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Gorkani, M.[Monika] Co Author Listing * Dominant and multiple motion estimation for video representation
* Model-Based 2D and 3D Dominant Motion Estimation for Mosaicing and Video Representation
* Query by Image and Video Content: The QBIC System
Includes: Gorkani, M.[Monika] Gorkani, M.

Gorkani, M.M.[Mojgan Monika] Co Author Listing * Method for detecting scene changes in a digital video stream
* Texture Orientation for Sorting Photos at a Glance
* Video cataloger system with synchronized encoders
Includes: Gorkani, M.M.[Mojgan Monika] Gorkani, M.M.

Gorkemli, B. Co Author Listing * 3D display dependent quality evaluation and rate allocation using scalable video coding
* Adaptation strategies for MGS scalable video streaming
* Adaptation strategies for streaming SVC video
* Adaptive Streaming of Scalable Stereoscopic Video Over DCCP
* Effects of MGS fragmentation, slice mode and extraction strategies on the performance of SVC with medium-grained scalability
* Flexible Transport of 3-D Video Over Networks
* Quality assessment of asymmetric stereo video coding
* Scalable video streaming over OpenFlow networks: An optimization framework for QoS routing
* Video streaming over wireless DCCP
Includes: Gorkemli, B. Görkemli, B.[Burak] (Maybe also Goerkemli, B.)Gorkemli, B.[Burak]
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Gorkovchuk, D. Co Author Listing * Combination of Terrestrial Laserscanning, UAV and Close-range Photogrammetry for 3d Reconstruction of Complex Churches in Georgia

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