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Foi, A. Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Spatiotemporal Regularization in Compressive Video Recovery by Adaptively Modeling the Residual Errors as Correlated Noise
* Anisotropically foveated nonlocal image denoising
* Closed-Form Approximation of the Exact Unbiased Inverse of the Anscombe Variance-Stabilizing Transformation, A
* Collaborative Filtering of Correlated Noise: Exact Transform-Domain Variance for Improved Shrinkage and Patch Matching
* Color high dynamic range imaging: The luminance-chrominance approach
* Color Image Denoising via Sparse 3D Collaborative Filtering with Grouping Constraint in Luminance-Chrominance Space
* Compressed Sensing Image Reconstruction Via Recursive Spatially Adaptive Filtering
* Cross-color BM3D filtering of noisy raw data
* Evaluation and Comparison of Current Fetal Ultrasound Image Segmentation Methods for Biometric Measurements: A Grand Challenge
* Exact Transform-Domain Noise Variance for Collaborative Filtering of Stationary Correlated Noise
* Foveated Nonlocal Self-Similarity
* From Local Kernel to Nonlocal Multiple-Model Image Denoising
* Image Denoising by Sparse 3-D Transform-Domain Collaborative Filtering
* Indirect Estimation of Signal-Dependent Noise With Nonadaptive Heterogeneous Samples
* Joint Removal of Random and Fixed-Pattern Noise Through Spatiotemporal Video Filtering
* Method for Simulating Dose Reduction in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
* Modeling the Performance of Image Restoration From Motion Blur
* Noise Parameter Mismatch in Variance Stabilization, With an Application to Poisson-Gaussian Noise Estimation
* Noise variance estimation in nonlocal transform domain
* Nonlocal Transform-Domain Filter for Volumetric Data Denoising and Reconstruction
* Nonlocality-Reinforced Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Denoising
* On the inversion of the Anscombe transformation in low-count Poisson image denoising
* Optimal Inversion of the Anscombe Transformation in Low-Count Poisson Image Denoising
* Optimal Inversion of the Generalized Anscombe Transformation for Poisson-Gaussian Noise
* Pointwise Shape-Adaptive DCT for High-Quality Denoising and Deblocking of Grayscale and Color Images
* Practical Poissonian-Gaussian Noise Modeling and Fitting for Single-Image Raw-Data
* Scale-invariant anomaly detection with multiscale group-sparse models
* Sparse Overcomplete Denoising: Aggregation Versus Global Optimization
* Spatially Adaptive Poissonian Image Deblurring, A
* Structural texture similarity metric based on intra-class variances
* Unbiased Injection of Signal-Dependent Noise in Variance-Stabilized Range
* Uniform Motion Blur in Poissonian Noise: Blur/Noise Tradeoff
* Variance Stabilization for Noisy+Estimate Combination in Iterative Poisson Denoising
* Video denoising by sparse 3D transform-domain collaborative filtering
* Video Denoising, Deblocking, and Enhancement Through Separable 4-D Nonlocal Spatiotemporal Transforms
Includes: Foi, A. Foi, A.[Alessandro]
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