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Ghinamo, G.[Giorgio] Co Author Listing * Accurate Positioning and Orientation Estimation in Urban Environment Based on 3D Models

Ghinassi, M.[Massimiliano] Co Author Listing * Geophysical and Sedimentological Investigations Integrate Remote-Sensing Data to Depict Geometry of Fluvial Sedimentary Bodies: An Example from Holocene Point-Bar Deposits of the Venetian Plain (Italy)

Ghinea, G. Co Author Listing * Beyond Multimedia Adaptation: Quality of Experience-Aware Multi-Sensorial Media Delivery
* CLRF: Compressed Local Retinal Features for image description
* Coping With the Challenges of Delivering Multiple Sensorial Media
* Discovering salient objects from videos using spatiotemporal salient region detection
* Do I Smell Coffee? The Tale of a 360 Mulsemedia Experience
* Do Personality and Culture Influence Perceived Video Quality and Enjoyment?
* Focus-Plus-Context Techniques for Picoprojection-Based Interaction
* How Do We Experience Crossmodal Correspondent Mulsemedia Content?
* Improving video summarization based on user preferences
* Is Multimedia Multisensorial? - A Review of Mulsemedia Systems
* Less is (Just as Good as) More: An Investigation of Odor Intensity and Hedonic Valence in Mulsemedia QoE using Heart Rate and Eye Tracking
* Perceived Synchronization of Mulsemedia Services
* Perceptual Comparison of Empirical and Predictive Region-of-Interest Video, A
* Progress and Opportunities in Modelling Just-Noticeable Difference (JND) for Multimedia
* Salient Region Detection Using Patch Level and Region Level Image Abstractions
* Stars in Their Eyes: What Eye-Tracking Reveals About Multimedia Perceptual Quality
* Stego image quality and the reliability of PSNR
* Tutorial for Olfaction-Based Multisensorial Media Application Design and Evaluation, A
Includes: Ghinea, G. Ghinea, G.[Gheorghita]
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Ghinita, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Approximate and exact hybrid algorithms for private nearest-neighbor queries with database protection
* Guest editorial: location-centric privacy in mobile services
* Privacy-preserving detection of anomalous phenomena in crowdsourced environmental sensing using fine-grained weighted voting

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