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Greß, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Knowing What Happened: Automatic Documentation of Image Analysis Processes

Greanias, E.C. Co Author Listing * Online Chinese Character Recognition System, An
* Recognition of Handwritten Numerals by Contour Analysis, The

Greatrex, H.[Helen] Co Author Listing * Use of Remotely Sensed Rainfall for Managing Drought Risk: A Case Study of Weather Index Insurance in Zambia, The

Greatwood, C. Co Author Listing * Visual Localisation and Individual Identification of Holstein Friesian Cattle via Deep Learning

Grebby, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Use of an Object-Based Approach to Lithological Mapping in Vegetated Terrain
* Impact of Vegetation on Lithological Mapping Using Airborne Multispectral Data: A Case Study for the North Troodos Region, Cyprus, The

Grebe Ellis, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Note on the classification of super-resolution in far-field microscopy and information theory
Includes: Grebe Ellis, J.[Johannes] Grebe-Ellis, J.[Johannes]

Grebe, R.[Reinhard] Co Author Listing * Automatic Fontanel Extraction from Newborns' CT Images Using Variational Level Set
* Automatic segmentation of newborns' skull and fontanel from CT data using model-based variational level set

Greblicki, W.[Wlodzimierz] Co Author Listing * Learning to recognize patterns with a probabilistic teacher

Grebner, K. Co Author Listing * Model Based Analysis of Industrial Scenes

Greboge, T.[Thiago] Co Author Listing * PSO Application in Skull Prosthesis Modelling by Superellipse, A

Grechkin, T. Co Author Listing * Paving the way into virtual reality: A transition in five stages

Grechko, E.I.[Eugene I.] Co Author Listing * Severe Wildfires Near Moscow, Russia in 2010: Modeling of Carbon Monoxide Pollution and Comparisons with Observations

Grecicosei, A.M.[Ana Maria] Co Author Listing * Spectral Image Analysis and Visualisation of the Khirbet Qeiyafa Ostracon

Greco, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of long term parked cars
* Counting people by RGB or depth overhead cameras
* Force-Velocity Assessment of Caress-Like Stimuli Through the Electrodermal Activity Processing: Advantages of a Convex Optimization Approach
* Gender Recognition from Face Images Using a Fusion of SVM Classifiers
* Gender recognition from face images with trainable COSFIRE filters
* How the Autonomic Nervous System and Driving Style Change With Incremental Stressing Conditions During Simulated Driving
* Improving Fire Detection Reliability by a Combination of Videoanalytics
* Real Time Fault Detection in Photovoltaic Cells by Cameras on Drones
* Recognizing Emotions Induced by Affective Sounds through Heart Rate Variability
* Smartphone-Based System for Detecting Falls Using Anomaly Detection, A
Includes: Greco, A. Greco, A.[Antonio]
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Greco, B. Co Author Listing * Calibration of the Envisat Radar Altimeter Receiver by a Passive Technique, The

Greco, C. Co Author Listing * end-to-end system for content-based video retrieval using behavior, actions, and appearance with interactive query refinement, An
* Intelligent Video for Protecting Crowded Sports Venues
* Low-Latency Video Streaming With Congestion Control in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
* Multi-view video streaming over wireless networks with RD-optimized scheduling of network coded packets
* On a Hashing-Based Enhancement of Source Separation Algorithms Over Finite Fields With Network Coding Perspectives
* Semantic Web Technologies for Object Tracking and Video Analytics
Includes: Greco, C. Greco, C.[Claudio] Greco, C.[Claudia]

Greco, C.R. Co Author Listing * Objective performance evaluation of a moving object super-resolution system

Greco, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * 360° Tracking Using a Virtual PTZ Camera
* Abnormal Event Recognition: A Hybrid Approach Using SemanticWeb Technologies
* Improving reliability of people tracking by adding semantic reasoning
* Object Recognition and Modeling Using SIFT Features
* Saliency Based Aesthetic Cut of Digital Images
* Views selection for SIFT based object modeling and recognition
* Why You Trust in Visual Saliency
Includes: Greco, L.[Luca] Greco, L.
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Greco, M. Co Author Listing * Stochastic Mixing Model Approach to Sub-Pixel Target Detection in Hyper-Spectral Images, A

Greco, M.S. Co Author Listing * Constrained Misspecified Cramer-Rao Bound, The
* improvement of the state-of-the-art covariance-based methods for statistical anomaly detection algorithms, An
* Performance Bounds for Parameter Estimation under Misspecified Models: Fundamental Findings and Applications
* Statistical Analysis of High-Resolution SAR Ground Clutter Data
Includes: Greco, M.S. Greco, M.S.[Maria S.]

Greco, N. Co Author Listing * Bank-check processing system: modifications due to the new European currency

Greco, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * time series representation model for accurate and fast similarity detection, A

Greco, V. Co Author Listing * On the Edge Location Error for Local Maximum and Zero-Crossing Edge Detectors

Grecos, C. Co Author Listing * Efficient Low-Delay Distributed Video Coding
* Efficient transmission of multiview video over unreliable channels
* Error assisted fast mode decision in the H264 video coding standard
* Fast intra encoding decisions for high efficiency video coding standard
* Flexible distribution of complexity by hybrid predictive-distributed video coding
* Image quality assessment using a rotated Gaussian discrimination function
* improved rate control algorithm based on a novel shot detection scheme for the H.264/AVC standard, An
* Low computational cost improvements of the rate-distortion performance in MPEG-2 rate control
* low cost design of rate controlled JPEG-LS near lossless image compression, A
* On-line improvements of the rate-distortion performance in MPEG-2 rate control
* Robust False Positive Detection for Real-Time Multi-target Tracking
* Special issue on real time biometrics and secure media
* Three novel low complexity scanning orders for MPEG-2 full search motion estimation
Includes: Grecos, C. Grecos, C.[Christos]
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Grecos, G. Co Author Listing * Improvements to the JPEG-LS prediction scheme

Grecova, S.[Svetlana] Co Author Listing * Perceptual similarity between color images using fuzzy metrics

Grecu, H. Co Author Listing * Image Retrieval by Partial Queries
* quick and coarse color image segmentation, A
* Simplification of a Color Image Segmentation Using a Fuzzy Attributed Graph

Grediac, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * Influence of the Analysis Window on the Metrological Performance of the Grid Method
* Measuring the Noise of Digital Imaging Sensors by Stacking Raw Images Affected by Vibrations and Illumination Flickering
* Sensor noise measurement in the presence of a flickering illumination
* Sensor Noise Modeling by Stacking Pseudo-Periodic Grid Images Affected by Vibrations
Includes: Grediac, M.[Michel] Grédiac, M.[Michel]

Greeley, R.[Ronald] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of dust devils and clouds on Mars
* Autonomous Detection of Dust Devils and Clouds on Mars
* Initial Results of Rover Localization and Topographic Mapping for the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover Mission
* SAR image processing using artificial intelligence planning
Includes: Greeley, R.[Ronald] Greeley, R.[Ron] Greeley, R.

Green, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation and Quantification of White and Brown Adipose Tissues from PET/CT Scans
* Involving users in the design of a mobile office robot
* transformation for ordering multispectral data in terms of image quality with implications for noise removal, A

Green, A.A. Co Author Listing * Comparison Between Three Sparse Unmixing Algorithms Using a Large Library of Shortwave Infrared Mineral Spectra, A
* Estimating Band-to-Band Misregistrations in Aliased Imagery

Green, A.C.[Alan C.] Co Author Listing * Optimal Filters with Multiresolution Apertures

Green, A.E. Co Author Listing * Comparison of AdaBoost and Support Vector Machines for Detecting Alzheimer's Disease Through Automated Hippocampal Segmentation
* Physical modeling of nuclear detonations in DIRSIG

Green, A.G. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Magnetic Field and NMR Sensitivity Computations Incorporating Conductivity Anomalies and Variable-Surface Topography

Green, A.R. Co Author Listing * Cluster-based visualisation with scatter matrices

Green, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Embodied Earth: Experiencing natural phenomena
* Estimating Bedding Orientation From High-Resolution Digital Elevation Models
* Visualizing legacy stratigraphic data from archaeological handbooks
Includes: Green, D.[David] Green, D.

Green, D.M. Co Author Listing * Statistical Recognition Functions and the Design of Pattern Recognizers

Green, G.[Gregory] Co Author Listing * Distortion-Invariant Volterra Filters
* Multi-Task Convolutional Neural Network for Patient Detection and Skin Segmentation in Continuous Non-Contact Vital Sign Monitoring
* Non-Contact Monitoring of Respiration in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Includes: Green, G.[Gregory] Green, G.

Green, G.L. Co Author Listing * Machine-Vision System for Iris Recognition, A
* system for automated iris recognition, A

Green, I. Co Author Listing * Acquisition of view-based 3D object models using supervised, unstructured data

Green, I.A. Co Author Listing * Propagating segmented regions during a camera saccade
* Tracking objects using recognition

Green, J. Co Author Listing * advanced distributed region of interest tool, The
* Location and recognition of flashlight projections for visual interfaces
* Super-Resolution in a Synthetic Aperture Imaging System

Green, J.A. Co Author Listing * Optimal Frequency Domain Filter for Edge Detection in Digital Pictures, An

Green, K.[Kass] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Accuracy of Remotely Sensed Data: Principles and Practices
* Generic Recognition of Articulated Objects by Reasoning about Functionality
* Generic Recognition of Articulated Objects Through Reasoning about Potential Function
* Migrating 2 and 3D Datasets: Preserving AutoCAD at the Archaeology Data Service
Includes: Green, K.[Kass] Green, K. Green, K.[Katie]

Green, K.E. Co Author Listing * Gesture Learning Interface for Simulated Robot Path Shaping With a Human Teacher, A

Green, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Image-based Template Generation Of Road Networks For Virtual Maps
* Real and Apparent Motion: One Mechanism or Two?
Includes: Green, M.[Mark] Green, M.

Green, M.B. Co Author Listing * Automatic Eye Detection and Its Validation

Green, M.V. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of 3D Reconstruction Algorithms for a Small Animal PET Camera
* First results from the high-resolution mouseSPECT annular scintillation camera
* head motion measurement system suitable for emission computed tomography, A
* Performance characteristics of the 3-D OSEM algorithm in the reconstruction of small animal PET images

Green, O.[Ole] Co Author Listing * Soil Surface Roughness Using Cumulated Gaussian Curvature

Green, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * 4D Frequency Analysis of Computational Cameras for Depth of Field Extension
* Camera intrinsic blur kernel estimation: A reliable framework
* Image Deconvolution Ringing Artifact Detection and Removal via PSF Frequency Analysis
* Parallel Chains, Delayed Rejection and Reversible Jump MCMC for Object Recognition
* Perceptually Relevant Pattern Recognition Applied to Cork Quality Detection
Includes: Green, P.[Paul] Green, P. Green, P.[Patrick]

Green, P.D. Co Author Listing * Hemispherical-Directional Reflectance (HDRF) of Windblown Snow-Covered Arctic Tundra at Large Solar Zenith Angles

Green, P.J. Co Author Listing * Boundary Detection through Dynamic Polygons
* Constructing the Convex Hull of a Set of Points in the Plane
* Evaluation of the Colorimetric Performance of Single-Sensor Image Acquisition Systems Employing Colour and Multispectral Filter Array
Includes: Green, P.J. Green, P.J.[Philip J.]

Green, P.R.[Patrick R.] Co Author Listing * Behavioural Analysis with Movement Cluster Model for Concurrent Actions
* Human activity recognition with action primitives
* multistage filtering technique to detect hazards on the ground plane, A
* Tracking periodic motion using Bayesian estimation
* Tracking With a Hierarchical Partitioned Particle Filter and Movement Modelling
Includes: Green, P.R.[Patrick R.] Green, P.R.

Green, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Green, R.[Richard]: richard green AT canterbury ac nz
* 3D natural hand interaction for AR applications
* accurate Harmony Search based algorithm for the blind deconvolution of binary images, An
* Adaptive human silhouette extraction with chromatic distortion and contour tracking
* Application of tabu search optimization in realtime video tracking
* Bag-of-Words Speedometer for single camera SLAM, A
* Chess move tracking using overhead RGB webcam
* Classifying Airborne Particles
* Cloud Haskell: First impressions and applications to processing large image datasets
* Correcting Scale Drift by Object Recognition in Single-Camera SLAM
* Creating a view dependent rendering system for mainstream use
* Decision-Theoretic Formulation for Sparse Stereo Correspondence Problems, A
* Depth correction: Methods for approximating depth information in web camera depth maps
* Design and Calibration of Multi-camera Systems for 3D Computer Vision: Lessons Learnt from Two Case Studies
* Detecting structured light patterns in colour images using a support vector machine
* Detecting wires in the canopy of grapevines using neural networks: A robust and heuristic free approach
* Directed correspondence search: Finding feature correspondences in images using the Harmony Search algorithm
* Embedded computer vision framework on a multimedia processor
* Enhanced real time facial detection and replacement using GPGPU
* Evaluation of real time stereo vision system using web cameras
* Extraction of utility poles in LIDAR scans using cross-sectional slices
* Fast RANSAC Hypothesis Generation for Essential Matrix Estimation
* Geolocation on the iPhone by automatic street sign reading
* Ground-plane detection using stereo depth values for wheelchair guidance
* Harmony Filter: A robust visual tracking system using the improved harmony search algorithm
* Human motion capture and representation 3-D avatar interaction
* Improving pedestrian detection
* Key detection for a virtual piano teacher
* Layout analysis of book pages
* Nano-scale particle classification using image histogram maximum value index of Rayleigh scattered images
* New Conditional Sampling Strategies for Speeded-up Ransac
* Novel methods for reflective symmetry detection in scanned 3D models
* Obstacle avoidance on a mobile inverted pendulum robot
* Optimising Light Source Positions to Minimise Illumination Variation for 3D Vision
* Particle Detection and Classification in Photoelectric Smoke Detectors Using Image Histogram Features
* Real-time aerial image mosaicing
* Real-time texture boundary detection from ridges in the standard deviation space
* Retrieval of guitarist fingering information using computer vision
* Robust upper limb tracking for large interactive displays
* role of focus in object instance recognition, The
* sequential Monte Carlo method for particle filters, A
* silhouette based technique for locating and rendering foot movements over a plane, A
* Smart wheelchair guidance using optical flow
* Spatially and Temporally Segmenting Movement to Recognize Actions
* Speeded-up Bag-of-Words algorithm for robot localisation through scene recognition
* Texture-suppressing edge detection in real-time
* Transform flow: A mobile augmented reality visualisation and evaluation toolkit
* Vision-based autonomous navigation in indoor environments
* Visual tracking using the harmony search algorithm
Includes: Green, R.[Richard] Green, R.
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Green, R.A.[Roger A.] Co Author Listing * Essentials of Digital Signal Processing

Green, R.D. Co Author Listing * Continuous human activity recognition
* Defining a geometric probability measure in correspondence problems for branched structures
* Finding a vine's structure by bottom-up parsing of cane edges
* Hidden Markov Model for modeling and extracting vine structure in images, A
* High-accuracy fiducial markers for ground truth
* HLS Distorted colour model for enhanced colour image segmentation
* Optical-Flow Perspective Invariant Registration
* Perspective correction for improved visual registration using natural features
* Quantifying and Recognizing Human Movement Patterns From Monocular Video Images: Part I: A New Framework for Modeling Human Motion
* Quantifying and Recognizing Human Movement Patterns From Monocular Video Images: Part II: Applications to Biometrics
* Split-and-merge EM for vine image segmentation
Includes: Green, R.D. Green, R.D.[Richard D.]
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Green, R.J. Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Classification Using a Hexagonal Fast Fourier-Transform
* Parallel quadtree representation and moment invariants computation of binary image for hierarchical matching on pyramid machine
* Recognition and Velocity Computation of Large Moving Objects in Images
* Recognition Of Handwritten Cursive Arabic Characters
* Skeletonization of Arabic Characters Using Clustering Based Skeletonization Algorithm (CBSA)

Green, R.N. Co Author Listing * Satellite-Observed Location of Stratocumulus Cloud-Top Heights in the Presence of Strong Inversions

Green, R.O. Co Author Listing * Imaging Spectroscopy and the Airborne Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS)
* On-Orbit Radiometric and Spectral Calibration Characteristics of EO-1 Hyperion Derived with an Underflight of AVIRIS and in Situ Measurements at Salar de Arizaro, Argentina
* Rapid Spectral Cloud Screening Onboard Aircraft and Spacecraft
* Real-Time Atmospheric Correction of AVIRIS-NG Imagery

Green, R.R.[Richard R.] Co Author Listing * Television picture stabilizing system

Green, R.W.[Robert W.] Co Author Listing * Symmetric-key block cipher for image and text cryptography

Green, S. Co Author Listing * Assessing the Geographic Representativity of Farm Accountancy Data

Green, S.A.[Sarah A.] Co Author Listing * Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and Multispectral Scanner (MS

Green, W.B. Co Author Listing * Digital Image Processing: A Systems Approach

Green, W.D.K. Co Author Listing * Feature Space for Edgels in Images with Landmarks, A

Greenall, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Temporal Structure Models for Event Recognition

Greenaway, A.[Alan] Co Author Listing * 2D+T Feature-preserving Non-local Means Filter for Image Denoising and Improved Detection of Small and Weak Particles, A

Greenbaum, G.S. Co Author Listing * Video coding for streaming media delivery on the internet

Greenberg, D.P. Co Author Listing * Back-Buffer Algorithm: An Extension of the Radiosity Method to Dynamic Environments, The
* Determining a Set of B-Spline Control Vertices to Generate an Interpolating Surface
* framework for realistic image synthesis, A
* Intersection of Parametric Surfaces by Means of Look-Up Tables
* Progressive Refinement Approach to Fast Radiosity Image Generation, A
* Radiosity: A Method for Computing Global Illumination
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction and Volume Rendering of Intravascular Ultrasound Slices Imaged on a Curved Arterial Path
Includes: Greenberg, D.P. Greenberg, D.P.[Donald P.]
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Greenberg, H.M.[Harvey M.] Co Author Listing * Determination of Areas Susceptible to Landsliding Using Spatial Patterns of Rainfall from Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission Data, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Greenberg, J. Co Author Listing * Motion Estimation Algorithms for Video Compression
* Signal Recovery and System Calibration from Multiple Compressive Poisson Measurements
Includes: Greenberg, J. Greenberg, J.[Joel]

Greenberg, J.A. Co Author Listing * On the Feasibility of Characterizing Soil Properties From AVIRIS Data

Greenberg, N.L.[Neil L.] Co Author Listing * Compression of pre-scan-converted echocardiographic video using wavelet packet and integer wavelet transforms

Greenberg, R. Co Author Listing * Image Processing for Teaching: a national dissemination program

Greenberg, S.[Shlomo] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Image Enhancement using Filtering Techniques
* Improved structure-adaptive anisotropic filter
* TIGGER: A Texture-Illumination Guided Global Energy Response Model for Illumination Robust Object Saliency
Includes: Greenberg, S.[Shlomo] Greenberg, S.

Greenberg, S.D. Co Author Listing * Development of a mathematical model to analyze color and density as discriminant features for pulmonary squamous epithelial cells

Greenblatt, N.A. Co Author Listing * Self-driving cars and the law

Greene, C.[Clint] Co Author Listing * Surface-Based Imaging Methods for High-Resolution Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Greene, D. Co Author Listing * Efficient Computational Architecture for a Collision Early-Warning System for Vehicles, Pedestrians, and Bicyclists, An
* linear algorithm for optimal context clustering with application to bi-level image coding, A

Greene, D.H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive stack algorithm in document image decoding

Greene, D.J. Co Author Listing * MM-Based Algorithm for L_1 -Regularized Least-Squares Estimation With an Application to Ground Penetrating Radar Image Reconstruction, An

Greene, E.[Ernest] Co Author Listing * Optical image encoding and comparing using scan autocorrelation

Greene, H.A.[Henry A.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for measuring range by use of multiple range baselines

Greene, W.N. Co Author Listing * FLaME: Fast Lightweight Mesh Estimation Using Variational Smoothing on Delaunay Graphs

Greenemeier, L.[Larry] Co Author Listing * Kids Take Their Best Shot (and Learn about Electronics in the Process)

Greenfeld, J.[Joshua] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Accuracy of Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles (DOQ) in the Context of Parcel-Based GIS

Greenfield, J.D.[James David] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for color component compression

Greenfield, R. Co Author Listing * Wetland Assessment Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Photogrammetry

Greengard, L. Co Author Listing * Fast Direct Methods for Gaussian Processes
* High Resolution Inverse Scattering in Two Dimensions Using Recursive Linearization
* Inverse Obstacle Scattering in Two Dimensions with Multiple Frequency Data and Multiple Angles of Incidence
* Rapid Solution of the Cryo-EM Reconstruction Problem by Frequency Marching
Includes: Greengard, L. Greengard, L.[Leslie]

Greengard, S.[Samuel] Co Author Listing * Computational Photography Comes into Focus
* GPUs Reshape Computing
* It's All About Image
* Seeing the Big Picture

Greenhalgh, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Optimal Filters with Multiresolution Apertures

Greenhalgh, J. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Detection and Recognition of Road Traffic Signs
* Recognizing Text-Based Traffic Signs

Greenhalgh, S.A. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Magnetic Field and NMR Sensitivity Computations Incorporating Conductivity Anomalies and Variable-Surface Topography

Greenheck, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * SculptUp: A rapid, immersive 3D modeling environment

Greenhill, D. Co Author Listing * Efficient PDM Shape Fitting Using the Kalman Filter
* Scalespace Approach to Shape Similarity, A
* Texture Analysis Using Neural Networks and Mode Filters

Greenhill, D.R.[Darrel R.] Co Author Listing * email: Greenhill, D.R.[Darrel R.]: D Greenhill AT kingston ac uk
* Adaptive eigen-backgrounds for object detection
* Analysing interferometric images using the Hough transform
* Automatic Analysis of Young's Fringes
* Characterization of suburban areas for land use planning using landscape ecological indicators derived from Ikonos-2 multispectral imagery
* Creating Virtual Scenes Using Active Contours and Global Motion Estimation
* Learning the Semantic Landscape: Embedding scene knowledge in object tracking
* Modelling Profiles with a Mixture of Gaussians
* multi-agent framework for visual surveillance, A
* Occlusion Analysis: Learning and Utilising Depth Maps in Object Tracking
* Recovering Very Large Visual Motion Fields
* Segmenting Film Sequences Using Active Surfaces
Includes: Greenhill, D.R.[Darrel R.] Greenhill, D.R.
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Greening, A.B. Co Author Listing * Stereoscopic viewing system using a two dimensional lens system

Greenleaf, J.F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive speckle reduction filter for log-compressed B-scan images
* Chirp Imaging Vibro-Acoustography for Removing the Ultrasound Standing Wave Artifact
* Comb-Push Ultrasound Shear Elastography (CUSE) for Evaluation of Thyroid Nodules: Preliminary In Vivo Results
* Comb-Push Ultrasound Shear Elastography (CUSE) With Various Ultrasound Push Beams
* Comb-Push Ultrasound Shear Elastography (CUSE): A Novel Method for Two-Dimensional Shear Elasticity Imaging of Soft Tissues
* Detection of Blood Perfusion
* External Vibration Multi-Directional Ultrasound Shearwave Elastography (EVMUSE): Application in Liver Fibrosis Staging
* Imaging elastic properties of biological tissues by low-frequency harmonic vibration
* Imaging Mass Lesions by Vibro-Acoustography: Modeling and Experiments
* Improved Shear Wave Motion Detection Using Pulse-Inversion Harmonic Imaging With a Phased Array Transducer
* Local wavelength estimation for magnetic resonance elastography
* Measurement of Viscoelastic Properties of In Vivo Swine Myocardium Using Lamb Wave Dispersion Ultrasound Vibrometry (LDUV)
* Multifrequency Vibro-Acoustography
* Performance of Vibro-Acoustography in Detecting Microcalcifications in Excised Human Breast Tissue: A Study of 74 Tissue Samples
* Probe Oscillation Shear Elastography (PROSE): A High Frame-Rate Method for Two-Dimensional Ultrasound Shear Wave Elastography
* Use of Gray Value Distribution of Run Lengths for Texture Analysis
* Vibration Mode Imaging
* Vibro-acoustic tissue mammography
Includes: Greenleaf, J.F. Greenleaf, J.F.[James F.]
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Greenshields, I.R. Co Author Listing * Coherent computation of the multispectral maximal directional derivative
* Fast Wavelet Based Karhunen Loeve Transform, A
* Nonlocal Maximum Likelihood Estimation Method for Rician Noise Reduction in MR Images, A

Greensite, F. Co Author Listing * Measure theoretic imaging, with an example employing magnetic resonance input

Greensky, J.B.S.G.[James B. S. G.] Co Author Listing * Ubiquitous Interactive Visualization of 3-D Mantle Convection through Web Applications Using Java

Greenspan, H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Mean-Shift Framework for MRI Brain Segmentation, An
* agglomerative segmentation framework for non-convex regions within uterine cervix images, An
* Automated and Interactive Lesion Detection and Segmentation in Uterine Cervix Images
* Automatic Detection of Anatomical Landmarks in Uterine Cervix Images
* Automatic Identification of Bacterial Types Using Statistical Imaging Methods
* Blobworld: Image Segmentation Using Expectation-Maximization and Its Application to Image Querying
* Can Born Approximate the Unborn? A New Validity Criterion for the Born Approximation in Microscopic Imaging
* Classification trees for fast segmentation of DTI brain fiber tracts
* Color- and Texture-Based Image Segmentation Using the Expectation-Maximization Algorithm and its Application to Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Constrained Gaussian mixture model framework for automatic segmentation of MR brain images
* Context-based image modelling
* Context-Based Segmentation of Image Sequences
* Context-dependent segmentation and matching in image databases
* Continuous Probabilistic Framework for Image Matching, A
* efficient image similarity measure based on approximations of KL-divergence between two gaussian mixtures, An
* Evaluation of center-line extraction algorithms in quantitative coronary angiography
* Finding Objects in Image Databases by Grouping
* Finding Pictures of Objects in Large Collections of Images
* Guest Editorial Deep Learning in Medical Imaging: Overview and Future Promise of an Exciting New Technique
* Illumination Correction for Content Analysis in Uterine Cervix Images
* Learning Texture-Discrimination Rules in a Multiresolution System
* Mixture model for face-color modeling and segmentation
* Multi-View Probabilistic Classification of Breast Microcalcifications
* Optimal Reduced Representation of a MoG with Applicatios to Medical Image Database Classification, An
* Probabilistic Framework for Spatio-Temporal Video Representation & Indexing, A
* Probabilistic models for generating, modelling and matching image categories
* Probabilistic Space-Time Video Modeling via Piecewise GMM
* Projection-Based Approach to Image Analysis: Pattern Recognition and Representation in the Position-Orientation Space
* Pyramid Histograms of Motion Context with Application to Angiogram Video Classification
* Region correspondence for image matching via EMD flow
* Region-Based Image Querying
* Rotation invariant texture recognition using a steerable pyramid
* Shape-based similarity retrieval of Doppler images for clinical decision support
* Supervised Framework for the Registration and Segmentation of White Matter Fiber Tracts, A
* X-ray Categorization and Retrieval on the Organ and Pathology Level, Using Patch-Based Visual Words
Includes: Greenspan, H. Greenspan, H.[Hayit]
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Greenspan, H.K.[Hayit K.] Co Author Listing * Applying the information bottleneck principle to unsupervised clustering of discrete and continuous image representations
* Co-registration of White Matter Tractographies by Adaptive-Mean-Shift and Gaussian Mixture Modeling
* Combining Region and Edge Cues for Image Segmentation in a Probabilistic Gaussian Mixture Framework
* Image enhancement by non-linear extrapolation in frequency space
* Image Enhancement By Nonlinear Extrapolation in Frequency Space
* Nonlinear edge enhancement
* Overcomplete Steerable Pyramid Filters and Rotation Invariance
* Simplifying Mixture Models Using the Unscented Transform
* Unsupervised Image Clustering Using the Information Bottleneck Method
* Unsupervised Image-Set Clustering Using an Information Theoretic Framework
Includes: Greenspan, H.K.[Hayit K.] Greenspan, H.K.
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Greenspan, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Object Recognition by Surface Registration of Interest Segments
* Adaptive Learning Rate Method for Improving Adaptability of Background Models, An
* Approximate K-D tree search for efficient ICP
* Automatic Rail Extraction in Terrestrial and Airborne LiDAR Data
* Automatic Registration for Model Building using Variable Dimensional Local Shape Descriptors
* Color Indexing by Nonparametric Statistics
* Determining Shot Accuracy of a Robotic Pool System
* Difference of Normals as a Multi-scale Operator in Unorganized Point Clouds
* Discrete pose space estimation to improve ICP-based tracking
* Efficient and reliable template set matching for 3D object recognition
* Efficient Tracking with the Bounded Hough Transform
* Eigenbackground Bootstrapping
* Estimation/Correction Algorithm for Detecting Bone Edges in CT Images, An
* Eye-In-Hand Visual Servoing for Accurate Shooting in Pool Robotics
* Generalized 4-Points Congruent Sets for 3D Registration
* Image Retrieval Using Landmark Indexing for Indoor Navigation
* Local Potential Well Space Embedding
* Local shape descriptor selection for object recognition in range data
* Model-based segmentation and recognition of dynamic gestures in continuous video streams
* Model-Based Tracking by Classification in a Tiny Discrete Pose Space
* Multi-Scale Gesture Recognition from Time-Varying Contours
* nearest neighbor method for efficient ICP, A
* Nonparametric on-line background generation for surveillance video
* Object Class Recognition in Mobile Urban Lidar Data Using Global Shape Descriptors
* On the Repeatability of 3D Point Cloud Segmentation Based on Interest Points
* parallel iterative closest point algorithm, The
* Pose Determination by Potential Well Space Embedding
* Probabilistic shape parsing for view-based object recognition
* Projector optical distortion calibration using Gray code patterns
* Real-time Object Recognition in Sparse Range Images Using Error Surface Embedding
* Registration of Noisy Point Clouds Using Virtual Interest Points
* Scene Dynamics Estimation for Parameter Adjustment of Gaussian Mixture Models
* Segmentation and Recognition of Continuous Gestures
* Shape matching of repeatable interest segments in 3D point clouds
* Urban Scene Extraction from Mobile Ground Based LiDAR Data
* Validation of bone segmentation and improved 3-D registration using contour coherency in CT data
* Variable Dimensional Local Shape Descriptors for Object Recognition in Range Data
* Variable Homography Compensation of Parallax Along Mosaic Seams
Includes: Greenspan, M. Greenspan, M.[Michael]
38 for Greenspan, M.

Greenspan, M.A. Co Author Listing * automation system for industrial 3-D laser digitizing, An
* Geometric Probing for 3D Object Recognition in Dense Range Data
* Geometric Probing of Dense Range Data
* high speed iterative closest point tracker on an FPGA platform, A
* Sample Tree: A Sequential Hypothesis Testing Approach to 3D Object Recognition, The
* System for determining the pose of an object which utilizes range profiles and synethic profiles derived from a model
Includes: Greenspan, M.A. Greenspan, M.A.[Michael A.]

Greenwald, S.H.[Scott H.] Co Author Listing * Cone-isolating ON-OFF electroretinogram for studying chromatic pathways in the retina

Greenway, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * Practical First-Difference Edge Detection with Subpixel Accuracy
* ROC Method for the Evaluation of Multi-class Segmentation/Classification Algorithms with Infrared Imagery
Includes: Greenway, P.[Philip] Greenway, P.

Greenwell, C.[Connor] Co Author Listing * DEEPFOCAL: A method for direct focal length estimation
* fast method for estimating transient scene attributes, A
* Large-scale geo-facial image analysis

Greenwood, A.K.[Anna K.] Co Author Listing * Automated quantification of the schooling behaviour of sticklebacks

Greenwood, B.[Barry] Co Author Listing * Real-time automated visual inspection system for contaminant removal from wool

Greenwood, D. Co Author Listing * Extraction and Classification of Diving Clips from Continuous Video Footage

Greenwood, D.P. Co Author Listing * Optical Techniques for Detecting and Identifying Biological-Warfare Agents

Greenwood, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Recovery of Slice Rotations with the Stack Alignment Transform in Cardiac MR Series

Greer, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Adaptive motion synthesis for virtual characters: a survey

Greer, D.G. Co Author Listing * Investigation of Fish-Eye Lenses for Small-UAV Aerial Photography

Greer, D.R. Co Author Listing * Maximum-Likelihood Multiresolution Laser-Radar Range Imaging

Greer, D.S. Co Author Listing * Confluence of Computer Vision and Interactive Graphics for Augmented Reality
* Image retrieval and classification using associative reciprocal-image attractors
Includes: Greer, D.S. Greer, D.S.[Douglas S.]

Greer, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Compressive spectral imaging for accurate remote sensing
* Distributed adaptive spectral and spatial sensor fusion for super-resolution classification
Includes: Greer, J.[John] Greer, J.

Greer, J.B.[John B.] Co Author Listing * Discriminative sparse representations in hyperspectral imagery
* Learning Discriminative Sparse Representations for Modeling, Source Separation, and Mapping of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Sparse Demixing of Hyperspectral Images
Includes: Greer, J.B.[John B.] Greer, J.B.

Greer, K.L. Co Author Listing * Analytic determination of the pinhole collimator's point-spread function and RMS resolution with penetration
* Determination of Mechanical and Electronic Shifts for Pinhole SPECT Using a Single Point Source

Greer, P.B. Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of the Prostate in 3D Magnetic Resonance Images Using Case Specific Deformable Models
* Fast Multiatlas Selection Using Composition of Transformations for Radiation Therapy Planning
* Patient Specific Prostate Segmentation in 3-D Magnetic Resonance Images
Includes: Greer, P.B. Greer, P.B.[Peter B.]

Greer, T.[Trey] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Histogram Equalization and Its Variations

Grefenstette, G.[Gregory] Co Author Listing * Deriving a Priori Co-occurrence Probability Estimates for Object Recognition from Social Networks and Text Processing
* Social media driven image retrieval

Greff, M.[Myriam] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Interactive Path Extraction with on-the-Fly Adaptation of the External Forces

Gregersen, K.M.[Kristian Murphy] Co Author Listing * Traveling Optical Scanner: Case Study on 3D Shape Models of Ancient Brazilian Skulls, The

Gregg, J. Co Author Listing * Documentation and dissemination of the sculptural elements of Canada's Parliamentary Buildings: Methodology development and evolution, a case study
* Documentation for Emergency Stabilization and the Integrated Conservation Planning of Earthen Architecture Settlements: The Kasbah of Taourirt (Ouarzazate, Morocco)

Gregg, N.[Nicholas] Co Author Listing * Content-based image retrieval: An application to tattoo images

Gregg, W.W.[Watson W.] Co Author Listing * Interannual Variation in Phytoplankton Primary Production at A Global Scale

Greggio, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation for Robots: Fast Self-adapting Gaussian Mixture Model

Gregoire, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Intersection Management systems: criteria, implementation and evaluation
* State-Driven Priority Scheduling Mechanisms for Driverless Vehicles Approaching Intersections
Includes: Gregoire, J.[Jean] Grégoire, J.[Jean] Gregoire, J.

Gregoire, J.M. Co Author Listing * algorithm for mapping burnt areas in Australia using SPOT-VEGETATION data, An
* framework of perceptual features for the characterisation of 3D textured images, A
* Human Understandable Features for Segmentation of Solid Texture
Includes: Gregoire, J.M. Gregoire, J.M.[Jean-Marc]

Gregoire, M.C. Co Author Listing * Iterative crystal efficiency calculation in fully 3-D PET
* OSSI-PET: Open-Access Database of Simulated 11C Raclopride Scans for the Inveon Preclinical PET Scanner: Application to the Optimization of Reconstruction Methods for Dynamic Studies
Includes: Gregoire, M.C. Grégoire, M.C.

Gregoire, T.[Tristan] Co Author Listing * Discrete Anisotropic Radiative Transfer (DART 5) for Modeling Airborne and Satellite Spectroradiometer and LIDAR Acquisitions of Natural and Urban Landscapes

Gregoire, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Edge-Preserving Filtering of Images with Low Photon Counts
Includes: Gregoire, V.[Vincent] Grégoire, V.[Vincent]

Gregor, J. Co Author Listing * Computational Analysis and Improvement of SIRT
* Conebeam x-ray computed tomography with an offset detector array
* Dynamic programming alignment of sequences representing cyclic patterns
* Efficient Dynamic-Programming Alignment of Cyclic Strings by Shift Elimination
* Equilateral Polygon Approximation of Closed Contours
* Fast Feldkamp reconstruction based on focus of attention and distributed computing
* focus-of-attention preprocessing scheme for EM-ML PET reconstruction, A
* Hybrid pattern recognition using Markov networks
* Image-Based Informatics for Preclinical Biomedical Research
* Indoor Scene Reconstruction from Sets of Noisy Range Images
* Maximum-Likelihood Surface Estimator for Dense Range Data, A
* Probabilistic suffix models for API sequence analysis of Windows XP applications
* Three-dimensional support function estimation and application for projection magnetic resonance imaging
* Total Variation for the Removal of Blocking Effects in DCT Based Encoding
Includes: Gregor, J. Gregor, J.[Jens]
14 for Gregor, J.

Gregor, K.[Karol] Co Author Listing * Fast Approximations to Structured Sparse Coding and Applications to Object Classification
* Tracking Indistinguishable Translucent Objects over Time Using Weakly Supervised Structured Learning
Includes: Gregor, K.[Karol] Gregor, K.[Konstantin]

Gregor, R. Co Author Listing * EMS-Vision: A Perceptual System for Autonomous Vehicles
* EMS-Vision: Mission Performance on Road Networks
* Vision System for Autonomous Ground Vehicles With a Wide Range of Maneuvering Capabilities, A

Gregorcic, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Automating shockwave segmentation in low-contrast coherent shadowgraphy

Gregoretti, F. Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Special-Purpose Architectures for Real-Time Imaging, Part 3
* PAPRICA-3: a real-time morphological image processor
* Special Issue on Special Purpose Architectures for Real Time Imaging: II

Gregori, E. Co Author Listing * Bandwidth Allocation for the Transmission of Scalable MPEG Video Traffic with Deterministic Guarantees

Gregori, M. Co Author Listing * Autonomous plant inspection and anomaly detection

Gregori, V.[Valentin] Co Author Listing * Fast detection and removal of impulsive noise using peer groups and fuzzy metrics
* fast impulsive noise color image filter using fuzzy metrics, A
* Fuzzy Bilateral Filtering for Color Images
* Fuzzy Peer Groups for Reducing Mixed Gaussian-Impulse Noise From Color Images
* Isolating impulsive noise pixels in color images by peer group techniques
* New Fuzzy Color Correlated Impulse Noise Reduction Method, A
* New Method for Fast Detection and Removal of Impulsive Noise Using Fuzzy Metrics
* New Vector Median Filter Based on Fuzzy Metrics, A
* Soft-Switching Approach to Improve Visual Quality of Colour Image Smoothing Filters, A
* Some improvements for image filtering using peer group techniques
* Two-step fuzzy logic-based method for impulse noise detection in colour images
Includes: Gregori, V.[Valentin] Gregori, V.[Valentín] Gregori, V.
11 for Gregori, V.

Gregoriades, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Distribution of Cultural Content through Exploitation of Cryptographic Algorithms and Hardware Identification

Gregorich, D.T. Co Author Listing * Verification of AIRS boresight accuracy using coastline detection

Gregorio, D.D. Co Author Listing * SkiMap++: Real-Time Mapping and Object Recognition for Robotics

Gregoriou, G.K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive segmentation of images of objects with smooth surfaces
* hierarchical model-based framework for segmenting embedded fluorescence biological targets, A
* Restoration of noisy regions modeled by noncausal Markov random fields of unknown parameters

Gregory, B. Co Author Listing * DARPA grand challenge: Development of an Autonomous Vehicle, The

Gregory, C.D. Co Author Listing * Toward a neuroscope: a real-time imaging system for evaluation of brain function

Gregory, D. Co Author Listing * Optical Recognition of Phase-Encrypted Biometrics

Gregory, D.A. Co Author Listing * Optical-Pattern Recognition: Architectures and Techniques

Gregory, D.J. Co Author Listing * Development of Tools and Techniques to Survey, Assess, Stabilise, Monitor and Preserve Underwater Archaeological Sites: SASMAP
* Recovery of Fragile Objects from Underwater Archaeological Excavations: New Materials and Techniques by SASMAP Project
Includes: Gregory, D.J. Gregory, D.J.[David John]

Gregory, H.S.[H. Scott] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for performing color transformations using a reference image combined with a color tracer
Includes: Gregory, H.S.[H. Scott] Gregory, Jr., H.S.[H. Scott]

Gregory, I.N.[Ian N.] Co Author Listing * Tracking in cluttered images

Gregory, J.A.[John A.] Co Author Listing * C1 Triangular Interpolation Patch for Computer-Aided Geometric Design, A

Gregory, L. Co Author Listing * Using a pictorial dictionary as a high level user interface for visual information retrieval
* Using contextual information for image retrieval

Gregson, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Stochastic Blind Motion Deblurring
* Stochastic Deconvolution

Gregson, P.H.[Peter H.] Co Author Listing * New Numerical Scheme for Anisotropic Diffusion, A
* Organ motion detection in CT images using opposite rays in fan-beam projection systems
* Selecting and Assessing Quantitative Early Ultrasound Texture Measures for Their Association With Cerebral Palsy
* Using Angular Dispersion of Gradient Direction for Detecting Edge Ribbons
Includes: Gregson, P.H.[Peter H.] Gregson, P.H.

Gregusml, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the correlation properties of QOCCC
Includes: Gregusml, M. Gregušml, M.

Greguss, P. Co Author Listing * Humanoid Machine Vision System and GPS
* Panoramic Imaging Block for Three-Dimensional Space

Greicius, M. Co Author Listing * Transport on Riemannian Manifold for Connectivity-Based Brain Decoding

Greidanus, H. Co Author Listing * Building Height Retrieval From VHR SAR Imagery Based on an Iterative Simulation and Matching Technique
* Mass Processing of Sentinel-1 Images for Maritime Surveillance
* SAR Image Quality Assessment and Indicators for Vessel and Oil Spill Detection
* SUMO Ship Detector Algorithm for Satellite Radar Images, The
Includes: Greidanus, H. Greidanus, H.[Harm]

Greif, C. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous registration and activation detection for fMRI

Greif, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Comparing Local Feature Descriptors in pLSA-Based Image Models

Greifeneder, F. Co Author Listing * Alpine algorithms-time series of innovative remote sensing products for Alpine areas: Snow cover leaf area index and soil moisture
* Review of Machine Learning Approaches for Biomass and Soil Moisture Retrievals from Remote Sensing Data
* Soil Moisture Estimation by SAR in Alpine Fields Using Gaussian Process Regressor Trained by Model Simulations
Includes: Greifeneder, F. Greifeneder, F.[Felix]

Greiffenhagen, M. Co Author Listing * Design, analysis, and engineering of video monitoring systems: An approach and a case study
* Indoor Monitoring Via the Collaboration Between a Peripheral Sensor and a Foveal Sensor
* Statistical Modeling and Performance Characterization of a Real-Time Dual Camera Surveillance System
* Systematic Design and Analysis Cycle of a Vision System: A Case Study in Video Surveillance, The
Includes: Greiffenhagen, M. Greiffenhagen, M.[Michael]

Greig, A.[Alistair] Co Author Listing * EM / E-MRF Strategy for Underwater Navigation, An
* EM/E-MRF algorithm for adaptive model based tracking in extremely poor visibility, An
* Measuring Complete Ground-Truth Data and Error Estimates for Real Video Sequences, for Performance Evaluation of Tracking, Camera Pose and Motion Estimation Algorithms
* Video with Ground-Truth for Validation of Visual Registration, Tracking and Navigation Algorithms

Greig, A.R.[Alistair R.] Co Author Listing * Application of the Hough transform for weld inspection underwater

Greig, D.[Darryl] Co Author Listing * Biblio: Automatic Meta-Data Extraction
* Exact Maximum a Posterori Estimation for Binary Images
* Learnable Stroke Models for Example-based Portrait Painting
* Video object detection speedup using staggered sampling
Includes: Greig, D.[Darryl] Greig, D.

Greig, G.L.[Glenn L.] Co Author Listing * Motion coding of image primitives

Greige, H.[Hanna] Co Author Listing * Audio-Visual Identity Verification and Robustness to Imposture

Greil, G.[Gerald] Co Author Listing * Revealing Differences in Anatomical Remodelling of the Systemic Right Ventricle

Greimel, W. Co Author Listing * head-mounted operating binocular for augmented reality visualization in medicine-design and initial evaluation, A

Greindl, C. Co Author Listing * Cascaded attention and grouping for object recognition from video
* Context Based Object Detection from Video
Includes: Greindl, C. Greindl, C.[Christian]

Greiner, G.[Gunther] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Greiner, G.[Gunther]: greiner AT informatik uni-erlangen de
* Efficient Free Form Light Field Rendering
* Interactive partial 3D shape matching with geometric distance optimization
* Interactive Repositioning of Bone Fracture Segments
* Parallel Rendering Within the Integrated Simulation and Visualization Framework gridlib
* Principles of 3D Image Analysis and Synthesis
* Real-Time Halfway Domain Reconstruction of Motion and Geometry
* Stack Implementation on Programmable Graphics Hardware
* Sub-Atomic Subdivision Approach, A
Includes: Greiner, G.[Gunther] Greiner, G.[Günther] Greiner, G.
10 for Greiner, G.

Greiner, K.[Katharina] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Overlapping Fish Using Shape Priors

Greiner, R. Co Author Listing * ACRONYM Model-Based Vision System, The
* Fully Automated Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Two MRI Modalities
* Learning to Detect Objects of Many Classes Using Binary Classifiers
* Learning to Identify Facial Expression During Detection Using Markov Decision Process
* Learning to Select Useful Landmarks
* Model Based Vision System, A
* Progress Report on a Model Based Vision System
* robust convergence index filter for breast cancer cell segmentation, A
* Segmenting Brain Tumors with Conditional Random Fields and Support Vector Machines
* Supervised image segmentation via ground truth decomposition
Includes: Greiner, R. Greiner, R.[Russell]
10 for Greiner, R.

Greiner, T. Co Author Listing * Estimation of orientation of a textured planar surface using projective equations and separable analysis with M-channel wavelet decomposition
* Orthogonal and Biorthogonal Texture-Matched Wavelet Filterbanks for Hierarchical Texture Analysis
* Symmetry-based face pose estimation from a single uncalibrated view
* Two stage Real-Time stereo correspondence algorithm and FPGA architecture using a modified Generalized Hough transform
Includes: Greiner, T. Greiner, T.[Thomas]

Greiner, W. Co Author Listing * Design and Implementation of a Low-Level Image Segmentation Architecture -- LISA

Greisen, P. Co Author Listing * Analysis and VLSI Implementation of EWA Rendering for Real-Time HD Video Applications
* Automatic View Synthesis by Image-Domain-Warping
* Evaluation and FPGA Implementation of Sparse Linear Solvers for Video Processing Applications
* FPGA-based processing pipeline for high-definition stereo video, An
* Hybrid ASIC/FPGA System for Fully Automatic Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion Using IDW
Includes: Greisen, P. Greisen, P.[Pierre]

Greiser, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Accurate Regression-Based 4D Mitral Valve Surface Reconstruction from 2D+t MRI Slices
* Multi-Dimensional Flow-Preserving Compressed Sensing (MuFloCoS) for Time-Resolved Velocity-Encoded Phase Contrast MRI
Includes: Greiser, A.[Andreas] Greiser, A.

Greisokh, D. Co Author Listing * Automatic Alignment of Color Imagery onto 3D Laser Radar Data

Greitans, M. Co Author Listing * bank of fast matched filters by decomposing the filter kernel, A
* Improved RGB-D-T based face recognition
* RGB-D-T Based Face Recognition
Includes: Greitans, M. Greitans, M.[Modris]

Greitz, T. Co Author Listing * 3D Brain Atlas Used for Planning of Stereotactic Neurosurgery, A

Greiwe, A. Co Author Listing * Aspects of DEM Generation from UAS Imagery
* Multispectral Image Capturing with Foveon Sensors
* On segment based image fusion

Grejner Brzezinska, D.A. Co Author Listing * Analyzing the Effects of Spatial Resolution for Small Landslide Susceptibility and Hazard Mapping
* Compression strategies for LiDAR waveform cube
* Extracting dynamic spatial data from airborne imaging sensors to support traffic flow estimation
* From Mobile Mapping to Telegeoinformatics: Paradigm Shift in Geospatial Data Acquisition, Processing, and Management
* Integration of Terrestrial Laser Scanner for Ground Navigation in GPS-Challenged Environments
* Matching between Different Image Domains
* Multisensor Navigation Systems: A Remedy for GNSS Vulnerabilities?
* Near Real-Time Road Centerline Extraction
* New Approach to Robust LiDAR/Optical Imagery Registration, A
* Performance Assessment of a Multi-Sensor Personal Navigator Supported by an Adaptive Knowledge Based System
* Study on Sensor Level LiDAR Waveform Data Compression Using JPEG-2000 Standard Multi-Component Transform
* Surface Complexity Component of LIDAR Point Cloud Error Characterization
* Using Pavement Markings to Support the QA/QC of LIDAR Data
* Using Road Pavement Markings as Ground Control for LIDAR Data
Includes: Grejner Brzezinska, D.A. Grejner-Brzezinska, D.A. Grejner-Brzezinska, D.A.[Dorota A.]
14 for Grejner Brzezinska, D.A.

Grekousis, G.[George] Co Author Listing * fuzzy index for detecting spatiotemporal outliers, A

Grelard, F.[Florent] Co Author Listing * Centerlines of Tubular Volumes Based on Orthogonal Plane Estimation
* Improving curve skeletons of tubular volumes
* Precise Cross-Section Estimation on Tubular Organs
Includes: Grelard, F.[Florent] Grélard, F.[Florent]

Grellert, M.[Mateus] Co Author Listing * email: Grellert, M.[Mateus]: mgsilva AT inf ufrgs br
* adaptive workload management scheme for HEVC encoding, An
* Complexity control of HEVC encoders targeting real-time constraints
* Rapid Prototyping in the Context of Cultural Heritage and Museum Displays
* Reconstruction: Argumentation Method, The
Includes: Grellert, M.[Mateus] Grellert, M.[Marc]

Grelsson, B.[Bertil] Co Author Listing * Efficient 7D aerial pose estimation
* Probabilistic Hough Voting for Attitude Estimation from Aerial Fisheye Images

Gremban, K.D. Co Author Listing * Appearance-Based Vision and the Automatic Generation of Object Recognition Plans
* Geometric Camera Calibration Using Systems of Linear Equations
* ITA Range Image Processing System, The
* Minimum Cost Aspect Classification: A Module of a Vision Algorithm Compiler
* Planning Multiple Observations for Object Recognition
* VITS--A Vision System for Autonomous Land Vehicle Navigation
Includes: Gremban, K.D. Gremban, K.D.[Keith D.]

Greminger, M.A.[Michael A.] Co Author Listing * Deformable Object Tracking Algorithm Based on the Boundary Element Method that is Robust to Occlusions and Spurious Edges, A
* Deformable object tracking using the boundary element method
* Vision-Based Force Measurement

Gren, J.[Juuso] Co Author Listing * Effect of Motion Blur and Signal Noise on Image Quality in Low Light Imaging, The
* Real-Time Detection of Landscape Scenes
Includes: Gren, J.[Juuso] Grén, J.[Juuso]

Grenacher, L. Co Author Listing * Comparison and Evaluation of Methods for Liver Segmentation From CT Datasets

Grenander, U. Co Author Listing * Analytical Image Models and Their Applications
* Analytical Models for Reduced Spectral Representations of Images
* Asymptotic performance analysis of Bayesian object recognition
* Automatic Target Recognition Organized via Jump-Diffusion Algorithms
* Bayesian Segmentation via Asymptotic Partition Functions
* Compact Probability Model for Natural Clutter, A
* Direct Estimation of Biological Growth Properties from Image Data Using the GRID Model
* Dynamic Programming Generation of Curves on Brain Surfaces
* Hilbert-Schmidt Lower Bounds for Estimators on Matrix Lie Groups for ATR
* Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of Biological Growth Variables
* Method and apparatus for image registration
* Multiple Target Direction of Arrival Tracking
* New Computational Methods for the Construction of Darcyan Biological Coordinate Systems
* Pattern-Theoretic Characterization of Biological Growth, A
* Probability Models for Clutter in Natural Images
* Representation of Knowledge in Complex Systems
* Structural Image Restoration through Deformable Templates
* Unified Approach to Pattern Analysis, A
* Universal Analytical Forms for Modeling Image Probabilities
Includes: Grenander, U. Grenander, U.[Ulf]
19 for Grenander, U.

Grenier, D.[Dominic] Co Author Listing * JDTDOA algorithm applied to signal recovery: a performance analysis, The
* Joint delay and direction of arrivals estimation in mobile communications
* Translational Motion Compensation in ISAR Image-Processing
Includes: Grenier, D.[Dominic] Grenier, D.

Grenier, L. Co Author Listing * Laas Geel (Somaliland): 5000 Year-Old Paintings Captured in 3D

Grenier, M. Co Author Listing * Wetland mapping using object-oriented classification, a multi-scale approach for the Canadian Wetland Inventory (CWI) initiative

Grenier, N. Co Author Listing * Automatic Region Tracking for MR Glomerular Filtration Rate Analysis

Grenier, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * 3D Vector Flow Guided Segmentation of Airway Wall in MSCT
* Pulmonary Airways: 3-D Reconstruction From Multislice CT and Clinical Investigation
* Volumetric Quantification of Airway Wall in CT via Collision-Free Active Surface Model: Application to Asthma Assessment
Includes: Grenier, P.[Philippe] Grenier, P.

Grenier, P.A.[Pierre Anthony] Co Author Listing * Chemoinformatics and stereoisomerism: A stereo graph kernel together with three new extensions
* From Bags to Graphs of Stereo Subgraphs in Order to Predict Molecule'S Properties
* Graph Kernel Incorporating Molecule's Stereisomerism Information, A
* Incorporating Molecule's Stereisomerism within the Machine Learning Framework
* Taking into account stereoisomerism in the prediction of molecular properties
* Treelet kernel incorporating cyclic, stereo and inter pattern information in chemoinformatics
Includes: Grenier, P.A.[Pierre Anthony] Grenier, P.A.[Pierre-Anthony] Grenier, P.A.

Grenier, T. Co Author Listing * Color space influence on mean shift filtering
* Feature space region growing
* Hybrid Approach for Multiparametric Mean Shift Filtering
* Locally controlled regularized spatiotemporal anisotropic diffusion
* Unsupervised spatio-temporal filtering of image sequences. A mean-shift specification
Includes: Grenier, T. Grenier, T.[Thomas]

Grenov, A.I. Co Author Listing * Convex Set Symmetry Measurement via Minkowski Addition
* Reflection symmetry measure for convex sets

Grenzdorffer, G.J. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Comparison of Digital Surface Models Created by Unmanned Aerial Systems Imagery and Terrestrial Laser Scanner
* Automatic Sea Bird Detection From High Resolution Aerial Imagery
* Crop height determination with UAS point clouds
* Development of Four Vision Camera System for a Micro-UAV
* Imagine All the Plants: Evaluation of a Light-Field Camera for On-Site Crop Growth Monitoring
* In-situ digital airborne camera validation and certification: The future standard?
* Investigations On The Possibilities Of Monitoring Coastal Changes Including Shallow Under Water Areas With Uas Photo Bathmetry
* Konzeption und Genauigkeitsabschätzungen für eine Bestimmung der äußeren Orientierung eines Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
* Relative and Absolute Calibration of a Multihead Camera System with Oblique and Nadir Looking Cameras for a UAS
* Symbiosis of UAS Photogrammetry and TLS for Surveying and 3D Modeling of Cultural Heritage Monuments - A Case Study About the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in the City of Greifswald
* UAS-based automatic bird count of a common gull colony
Includes: Grenzdorffer, G.J. Grenzdörffer, G.J. (Maybe also Grenzdoerffer, G.J.)Grenzdörffer, G.J.[Görres J.] (Maybe also Grenzdoerffer, G.J.)Grenzdörffer, G.J.[Goerres J.] (Maybe also Grenzdoerffer, G.J.)
11 for Grenzdorffer, G.J.

Gresik, G.W.L. Co Author Listing * RECORDS: Reaching Recording Data Technologies

Gresle, P.O.[Philippe O.] Co Author Listing * Gisting of Video Documents: A Key Frames Selection Algorithm Using Relative Activity Measure

Greslou, D. Co Author Listing * 2d Sub-pixel Disparity Measurement Using Qpec / Medicis
* Attitude Assessment Using Pleiades-HR Capabilities
* Attitude Refinement for Orbiting Pushbroom Cameras: A Simple Polynomial Fitting Method
* Light Aberration Effect in HR Geometric Model
* Pleiades HR in Flight Geometrical Calibration: Location and Mapping of The Focal Plane
* Pleiades-HR Image Quality Commissioning
* Pleiades-HR Innovative Techniques For Geometric Image Quality Commissioning
* Process Line for Geometrical Image Correction of Disruptive Microvibrations
* Using Exotic Guidance for PLEIADES-HR Image Quality Calibration
Includes: Greslou, D. Greslou, D.[Daniel]
9 for Greslou, D.

Gress, R. Co Author Listing * automatic 3D CT/PET segmentation framework for bone marrow proliferation assessment, An

Gressard, A.[Alain] Co Author Listing * Blind deconvolution of video sequences

Gresser, K. Co Author Listing * Reversing the General One-Trailer System: Asymptotic Curvature Stabilization and Path Tracking

Gressin, A.[Adrien] Co Author Listing * Improving 3D Lidar Point Cloud Registration Using Optimal Neighborhood Knowledge
* Semantic Approach in Image Change Detection
* Towards 3D lidar point cloud registration improvement using optimal neighborhood knowledge
* Trajectory-based Registration of 3d Lidar Point Clouds Acquired With A Mobile Mapping System
* unified framework for land-cover database update and enrichment using satellite imagery, A
Includes: Gressin, A.[Adrien] Gressin, A.

Grest, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Iterative 2D-3D Pose Estimation Methods for Real-Time Applications, A
* Gradient-Enhanced Particle Filter for Vision-Based Motion Capture
* Human Action Recognition in Table-Top Scenarios: An HMM-Based Analysis to Optimize the Performance
* Monocular Body Pose Estimation by Color Histograms and Point Tracking
* Multi-camera Person Tracking in a Cluttered Interaction Environment
* Nonlinear Body Pose Estimation from Depth Images
* Parametric Hidden Markov Models for Recognition and Synthesis of Movements
* Single View Motion Tracking by Depth and Silhouette Information
* Using Hidden Markov Models for Recognizing Action Primitives in Complex Actions
* Utilizing Semantic Interpretation of Junctions for 3D-2D Pose Estimation
10 for Grest, D.

Gret Regamey, A.[Adrienne] Co Author Listing * Developing a GIS-Based Visual-Acoustic 3D Simulation for Wind Farm Assessment
Includes: Gret Regamey, A.[Adrienne] Grêt-Regamey, A.[Adrienne]

Gretter, R. Co Author Listing * Computation of probabilities for an island-driven parser
* Optimal Probabilistic Evaluation Functions for Search Controlled by Stochastic Context-Free Grammars

Gretton, A.[Arthur] Co Author Listing * Multivariate Regression via Stiefel Manifold Constraints
* Optimized support vector machines for nonstationary signal classification
* Semi-supervised kernel canonical correlation analysis with application to human fMRI
Includes: Gretton, A.[Arthur] Gretton, A.

Greve, D.N. Co Author Listing * Space-Variant Active Vision and Visually Guided Robotics: Design and Construction of a High-Performance Miniature Vehicle
* Space-Variant Active Vision: Definition, Overview and Examples

Greve, K.[Klaus] Co Author Listing * In Memoriam: Gunter Menz

Greve, M.B.[Mette B.] Co Author Listing * Digital Mapping of Toxic Metals in Qatari Soils Using Remote Sensing and Ancillary Data

Greve, M.H.[Mogens H.] Co Author Listing * Digital Mapping of Toxic Metals in Qatari Soils Using Remote Sensing and Ancillary Data

Grevera, G.J.[George J.] Co Author Listing * dead reckoning signed distance transform, The
* Go digital, go fuzzy
* Linear Time Algorithms for Exact Distance Transform
* Shape-based interpolation of multidimensional grey-level images
* task-specific evaluation of three-dimensional image interpolation techniques, A
Includes: Grevera, G.J.[George J.] Grevera, G.J.

Grewatsch, S. Co Author Listing * Sharing of motion vectors in 3D video coding

Grewe, C.M.[Carl Martin] Co Author Listing * Fully Automated and Highly Accurate Dense Correspondence for Facial Surfaces

Grewe, L.[Lynn] Co Author Listing * email: Grewe, L.[Lynn]: Lynne_Grewe AT monterey edu
* 3D/2D object-based coding of head MRI data
* Building a cyber-physical fall detection system for seniors
* Integration of Geometric and Non-Geometric Attributes for Fast Object Recognition
* Interactive Learning of a Multiple-Attribute Hash Table Classifier for Fast Object Recognition
* Multirate Coding of 3d Medical Data
Includes: Grewe, L.[Lynn] Grewe, L. Grewe, L.[Lynne]

Grewe, L.L. Co Author Listing * Stereo Vision

Grewenig, S.[Sven] Co Author Listing * Cyclic Schemes for PDE-Based Image Analysis
* From Box Filtering to Fast Explicit Diffusion
* FSI Schemes: Fast Semi-Iterative Solvers for PDEs and Optimisation Methods
* Generalised Nonlocal Image Smoothing
* Rotationally invariant similarity measures for nonlocal image denoising
* Theoretical Foundations of Gaussian Convolution by Extended Box Filtering

Grey, W.M.F. Co Author Listing * Improvements in Aerosol Optical Depth Estimation Using Multiangle CHRIS/PROBA Images
* Mapping urban change in the UK using satellite radar interferometry
* Mapping Urban Extent Using Satellite Radar Interferometry
* Urban building height variance from multibaseline ERS coherence
Includes: Grey, W.M.F. Grey, W.M.F.[William M.F.]

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