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Ge, H.[Hao] Co Author Listing * Fictitious GAN: Training GANs with Historical Models
* Hyperspectral image classification based on adaptive-weighted LLE and clustering-based FSVMs
* Improved Seeded Region Growing-Based Seamline Network Generation Method, An
* New Multi-Hop Clustering Algorithm for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
* Null Space Property of the Truncated L_1-2-Minimization, The
* Pre-Processing for Fine-Grained Image Classification
* Robust Visual Tracking via Semiadaptive Weighted Convolutional Features
Includes: Ge, H.[Hao] Ge, H.[Haimiao] Ge, H.[Huan] Ge, H.
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Ge, H.B.[Hai Bo] Co Author Listing * Initial Assessment of Precise Point Positioning with LEO Enhanced Global Navigation Satellite Systems (LeGNSS)
Includes: Ge, H.B.[Hai Bo] Ge, H.B.[Hai-Bo]

Ge, H.K.[Hong Kun] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Multi-modal Image Registration by Learning Common Feature Representations
Includes: Ge, H.K.[Hong Kun] Ge, H.K.[Hong-Kun]

Ge, H.L.[Hong Li] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study on Variable Selection Approaches in Establishment of Remote Sensing Model for Forest Biomass Estimation
* Detection of Drought-Induced Hickory Disturbances in Western Lin An County, China, Using Multitemporal Landsat Imagery
* High Capacity Multi-Level Approach for Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images, A
* Pixel-based Minnaert Correction Method for Reducing Topographic Effects on a Landsat-7 ETM+ Image
* Retrieval of Canopy Closure and LAI of Moso Bamboo Forest Using Spectral Mixture Analysis Based on Real Scenario Simulation
Includes: Ge, H.L.[Hong Li] Ge, H.L.[Hong-Li] Ge, H.L.[Hao-Li]

Ge, H.M.[Huan Min] Co Author Listing * RIP Condition for Exact Support Recovery With Covariance-Assisted Matching Pursuit, An
Includes: Ge, H.M.[Huan Min] Ge, H.M.[Huan-Min]

Ge, H.Q.[Heng Qing] Co Author Listing * application and design of neural computation in visual perception, The
* FPGA-based low-complexity high-throughput real-time hardware accelerator for robust watermarking
Includes: Ge, H.Q.[Heng Qing] Ge, H.Q.[Heng-Qing] Ge, H.Q.[Hang-Qi]

Ge, H.W.[Hong Wei] Co Author Listing * Fractional-order embedding canonical correlation analysis and its applications to multi-view dimensionality reduction and recognition
* Kernel propagation strategy: A novel out-of-sample propagation projection for subspace learning
* Multi-graph embedding discriminative correlation feature learning for image recognition
* Multi-patch embedding canonical correlation analysis for multi-view feature learning
* Support vector description of clusters for content-based image annotation
* Unsupervised Transformation Network Based on GANs for Target-Domain Oriented Multi-Domain Image Translation
Includes: Ge, H.W.[Hong Wei] Ge, H.W.[Hong-Wei]

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