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Fu, S.[Shan] Co Author Listing * Context multi-task visual object tracking via guided filter
* Directionally Adaptive Filter for Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometric Phase Images
* effects of temperature variation on videometric measurement and a compensation method, The
* Learning Race from Face: A Survey
* Multimedia Content Delivery with Network Function Virtualization: The Energy Perspective
* Multiple kernel learning from sets of partially matching image features
* Optimization of Camera Arrangement Using Correspondence Field to Improve Depth Estimation
* Plane Geometry Figure Retrieval Based on Bilayer Geometric Attributed Graph Matching
* Robust object tracking via multi-task based collaborative model
* Scale-Aware RPN for Vehicle Detection
* Stereovision-Based Object Segmentation for Automotive Applications
* User-centric QoE model of visual perception for mobile videos
Includes: Fu, S.[Shan] Fu, S. Fu, S.[Sihua] Fu, S.[Siyao] Fu, S.[Songping] Fu, S.[Shuang]
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Fu, S.C.[Shih Ching] Co Author Listing * Detection of regions of structural complexity within aeromagnetic data using image analysis
* Robust Extraction of Optic Flow Differentials for Surface Reconstruction

Fu, S.H.[Si Hua] Co Author Listing * Broken-Ray Videometric Method and System for Measuring the Three-Dimensional Position and Pose of the Non-Intervisible Object
Includes: Fu, S.H.[Si Hua] Fu, S.H.[Si-Hua]

Fu, S.J.[Shu Jun] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Interpolation Using Coupled Bidirectional Flow
* Fuzzy Bidirectional Flow for Adaptive Image Sharpening
* Non-local weighted fuzzy energy-based active contour model with level set evolution starting with a constant function
* Region-Based Shock-Diffusion Equation for Adaptive Image Enhancement
Includes: Fu, S.J.[Shu Jun] Fu, S.J.[Shu-Jun]

Fu, S.P.[Song Ping] Co Author Listing * Improving PGF retrieval effectiveness with active learning
Includes: Fu, S.P.[Song Ping] Fu, S.P.[Song-Ping]

Fu, S.Q.[Shu Qun] Co Author Listing * On the correct convergence of the EM algorithm for Gaussian mixtures
Includes: Fu, S.Q.[Shu Qun] Fu, S.Q.[Shu-Qun]

Fu, S.T.[Shu Ting] Co Author Listing * Novel Dynamic Dispatching Method for Bicycle-Sharing System, A
Includes: Fu, S.T.[Shu Ting] Fu, S.T.[Shu-Ting]

Fu, S.X.[Su Xia] Co Author Listing * enhanced multi-view vertical line locus matching algorithm of object space ground primitives based on positioning consistency for aerial and space images, An
* Novel Approach for Storm Detection Based on 3-D Radar Image Data, A
Includes: Fu, S.X.[Su Xia] Fu, S.X.[Su-Xia] Fu, S.X.[Sheng-Xue]

Fu, S.Z.[Si Zhe] Co Author Listing * Blind Predicting Similar Quality Map for Image Quality Assessment
Includes: Fu, S.Z.[Si Zhe] Fu, S.Z.[Si-Zhe]

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