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Gadgil, N.[Neeraj] Co Author Listing * adaptable spatial-temporal error concealment method for Multiple Description Coding based on error tracking, An
* Adaptive error concealment for Multiple Description Video Coding using motion vector analysis
* Adaptive error concealment for temporal-spatial multiple description video coding
* Four Dimensional Image Registration for Intravital Microscopy
Includes: Gadgil, N.[Neeraj] Gadgil, N.

Gadgil, N.J.[Neeraj J.] Co Author Listing * Content based video retrieval on mobile devices: How much content is enough?
* Generalizations of the Kuznetsov-Tsybakov problem for generating image-like 2D barcodes
* Nuclei segmentation of fluorescence microscopy images based on midpoint analysis and marked point process
Includes: Gadgil, N.J.[Neeraj J.] Gadgil, N.J.

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