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Gasuku, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing for Property Valuation: A Data Source Comparison in Support of Fair Land Taxation in Rwanda

Gasull, A.[Antoni] Co Author Listing * Caption text extraction for indexing purposes using a hierarchical region-based image model
* contour-based approach to binary shape coding using a multiple grid chain code, A
* Image restoration using the W-slice method
* Interpolation and extrapolation of image partitions using Fourier descriptors: application to segmentation-based coding schemes
* Motion Estimation Techniques to Automatically Track Oceanographic Thermal Structures in Multisensor Image Sequences
* Motion Estimation Using Higher-Order Statistics
* Multi-Grid Chain Coding of Binary Shapes
* Object detection and segmentation on a hierarchical region-based image representation
* Partition coding using multigrid chain code and motion compensation
* Prediction of Image Partitions Using Fourier Descriptors: Application to Segmentation Based Coding Schemes
* Recursive Image Sequence Segmentation by Hierarchical Models
Includes: Gasull, A.[Antoni] Gasull, A.
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