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He, D.[Dake] Co Author Listing * Adaptive post-filtering based on Local Binary Patterns
* Channel Measurement, Simulation, and Analysis for High-Speed Railway Communications in 5G Millimeter-Wave Band
* Coal Quality Exploration Technology Based on an Incremental Multilayer Extreme Learning Machine and Remote Sensing Images
* Color Restoration for Full-Waveform Multispectral LiDAR Data
* Design of multi-scale receptive field convolutional neural network for surface inspection of hot rolled steels
* Dynamic Inference: A New Approach Toward Efficient Video Action Recognition
* Efficient Edge Caching for High-quality 360-degree Video Delivery
* Efficient image retrieval in DCT domain by hypothesis testing
* Excess Propagation Loss Modeling of Semiclosed Obstacles for Intelligent Transportation System
* Gaussian learning-based fuzzy predictive cruise control for improving safety and economy of connected vehicles
* H.264 Deblocking Speedup
* High Cognitive Load Assessment in Drivers Through Wireless Electroencephalography and the Validation of a Modified N-Back Task
* Hyperspectral Classification With Noisy Label Detection via Superpixel-to-Pixel Weighting Distance
* Influence of Snow on the Magnitude and Seasonal Variation of the Clumping Index Retrieved from MODIS BRDF Products
* Local Triplet Pattern for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Based Frame Sampling for Effective Untrimmed Video Recognition
* Multiobjective Subpixel Land-Cover Mapping
* Multiple sign bits hiding for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Nonlocal Total Variation Subpixel Mapping for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Video Quality Mapping: Methods and Results
* Potential Investigation of Linking PROSAIL with the Ross-Li BRDF Model for Vegetation Characterization
* Probabilistic guided polycystic ovary syndrome recognition using learned quality kernel
* Progressive pseudo-analog transmission for mobile video live streaming
* Progressive Pseudo-analog Transmission for Mobile Video Streaming
* Remote Sensing Scene Classification Based on Convolutional Neural Networks Pre-Trained Using Attention-Guided Sparse Filters
* Secure and Robust Authentication Scheme for Video Transcoding, A
* Secure collaboration using Slepian-Wolf codes
* Side Information Generation for Distributed Video Coding
* Smart Driver Monitoring: When Signal Processing Meets Human Factors: In the driver's seat
* Solving the Orientation Duality Problem for a Circular Feature in Motion
* Spatial-Adaptive Siamese Residual Network for Multi-/Hyperspectral Classification
* Spatial-Temporal Sub-Pixel Mapping Based on Swarm Intelligence Theory
* Spatiotemporal Subpixel Geographical Evolution Mapping
* Spectral-Spatial-Temporal MAP-Based Sub-Pixel Mapping for Land-Cover Change Detection
* Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of EVI and Its Response to Climatic Factors in Recent 16 years Based on Grey Relational Analysis in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
* TextContourNet: A Flexible and Effective Framework for Improving Scene Text Detection Architecture With a Multi-Task Cascade
* Transform coefficient coding design for AVS2 video coding standard
* Wetland Classification Based on a New Efficient Generative Adversarial Network and Jilin-1 Satellite Image
Includes: He, D.[Dake] He, D. He, D.[Dong] He, D.[Di] He, D.[Dongbiao] He, D.[Daan] He, D.[Defeng] He, D.[Dandan] He, D.[Da] He, D.[Dongyun] He, D.[Dongxu] He, D.[Dan]
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He, D.B.[Dan Bing] Co Author Listing * Classification of hyperspectral images via weighted spatial correlation representation
* Deep feature representation for anti-fraud system
* Hyperspectral anomaly detection via density peak clustering
* Hyperspectral Image Classification with Multi-Scale Feature Extraction
* multi-view object tracking using triplet model, A
* overview of face-related technologies, An
Includes: He, D.B.[Dan Bing] He, D.B.[Dan-Bing]

He, D.C.[Dong Chen] Co Author Listing * Automatic change detection of buildings in urban environment from very high spatial resolution images using existing geodatabase and prior knowledge
* Automatic fuzzy object-based analysis of VHSR images for urban objects extraction
* Detecting Texture Edges from Images
* Hidden Markov fields and unsupervised segmentation of images
* Multiband compact texture unit descriptor for intra-band and inter-band texture analysis
* Rule-Based Classification of a Very High Resolution Image in an Urban Environment Using Multispectral Segmentation Guided by Cartographic Data
* Textural filters based on the texture spectrum
* Texture Classification Using Texture Spectrum
* Texture Discrimination Based on an Optimal Utilization of Texture Features
* Texture Feature Extraction
* Texture Features Based On Texture Spectrum
* Unsupervised Textural Classification of Images Using the Texture Spectrum
* Watershed-based hierarchical SAR image segmentation
Includes: He, D.C.[Dong Chen] He, D.C.[Dong-Chen] He, D.C. He, D.C.[Dong-Chien]
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He, D.F.[Da Fang] Co Author Listing * Aggregating Local Context for Accurate Scene Text Detection
* Bar code enhancement system and method for vision scanners
* Large Scale Scene Text Verification with Guided Attention
* Multi-scale FCN with Cascaded Instance Aware Segmentation for Arbitrary Oriented Word Spotting in the Wild
* Road traffic network state prediction based on a generative adversarial network
Includes: He, D.F.[Da Fang] He, D.F.[Da-Fang] He, D.F.[Duan-Feng] He, D.F.[De-Feng]

He, D.J.[Dong Jian] Co Author Listing * Action snapshot with single pose and viewpoint
* hybrid watermarking scheme for H.264/AVC video, A
* Improved Hybrid Model for Automatic Salient Region Detection, An
* Practical Print-Scan Resilient Watermarking Scheme, A
* RST resilient object-based video watermarking scheme, A
* self-adaptive segmentation method for a point cloud, A
Includes: He, D.J.[Dong Jian] He, D.J.[Dong-Jian] He, D.J.[Da-Jun]

He, D.K.[Da Ke] Co Author Listing * Adaptive quantization with balanced distortion distribution and its application to H.264 intra coding
* low-complexity iterative mode selection algorithm for Wyner-Ziv video compression, A
* Low-complexity rate control in video coding based on bi-geometric transparent composite models
* Rate distortion optimized quantization based on weighted mean squared error for lossy image coding
* Rate-distortion optimal downsampling of H.264 compressed video using full-resolution information
Includes: He, D.K.[Da Ke] He, D.K.[Da-Ke]

He, D.L.[Dong Liang] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Perceptual Extreme Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Structure-Preserving Hybrid Digital-Analog Video Delivery in Wireless Networks
Includes: He, D.L.[Dong Liang] He, D.L.[Dong-Liang]

He, D.M.[Da Ming] Co Author Listing * Changes in the Lake Area of Tonle Sap: Possible Linkage to Runoff Alterations in the Lancang River?
Includes: He, D.M.[Da Ming] He, D.M.[Da-Ming]

He, D.Q.[Da Qing] Co Author Listing * Influences on Query Reformulation in Collaborative Web Search
Includes: He, D.Q.[Da Qing] He, D.Q.[Da-Qing]

He, D.R.[Dong Rui] Co Author Listing * Research on Camera Internal Parameters Self-Calibration Method for Mobile 3D Coordinates Vision Measurement System
Includes: He, D.R.[Dong Rui] He, D.R.[Dong-Rui]

He, D.X.[Dong Xu] Co Author Listing * Continuous Change Detection and Classification Using Hidden Markov Model: A Case Study for Monitoring Urban Encroachment onto Farmland in Beijing
* Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks for Online Disturbance Detection in Satellite Image Time Series
Includes: He, D.X.[Dong Xu] He, D.X.[Dong-Xu]

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