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Gelgon, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Aggregation of Probabilistic PCA Mixtures with a Variational-Bayes Technique Over Parameters
* Algebraic Approach to Ensemble Clustering, An
* Determining a Structured Spatio-Temporal Representation of Video Content for Efficient Visualization and Indexing
* Incremental statistical geo-temporal structuring of a personal camera phone image collection
* Interactive unsupervised classification and visualization for browsing an image collection
* Moving Object Detection in Color Image Sequences using Region-Level Graph Labeling
* Organizing a personal image collection with statistical model-based ICL clustering on spatio-temporal camera phone meta-data
* Parameter-based reduction of Gaussian mixture models with a variational-Bayes approach
* Parsimonious reduction of Gaussian mixture models with a variational-Bayes approach
* Recovery of the trajectories of multiple moving objects in an image sequence with a PMHT approach
* Region-Level Graph Labeling Approach to Motion-Based Segmentation, A
* Region-Level Motion-Based Graph Representation and Labeling for Tracking a Spatial Image Partition, A
* Unified Approach to Shot Change Detection and Camera Motion Characterization, A
* Using Face Detection for Browsing Personal Slow Video in a Small Terminal and Worn Camera Context
Includes: Gelgon, M.[Marc] Gelgon, M.
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Gelgson, M. Co Author Listing * Building and Using Hypervideos

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