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Gisi, A. Co Author Listing * Integrated Georeferencing Of Stereo Image Sequences Captured With A Stereovision Mobile Mapping System: Approaches And Practical Results

Gisinger, C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Positioning of Ground Control Points Using TerraSAR-X Multiaspect Acquisitions
* Characterization of Facade Regularities in High-Resolution SAR Images
* Geodetic SAR for Height System Unification and Sea Level Research: Observation Concept and Preliminary Results in the Baltic Sea
* Geodetic SAR Tomography
* In-Depth Verification of Sentinel-1 and TerraSAR-X Geolocation Accuracy Using the Australian Corner Reflector Array
* Long-Term Validation of TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X Orbit Solutions with Laser and Radar Measurements
* Measurements on the Absolute 2-D and 3-D Localization Accuracy of TerraSAR-X
* Precise 2-D and 3-D Ground Target Localization with TerraSAR-X
* Precise Three-Dimensional Stereo Localization of Corner Reflectors and Persistent Scatterers With TerraSAR-X
Includes: Gisinger, C. Gisinger, C.[Christoph]
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