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Freg, C.P.[Chih Pin] Co Author Listing * Fitting An Unknown Number of Lines and Planes to Image Data Through Compatible Cluster Merging
* Fuzzy Algorithms to Find Linear and Planar Clusters and Their Application
Includes: Freg, C.P.[Chih Pin] Freg, C.P.[Chih-Pin] Freg, C.P.

Fregnac, Y.[Yves] Co Author Listing * Reading Out the Synaptic Echoes of Low-Level Perception in V1
Includes: Fregnac, Y.[Yves] Frégnac, Y.[Yves]

Fregonese, L. Co Author Listing * 2012 Earthquake: An Abacus of Surveys And Interventions in Mantua Churches, The
* 3D model for the documentation of Cultural Heritage: The wooden domes of St.Mark's Basilica in Venice
* BIM System for the Conservation And Preservation of the Mosaics of San Marco in Venice
* Comparison Between Laser Scanning and Automated 3D Modelling Techniques to Reconstruct Complex and Extensive Cultural Heritage Areas
* Generation of Spatial Information System for Architecture with Laserscanning Data
* Geomatics In the Management of Built Heritage Through BIM Systems. The Training of New Experienced Professional Figures
* Geometric Survey Data and Historical Sources Interpretation for HBIM Process: The Case of Mantua Cathedral Façade
* Integrated Strategies For The Modeling Very Large And Complex Architectures
* multi-range approach for Cultural Heritage survey: A case study in Mantua Unesco site, A
* New Perspectives of Point Clouds Color Management: the Development Of Tool in Matlab for Applications in Cultural Heritage
* Physical and Virtual Reconstruction for An Integrated Archaeological Model: 3d Print and Maquette
* Range Based Method For Complex Facade Modeling, A
* Structural monitoring of a large dam by terrestrial laserscanning
* Survey And Modelling for the Bim of Basilica of San Marco in Venice
* Survey Of Cultural Heritage After An Earthquake: The Case Of Emilia–lombardia In 2012, The
* Ultra Light UAV Systems for The Metrical Documentation of Cultural Heritage: Applications for Architecture and Archaeology
Includes: Fregonese, L. Fregonese, L.[Luigi]
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