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Gul, E. Co Author Listing * Towards Webcam-based Face Direction Tracking To Detect Learners' Attention Within Asynchronous E-learning Environment
Includes: Gul, E. Gül, E. (Maybe also Guel, E.)

Gul, G.[Gokhan] Co Author Listing * novel universal steganalyser design: LogSv, A
* Steganalytic Features for JPEG Compression-Based Perturbed Quantization
* SVD based image manipulation detection
Includes: Gul, G.[Gokhan] Gul, G.

Gul, M.O.[Mustafa Omer] Co Author Listing * @ CREPE: Can Vision-Language Foundation Models Reason Compositionally?
* Measuring Compositional Consistency for Video Question Answering

Gul, M.S.K.[M. Shahzeb Khan] Co Author Listing * Light-Field View Synthesis Using A Convolutional Block Attention Module
* Spatial and Angular Resolution Enhancement of Light Fields Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Stereo Image Compression Using Recurrent Neural Network With A Convolutional Neural Network-Based Occlusion Detection
Includes: Gul, M.S.K.[M. Shahzeb Khan] Gul, M.S.K.

Gul, N.[Nadia] Co Author Listing * Brain tumor classification based on DWT fusion of MRI sequences using convolutional neural network
* Integrated design of deep features fusion for localization and classification of skin cancer
* k nearest neighbour ensemble via extended neighbourhood rule and feature subsets, A
Includes: Gul, N.[Nadia] Gul, N.[Naz]

Gul, S.[Sadia] Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of Contour Lines from Topographic Maps
* Benchmarking Localization for Augmented Reality in Large Scale Environments
* Compressed-Domain Video Object Tracking Using Markov Random Fields with Graph Cuts Optimization
* Expert Sample Consensus Applied To Camera Localization for AR Sports Spectators
* Latency Compensation Through Image Warping For Remote Rendering-Based Volumetric Video Streaming
* Multi-Kernel Prediction Networks for Denoising of Burst Images
Includes: Gul, S.[Sadia] Gul, S.[Shazia] Gül, S.[Serhan] (Maybe also Guel, S.)Gül, S. (Maybe also Guel, S.)

Gul, Y.[Yeliz] Co Author Listing * Breast lesion classification using features fusion and selection of ensemble ResNet method
* Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Through Fuzzy Logic Inference System (FLIS)
Includes: Gul, Y.[Yeliz] Gül, Y.[Yeliz] (Maybe also Guel, Y.)Gul, Y.

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