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Ge, Q.[Qi] Co Author Listing * Active contour evolved by joint probability classification on Riemannian manifold
* Adversarial Representation Learning for Dynamic Scene Deblurring: A Simple, Fast and Robust Approach
* Automated detection of myocardial infarction using robust features extracted from 12-lead ECG
* Consensus-Based Image Segmentation via Topological Persistence
* Diffusive likelihood for interactive image segmentation
* Exploratory Study of Two Efficient Approaches for the Sensitivity Analysis of Computationally Expensive Traffic Simulation Models, An
* hybrid active contour model with structure feature for image segmentation, A
* improved region-based model with local statistical feature, An
* improved region-based model with local statistical features for image segmentation, An
* Motion Deblurring Using Non-stationary Image Modeling
* Nonparametric Blind Super-Resolution Using Adaptive Heavy-Tailed Priors
* Regularized motion blur-kernel estimation with adaptive sparse image prior learning
* robust patch-statistical active contour model for image segmentation, A
* Structure-Based Low-Rank Model With Graph Nuclear Norm Regularization for Noise Removal
* Towards an Operational Use of Geophysics for Archaeology in Henan (China): Methodological Approach and Results in Kaifeng
* Uncorrelated multi-set feature learning for color face recognition
* Unified Optimization Perspective to Single/Multi-observation Blur-Kernel Estimation with Applications to Camera-Shake Deblurring and Nonparametric Blind Super-Resolution, A
* Well-Logging Constrained Seismic Inversion Based on Closed-Loop Convolutional Neural Network
Includes: Ge, Q.[Qi] Ge, Q. Ge, Q.[Qian] Ge, Q.[Qifeng]
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Ge, Q.S.[Quan Sheng] Co Author Listing * Determining the Start of the Growing Season from MODIS Data in the Indian Monsoon Region: Identifying Available Data in the Rainy Season and Modeling the Varied Vegetation Growth Trajectories
* Local Land Use Competition Cellular Automata Model and Its Application, A
* Spatial, temporal, and spectral variations in albedo due to vegetation changes in China's grasslands
* Spatiotemporal Variability in Start and End of Growing Season in China Related to Climate Variability
* Spring green-up date derived from GIMMS3g and SPOT-VGT NDVI of winter wheat cropland in the North China Plain
Includes: Ge, Q.S.[Quan Sheng] Ge, Q.S.[Quan-Sheng]

Ge, Q.Z.[Qiu Zhen] Co Author Listing * Stochastic Motion and the Level Set Method in Semi-Automatic Building Detection

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