Evaluation of Multi-Source Satellite Precipitation Products for the Upper Huaihe River Basin, China
* Image Denoising Based on the Ridgelet Frame Using the Generalized Cross Validation Technique
* Image Super-Resolution Algorithm for Different Error Levels Per Frame, An
* Impact of Fire Emissions on U.S. Air Quality from 1997 to 2016: A Modeling Study in the Satellite Era
* Impact of the Spatial Domain Size on the Performance of the Ts-VI Triangle Method in Terrestrial Evapotranspiration Estimation
* Importance of Ultrawide Bandwidth for Optoacoustic Esophagus Imaging
* Improving Optoacoustic Image Quality via Geometric Pixel Super-Resolution Approach
* Inshore Ship Detection in Remote Sensing Images via Weighted Pose Voting
* Interpretable Fast Multi-Scale Deep Decoder for the Standard HEVC Bitstreams, The
* Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Method Based on GIS Technology and an AHP-Weighted Information Content Method: A Case Study of Southern Anhui, China, A
* Lane Detection Based on Visual Attention
* Lane Detection Using Steerable Filters and FPGA-based Implementation
* Learning Human-Robot Interaction for Robot-Assisted Pedestrian Flow Optimization
* Learning Race from Face: A Survey
* Lightweight convolutional neural networks for player detection and classification
* Local Linear Spatial-Spectral Probabilistic Distribution for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Lossless data hiding in JPEG bitstream using alternative embedding
* MAP based resolution enhancement of video sequences using a haber-markov random field image prior model
* Mapping Vegetation Communities Using Statistical Data Fusion in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Missouri, USA
* Mosaicking of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery in the Absence of Camera Poses
* Motion Quantification and Automated Correction in Clinical RSOM
* Multi-label Semantic Decoding from Human Brain Activity
* Multi-scale and Multi-orientation Local Feature Extraction for Lane Detection Using High-Level Information
* Multisource Transfer Learning for Cross-Subject EEG Emotion Recognition
* Novel Hyperspectral Image Simulation Method Based on Nonnegative Matrix Factorization, A
* Novel Infringement Detection Method for GIS Vector Data, A
* Object detection in 20 questions
* Probing Waveform Synthesis and Receiver Filter Design
* Quantifying Multiscale Habitat Structural Complexity: A Cost-Effective Framework for Underwater 3D Modelling
* Rare Class Classification by Support Vector Machine
* Real-Time Detection of Small Surface Objects Using Weather Effects
* Real-time lane departure warning system based on a single FPGA
* Real-Time Long-Range Lane Detection and Tracking for Intelligent Vehicle
* Recognition of Car Makes and Models From a Single Traffic-Camera Image
* Regularization Framework for Joint Blur Estimation and Super-Resolution of Video Sequences, A
* Ricci flow-based spherical parameterization and surface registration
* Road Extraction by Using Atrous Spatial Pyramid Pooling Integrated Encoder-Decoder Network and Structural Similarity Loss
* Robust Feature Matching Method for SAR and Optical Images by Using Gaussian-Gamma-Shaped Bi-Windows-Based Descriptor and Geometric Constraint
* Robust road detection from a single image using road shape prior
* Saliency Detection Based on Frequency and Spatial Domain Analyses
* Single Image Super-Resolution Using Gaussian Process Regression
* Single Image Superresolution via Directional Group Sparsity and Directional Features
* Spatial Calibration for Thermal-RGB Cameras and Inertial Sensor System
* Spectral Reconstruction Based On SVM for Cross Calibration
* Squeezed Trajectory Design for Peak RF and Integrated RF Power Reduction in Parallel Transmission MRI
* Stereo matching using weighted dynamic programming on a single-direction four-connected tree
* Stereo matching-based low-textured scene reconstruction for ALV navigation
* Study On Height Information Extraction Of Cultural Features In Remote Sensing Images Based On Shadow Areas, The
* Tracking by Animation: Unsupervised Learning of Multi-Object Attentive Trackers
* Triple Collocation-Based Assessment of Satellite Soil Moisture Products with In Situ Measurements in China: Understanding the Error Sources
* Unsupervised texture segmentation using resonance algorithm for natural scenes
* Visual Saliency Based on Scale-Space Analysis in the Frequency Domain
* Visual Tracking by Sampling in Part Space
* Weakly supervised object localization with deep convolutional neural network based on spatial pyramid saliency map
Includes: He, H.[Haixing] He, H. He, H.[Hu] He, H.[Hua] He, H.[Haiqing] He, H.[Hao] He, H.[Hangen] He, H.[Hai] He, H.[Hong] He, H.[Handong] He, H.[Han] He, H.[He]
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He, H.B.[Hai Bo] Co Author Listing * Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Imagery Based on Spatial-Spectral Manifold Learning
* GIR-based ensemble sampling approaches for imbalanced learning
* MCENN: A variant of extended nearest neighbor method for pattern recognition
* Near-Optimal Tracking Control of Mobile Robots Via Receding-Horizon Dual Heuristic Programming
* Self-adaptive manifold discriminant analysis for feature extraction from hyperspectral imagery
* Spatial-spectral local discriminant projection for dimensionality reduction of hyperspectral image
Includes: He, H.B.[Hai Bo] He, H.B.[Hai-Bo]

He, H.C.[Hong Chang] Co Author Listing * Optimized Object-Based Random Forest Algorithm for Marsh Vegetation Mapping Using High-Spatial-Resolution GF-1 and ZY-3 Data, An
Includes: He, H.C.[Hong Chang] He, H.C.[Hong-Chang]

He, H.D.[Han Dong] Co Author Listing * GIS Application to Regional Geological Structure Relationship Modelling Considering Semantics
Includes: He, H.D.[Han Dong] He, H.D.[Han-Dong]

He, H.G.[Hui Guang] Co Author Listing * Accurate prediction of AD patients using cortical thickness networks
* Adaptive iterative learning control for SISO discrete time-varying systems
* Efficient Graph-Based Spatio-Temporal Indexing Method for Task-Oriented Multi-Modal Scene Data Organization, An
* Human Age Estimation with Surface-Based Features from MRI Images
* Improved MSEL and its medical application
* Improving Image Classification Performance with Automatically Hierarchical Label Clustering
* Multi-modal multiple kernel learning for accurate identification of Tourette syndrome children
* Network-Based Classification Using Cortical Thickness of AD Patients
* new mesh simplification algorithm combining half-edge data structure with modified quadric error metric, A
* Robust Partial Volume Segmentation with Bias Field Correction in Brain MRI
* Semantics-Constrained Advantageous Information Selection of Multimodal Spatiotemporal Data for Landslide Disaster Assessment
* Semi-supervised cross-modal image generation with generative adversarial networks
Includes: He, H.G.[Hui Guang] He, H.G.[Hui-Guang] He, H.G.[Hai-Gang] He, H.G.[Hua-Gui]
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He, H.J.[Hong Jie] Co Author Listing * Color-Direction Patch-Sparsity-Based Image Inpainting Using Multidirection Features
* NDFT-based Audio Watermarking Scheme with High Security
* Restorable Semi-fragile Watermarking Combined DCT with Interpolation, A
* Reversible Data Hiding Scheme in Encrypted-Image Based on Prediction and Compression Coding
* Self-recovery Fragile Watermarking Scheme with Variable Watermark Payload
* Single image rain removal with reusing original input squeeze-and-excitation network
* Wavelet-Based Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Secure Image Authentication, A
Includes: He, H.J.[Hong Jie] He, H.J.[Hong-Jie] He, H.J.[Hai-Jun]
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He, H.L.[Hai Long] Co Author Listing * Determining Regional-Scale Groundwater Recharge with GRACE and GLDAS
* Evaluation of Water Use Efficiency Derived from MODIS Products against Eddy Variance Measurements in China
* Satellite-Based Model for Simulating Ecosystem Respiration in the Tibetan and Inner Mongolian Grasslands, A
* Unsupervised Multi-Domain Image Translation with Domain-Specific Encoders/Decoders
Includes: He, H.L.[Hai Long] He, H.L.[Hai-Long] He, H.L.[Hong-Lin] He, H.L.[Hong-Liang]

He, H.M.[Hai Ming] Co Author Listing * Flow field texture representation-based motion segmentation for crowd counting
* Human motion quality assessment toward sophisticated sports scenes based on deeply-learned 3D CNN model
Includes: He, H.M.[Hai Ming] He, H.M.[Hai-Ming] He, H.M.[Hong-Mei]

He, H.Q.[Hai Qing] Co Author Listing * Building Extraction from UAV Images Jointly Using 6D-SLIC and Multiscale Siamese Convolutional Networks
* Generalized Image Scene Decomposition-Based System for Supervised Classification of Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* Matching of Remote Sensing Images with Complex Background Variations via Siamese Convolutional Neural Network
* Smoke Detection Based on a Semi-supervised Clustering Model
* Tree Height Estimation of Forest Plantation in Mountainous Terrain from Bare-Earth Points Using a DoG-Coupled Radial Basis Function Neural Network
Includes: He, H.Q.[Hai Qing] He, H.Q.[Hai-Qing] He, H.Q.[Hai-Qian]

He, H.S.[Hong S.] Co Author Listing * adequacy of different landscape metrics for various landscape patterns, The
* Bottom-up saliency detection for attention determination
* Climate and Spring Phenology Effects on Autumn Phenology in the Greater Khingan Mountains, Northeastern China
* Evaluating k-Nearest Neighbor (kNN) Imputation Models for Species-Level Aboveground Forest Biomass Mapping in Northeast China
* Geometrically local embedding in manifolds for dimension reduction
* image denoising algorithm for mixed noise combining nonlocal means filter and sparse representation technique, An
* Robust line detection using two-orthogonal direction image scanning
Includes: He, H.S.[Hong S.] He, H.S.[Hong-Sheng] He, H.S.[Hong-Sen]
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He, H.T.[Hui Ting] Co Author Listing * Super-resolution of human face image using canonical correlation analysis
Includes: He, H.T.[Hui Ting] He, H.T.[Hui-Ting]

He, H.X.[Hai Xia] Co Author Listing * Assessing Different Feature Sets' Effects on Land Cover Classification in Complex Surface-Mined Landscapes by ZiYuan-3 Satellite Imagery
* Integrating Global Open Geo-Information for Major Disaster Assessment: A Case Study of the Myanmar Flood
* multiclass TrAdaBoost transfer learning algorithm for the classification of mobile lidar data, A
* Review of Fine-Scale Land Use and Land Cover Classification in Open-Pit Mining Areas by Remote Sensing Techniques, A
Includes: He, H.X.[Hai Xia] He, H.X.[Hai-Xia] He, H.X.[Han-Xian]

He, H.Y.[Hai Yan] Co Author Listing * ART2-based multiple MLPs neural network for speaker-independent recognition of isolated words
* De-striping For Tdiccd Remote Sensing Image Based On Statistical Features Of Histogram
* Learning deep similarity models with focus ranking for fabric image retrieval
* Single Image Super-Resolution Using Gaussian Mixture Model
Includes: He, H.Y.[Hai Yan] He, H.Y.[Hai-Yan] He, H.Y.[Hong-Yan] He, H.Y.[Hua-Yong]

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