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Halochkin, M.[Maksym] Co Author Listing * Hydrological Modeling for Determining Flooded Land from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images: Case Study at the Dniester River

Haloi, M.[Mrinal] Co Author Listing * Gated Siamese Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for Human Re-identification

Halonen, K.[Kari] Co Author Listing * Architecture for Analog Variable Block-Size Motion Estimation
* CNN-type algorithms for H.264 variable block-size partitioning
* Motion Estimation Computational Complexity Reduction With CNN Shape Segmentation

Haloui, L. Co Author Listing * Minutiae neighborhood validation by Quaternion Zernike Moments forfingerprint matching

Halounova, L. Co Author Listing * Creation Of A Web Map And Mobile Application Based On A Printed Book
* Machine Learning-Based Approach Using Open Data to Estimate PM2.5 over Europe
* Nationwide Hybrid Change Detection Of Buildings
* Open Geospatial System for LUCAS In Situ Data Harmonization and Distribution
* Sentinel-1 Insar Processing Of Corner Reflector Information In The Northern-Bohemian Coal Basin
* Space-Time Machine Learning Models to Analyze COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown Effects on Aerosol Optical Depth over Europe
* Spatially Supported Disaster Management: Introduction to the Special Issue GI for Disaster Management
* Terrasar-x Insar Processing In Northern Bohemian Coal Basin Using Corner Reflectors (preliminary Results)
* Use of Aerial Images for Regular Updates of Buildings in the Fundamental Base of Geographic Data of the Czech Republic
Includes: Halounova, L. Halounová, L. Halounová, L.[Lena] Halounova, L.[Lena]
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