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Govaert, G.[Gerard] Co Author Listing * Assessing a Mixture Model for Clustering with the Integrated Completed Likelihood
* Clustering with block mixture models
* Convergence of an EM-type algorithm for spatial clustering
* EM Algorithm for the Block Mixture Model, An
* Gaussian parsimonious clustering models
* improvement of the NEC criterion for assessing the number of clusters in a mixture model, An
Includes: Govaert, G.[Gerard] Govaert, G.[Gérard] Govaert, G.

Govaert, P. Co Author Listing * New Filtering Method for Ultrasound Images Incorporating Prior Statistics Concerning Medical Features, A

Govaerts, Y. Co Author Listing * Joint retrieval of surface reflectance and aerosol properties from PROBA-V observations, part I: Algorithm performance evaluation
* Joint Surface Reflectance and AeRosol properties retrieval in the PV-LAC framework, part II: Validation

Govaerts, Y.M.[Yves M.] Co Author Listing * Climate Data Records from Meteosat First Generation Part I: Simulation of Accurate Top-of-Atmosphere Spectral Radiance over Pseudo-Invariant Calibration Sites for the Retrieval of the In-Flight Visible Spectral Response
* Climate Data Records from Meteosat First Generation Part II: Retrieval of the In-Flight Visible Spectral Response
* Correction of the Meteosat-5 and -6 radiometer solar channel spectral response with the Meteosat-7 sensor spectral characteristics
Includes: Govaerts, Y.M.[Yves M.] Govaerts, Y.M.

Govan, M. Co Author Listing * Computationally Efficient Fingerprint Matching Algorithm for Implementation on Smartcards, A

Govardhan, A. Co Author Listing * Base and apex angles and margin types-based identification and classification from medicinal plants' leaves images
* method for identification and classification of medicinal plant images based on level set segmentation and SVM classification, A
* Partial fingerprint matching using projection based weak descriptor

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