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Gu, D. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Atmospheric Compensation (AAC) of High Resolution Hyperspectral Thermal Infrared Remote-Sensing Imagery
* Autonomous Optimization of Swimming Gait in a Fish Robot With Multiple Onboard Sensors
* B-Spline Level Set Method for Shape Reconstruction in Electrical Impedance Tomography
* B-Spline-Based Sharp Feature Preserving Shape Reconstruction Approach for Electrical Impedance Tomography
* Brightness Temperature Calculation and Uncertainty Propagation for Conical Microwave Blackbody Targets
* Conformal mapping-based 3D face recognition
* Electromagnetic Design and Performance of a Conical Microwave Blackbody Target for Radiometer Calibration
* Hierarchical Deep Cosegmentation of Primary Objects in Aerial Videos
* Method of Weather Radar Echo Extrapolation Based on Convolutional Neural Networks, A
* Partial Face Biometry Using Shape Decomposition on 2D Conformal Maps of Faces
* ReCoNet: Real-Time Coherent Video Style Transfer Network
* Shape Reconstruction Using Boolean Operations in Electrical Impedance Tomography
* Statistical Approach for Topographic Correction of Satellite Images by Using Spatial Context Information
* Two-Stage Unsupervised Learning Method for Affine and Deformable Medical Image Registration
* VINet: A Visually Interpretable Image Diagnosis Network
* Visual Imaging of Invisible Hazardous Substances Using Bacterial Inspiration
Includes: Gu, D. Gu, D.[David] Gu, D.[Daquan] Gu, D.[Derun]
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Gu, D.B.[Dong Bing] Co Author Listing * Abrupt motion tracking using a visual saliency embedded particle filter
* Bayesian image segmentation based on an inhomogeneous hidden markov random field
* Contour tracking via on-line discriminative active contours
* EM image segmentation algorithm based on an inhomogeneous hidden MRF model
* Game Theory Approach to Target Tracking in Sensor Networks, A
* Hidden markov bayesian texture segmentation using complex wavelet transform
* multiscale edge detection algorithm based on wavelet domain vector hidden Markov tree model, A
* Segmenting similar shapes via weighted group-similarity active contours
* Structural sparse representation-based semi-supervised learning and edge detection proposal for visual tracking
Includes: Gu, D.B.[Dong Bing] Gu, D.B.[Dong-Bing] Gu, D.B.
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Gu, D.G.[Dong Ge] Co Author Listing * Human segmentation based on disparity map and GrabCut
* Local stereo matching with canny segmentation and reliable seed propagation
Includes: Gu, D.G.[Dong Ge] Gu, D.G.[Dong-Ge]

Gu, D.Y.[Duo Yu] Co Author Listing * Automatic Bridge Extraction for Optical Images
* Unsupervised muscle region extraction by fuzzy decision based saliency feature integration on thigh MRI for 3D modeling
Includes: Gu, D.Y.[Duo Yu] Gu, D.Y.[Duo-Yu] Gu, D.Y.[Dong-Yun]

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