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Gomi, K. Co Author Listing * Evidence for the Development of Energy Resilience In Fukushima Prefecture After the Great East Japan Earthquake

Gomi, M. Co Author Listing * High speed and continuous 3-D measurement system
* High-Speed and Continuous 3D Measurement System, A

Gomi, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * Satellite remote sensing model for estimating canopy transpiration in cypress plantation using in situ sap flow observations and forest inventory

Gomi, Y. Co Author Listing * Case Study of a Forest Carbon Stock Monitoring System for Redd+ in Lao P.D.R., A

Gomide, L.R.[Lucas R.] Co Author Listing * Object-Based Change Detection in the Cerrado Biome Using Landsat Time Series

Gomila Salas, J.G.[Juan Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Local Color Correction

Gomila, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Adaptive reference filtering for bidirectional disparity compensation with focus mismatches
* Depth map distortion analysis for view rendering and depth coding
* direction-adaptive in-loop deartifacting filter for video coding, A
* Fine Rate Control Algorithm With Adaptive Rounding Offsets (ARO), A
* Geometry-Adaptive Block Partitioning for Intra Prediction in Image and Video Coding
* Graph-based object tracking
* Intra prediction using template matching with adaptive illumination compensation
* Joint sparsity-based optimization of a set of orthonormal 2-D separable block transforms
* Levelings in Vector Spaces
* Motion compensation based on implicit block segmentation
* New Coding Tools for Illumination and Focus Mismatch Compensation in Multiview Video Coding
* new source model and accurate rate control algorithm with QP and rounding offset adaptation, A
* New Spatial Activity Metric for Film Contents, A
* Selective Data Pruning-Based Compression Using High-Order Edge-Directed Interpolation
* Sparse dyadic mode for depth map compression
* Sparsity-based deartifacting filtering in video compression
Includes: Gomila, C.[Cristina] Gomila, C.
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Gominski, D.[Dimitri] Co Author Listing * Connecting Images through Sources: Exploring Low-Data, Heterogeneous Instance Retrieval
* Cross-dataset Learning for Generalizable Land Use Scene Classification

Gomis, D. Co Author Listing * Toward SMOS L4 SSS Products: Improving L3 SSS With Auxiliary SSS Data

Gomis, F.K. Co Author Listing * Multiple linear regression for universal steganalysis of images

Gomis, J.M. Co Author Listing * new method to analyse mosaics based on Symmetry Group theory applied to Islamic Geometric Patterns, A
* Structural description of textile and tile pattern designs using image processing
Includes: Gomis, J.M. Gómis, J.M.

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