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Ha, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Patch Based Convolutional Neural Network for Robust Dehazing
* Dynamics of Fractional Vegetation Coverage and Its Relationship with Climate and Human Activities in Inner Mongolia, China
* Look-Up Table-Based Ray Integration Framework for 2-D/3-D Forward and Back Projection in X-Ray CT, A
* Maximum a posteriori estimation method for aorta localization and coronary seed identification
* Probabilistic motion pixel detection for the reduction of ghost artifacts in high dynamic range images from multiple exposures
* Silicon-Integrated High-Density Electrocortical Interfaces
* Total Column Ozone Retrieval From the Infrared Measurements of a Geostationary Imager
Includes: Ha, S. Ha, S.[Si] Ha, S.[Seongmin] Ha, S.[Seong]
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Ha, S.A.[Sang An] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Passports Using a Hybrid Intelligent System
Includes: Ha, S.A.[Sang An] Ha, S.A.[Sang-An]

Ha, S.G.[Seung Gyun] Co Author Listing * Harmonic Holes as the Submodules of Brain Network and Network Dissimilarity
Includes: Ha, S.G.[Seung Gyun] Ha, S.G.[Seung-Gyun]

Ha, S.H.[Soon Hoi] Co Author Listing * efficient parallelization technique for x264 encoder on heterogeneous platforms consisting of CPUs and GPUs, An
* Robust Printed Image Watermarking Based on Iterative Halftoning Method, A
Includes: Ha, S.H.[Soon Hoi] Ha, S.H.[Soon-Hoi] Ha, S.H.[Sang-Ho]

Ha, S.J.[Seong Jong] Co Author Listing * Discrimination and description of repetitive patterns for enhancing object recognition performance
* Discrimination and description of repetitive patterns for enhancing the performance of feature-based recognition
* Fast text line extraction in document images
* Image registration by using a descriptor for repetitive patterns
* Pnoramic mosaic system for mobile devices
* Stereo matching using hierarchical belief propagation along ambiguity gradient

Ha, S.V.U.[Synh Viet Uyen] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Guided Image Filtering for Sharpness Enhancement and Noise Reduction
* Change Detection by Training a Triplet Network for Motion Feature Extraction
* High variation removal for background subtraction in traffic surveillance systems
* Local Variance-Based Bilateral Filtering for Artifact-Free Detail- and Edge-Preserving Smoothing, A
* Readjusting Unstable Regions to Improve the Quality of High Accuracy Optical Flow
Includes: Ha, S.V.U.[Synh Viet Uyen] Ha, S.V.U.[Synh Viet-Uyen] Ha, S.V.U.

Ha, S.W.[Seok Wun] Co Author Listing * enhanced SURF algorithm based on new interest point detection procedure and fast computation technique, An
* improved coeff_token variable length decoding mehod for low power design of H.264/AVC CAVLC decoder, An
* Optoelectronic Difference-of-Gaussian Wavelet Transform System
Includes: Ha, S.W.[Seok Wun] Ha, S.W.[Suk Woon] Ha, S.W.

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