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Grewal, M.[Monika] Co Author Listing * Boosted Cascaded Convnets for Multilabel Classification of Thoracic Diseases in Chest Radiographs

Grewatsch, S. Co Author Listing * Sharing of motion vectors in 3D video coding

Grewe, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Active Learning for Imbalanced Civil Infrastructure Data

Grewe, C.M.[Carl Martin] Co Author Listing * Fully Automated and Highly Accurate Dense Correspondence for Facial Surfaces
* Spotting the Details: The Various Facets of Facial Expressions
Includes: Grewe, C.M.[Carl Martin] Grewe, C.M.

Grewe, L.[Lynn] Co Author Listing * email: Grewe, L.[Lynn]: Lynne_Grewe AT monterey edu
* 3D/2D object-based coding of head MRI data
* Building a cyber-physical fall detection system for seniors
* Integration of Geometric and Non-Geometric Attributes for Fast Object Recognition
* Interactive Learning of a Multiple-Attribute Hash Table Classifier for Fast Object Recognition
* Multirate Coding of 3d Medical Data
Includes: Grewe, L.[Lynn] Grewe, L. Grewe, L.[Lynne]

Grewe, L.L. Co Author Listing * Stereo Vision

Grewen, K.[Karen] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Modeling for Image Time Series with Appearance Change: Application to Early Brain Development

Grewenig, S.[Sven] Co Author Listing * Cyclic Schemes for PDE-Based Image Analysis
* From Box Filtering to Fast Explicit Diffusion
* FSI Schemes: Fast Semi-Iterative Solvers for PDEs and Optimisation Methods
* Generalised Nonlocal Image Smoothing
* Rotationally invariant similarity measures for nonlocal image denoising
* Theoretical Foundations of Gaussian Convolution by Extended Box Filtering

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