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Fok, H.S.[Hok Sum] Co Author Listing * GRACE-Derived Time Lag of Mekong Estuarine Freshwater Transport in the Western South China Sea Validated by Isotopic Tracer Age
* Improved GPS-Inferred Seasonal Terrestrial Water Storage Using Terrain-Corrected Vertical Crustal Displacements Constrained by GRACE, An
* Improved Mekong Basin Runoff Estimate and Its Error Characteristics Using Pure Remotely Sensed Data Products
* Improving Stage-Discharge Relation in The Mekong River Estuary by Remotely Sensed Long-Period Ocean Tides
* Interactive Contribution of Indian Summer Monsoon and Western North Pacific Monsoon to Water Level and Terrestrial Water Storage in the Mekong Basin
* Prospects for Reconstructing Daily Runoff from Individual Upstream Remotely-Sensed Climatic Variables
* Quantitative Evaluation of Environmental Loading Induced Displacement Products for Correcting GNSS Time Series in CMONOC
* Recent Climate Change Feedbacks to Greenland Ice Sheet Mass Changes from GRACE
* Truncated Singular Value Decomposition Regularization for Estimating Terrestrial Water Storage Changes Using GPS: A Case Study over Taiwan
* Upstream GPS Vertical Displacement and its Standardization for Mekong River Basin Surface Runoff Reconstruction and Estimation
* Upstream Remotely-Sensed Hydrological Variables and Their Standardization for Surface Runoff Reconstruction and Estimation of the Entire Mekong River Basin
* Water Balance Standardization Approach for Reconstructing Runoff Using GPS at the Basin Upstream
* Water Level Reconstruction Based on Satellite Gravimetry in the Yangtze River Basin
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Fok, K.Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic Navigation System for Vision Guided Vehicles Using a Double Heuristic and a Finite State Machine, An

Fok, Y.H.[Yiu Hung] Co Author Listing * Bitrate and blocking artifact reduction by iterative pre-distortion
* improved fast feature-based block motion estimation, An
* Novel fast block motion estimation in feature subspace
Includes: Fok, Y.H.[Yiu Hung] Fok, Y.H.[Yiu-Hung]

Fok, Y.L.[Ying Lun] Co Author Listing * Automated analysis of nerve-cell images using active contour models
Includes: Fok, Y.L.[Ying Lun] Fok, Y.L.[Ying-Lun]

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