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Foumani, M. Co Author Listing * 4D Statistical Model of Wrist Bone Motion Patterns, A

Foumani, S.N.M.[Seyed Navid Mohammadi] Co Author Listing * probabilistic topic model using deep visual word representation for simultaneous image classification and annotation, A

Foumelis, M. Co Author Listing * Detection and Monitoring of Active Faults in Urban Environments: Time Series Interferometry on the Cities of Patras and Pyrgos (Peloponnese, Greece)
* DInSAR for Road Infrastructure Monitoring: Case Study Highway Network of Rome Metropolitan (Italy)
* Interactive Web Mapping Applications for 2D and 3D Geo-Visualization of Persistent Scatterer Interferometry SAR Data
* Landslide Mapping and Monitoring Using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) Technique in the French Alps
* Measuring Urban Subsidence in the Rome Metropolitan Area (Italy) with Sentinel-1 SNAP-StaMPS Persistent Scatterer Interferometry
* Multi-Sensor SAR Geodetic Imaging and Modelling of Santorini Volcano Post-Unrest Response
* On the SAR Backscatter of Burned Forests: A Model-Based Study in C-Band, Over Burned Pine Canopies
* Shallow Bathymetry from Multiple Sentinel 2 Images via the Joint Estimation of Wave Celerity and Wavelength
* SNAPPING Services on the Geohazards Exploitation Platform for Copernicus Sentinel-1 Surface Motion Mapping
* Surface Motion and Structural Instability Monitoring of Ming Dynasty City Walls by Two-Step Tomo-PSInSAR Approach in Nanjing City, China
Includes: Foumelis, M. Foumelis, M.[Michael]
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