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Gaikov, G.[Georgii] Co Author Listing * Contextformer: A Transformer with Spatio-Channel Attention for Context Modeling in Learned Image Compression

Gaikovich, K.P.[Konstantin P.] Co Author Listing * Statistical Analysis of 1996-2017 Ozone Profile Data Obtained by Ground-Based Microwave Radiometry

Gaikwad, B.[Bhagyashree] Co Author Listing * Plots to Previews: Towards Automatic Movie Preview Retrieval using Publicly Available Meta-data
* Real-time distributed video analytics for privacy-aware person search
Includes: Gaikwad, B.[Bhagyashree] Gaikwad, B.[Bipin]

Gaikwad, C.J.[Chandrakant J.] Co Author Listing * Bispectrum-based technique to remove cross-terms in quadratic systems and Wigner-Ville distribution

Gaikwad, J.[Jitendra] Co Author Listing * Deep leaf: Mask R-CNN based leaf detection and segmentation from digitized herbarium specimen images

Gaikwad, S.[Sangram] Co Author Listing * Graphical Model for Football Story Snippet Synthesis from Large Scale Commentary, A

Gaikwad, V. Co Author Listing * Lane Departure Identification for Advanced Driver Assistance

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