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Gawley, D.[Darren] Co Author Listing * Estimating Vision Parameters given Data with Covariances
* Fast MLE-Based Method for Estimating the Fundamental Matrix, A
* FNS and HEIV: relating two vision parameter estimation frameworks
* FNS, CFNS and HEIV: A Unifying Approach
* From FNS to HEIV: A Link Between Two Vision Parameter Estimation Methods
* new constrained parameter estimator for computer vision applications, A
* New Constrained Parameter Estimator: Experiments in Fundamental Matrix Computation, A
* Novel Shape Feature for Fast Region-Based Pedestrian Recognition, A
* On the Fitting of Surfaces to Data with Covariances
* Revisiting Hartley's normalized eight-point algorithm
* statistical rationalisation of Hartley's normalised eight-point algorithm, A
* What Value Covariance Information in Estimating Vision Parameters?
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Gawley, D.J. Co Author Listing * Video-rate recognition and localization for wearable cameras

Gawlik, E.[Emily] Co Author Listing * Supporting Disaster Resilience Spatial Thinking with Serious GeoGames: Project Lily Pad

Gawlikowski, J.[Jakob] Co Author Listing * Leveraging Graph and Deep Learning Uncertainties to Detect Anomalous Maritime Trajectories

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